Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman comes to Dadi. Dadi says you have come Suman. She asks why you are crying? Suman cries. Dadi says I am fine, and says I know you haven’t kept my medicine. I know everything and asks her not to blame herself. Suman says you are a good bahu and asks her to stop crying else she will get unwell. Suman asks her not to say this and says she found motherly love in Kalavati and then you. She says I don’t want to lose you. Dadi asks her to give something for her to eat. Suman says she will make soup. Dadi says it is taken by ill people and asks her to make dal dish for her. Suman says ok and asks her not to get up.

Sahil gets Sanjana’s bangles and thinks it might be worth 35 thousands and thinks he will get money now. Antara comes and hugs Suman. She asks why didn’t you tell anything

to Sanjana. Suman says Maasaa’s name will be ruined if any of us do mistake. Antara says I wish I could be like you. Nupur and Bade Maa comes to kitchen and tells that they are going to Jagran and asks them to make food for everyone. Sindhoora comes and says she will make her bahus do all the work. She thinks she will make sure that Suman don’t cook the food.

Veer is playing in his house. Kalavati asks him to think if they go to stay there then his mum will be with him. She asks him to tell that he wants to stay with Suman if anyone asks where he wants to stay. Veer says ok. Kalavati goes to get kheer for him.

Sanjana comes to kitchen, Suman apologizes to seeing her upset. Antara asks why you are apologizing. Sanjana says I am worried thinking how the work will be done. Suman says she will manage. She feels sleepy and the vegetables falls down. Antara asks her to rest. Suman goes. Sanjana says who will do the work now. Suman is going to her room and thinks what happened to her suddenly. She manages to go to her room and the moment she sits on bed she falls down on it. Ranveer comes out from bathroom, checks the time and thinks what happened to her. He tries to wake her up and gives pillow under her head. Chadariya song plays. Ranveer covers blanket on her and goes out of room. Nupur asks how can she sleep and calls her irresponsible. Ranveer comes back to room and thinks she is still sleeping. He asks her to go to her place. Suman holds his hand and sleeps. He takes pillow and sleeps next to her.

Suman wakes up at 10 am. She thinks what I am doing on bed. She recalls going to room. Ranveer comes to room and says good morning. He asks why do you take much place while sleeping and says you gave me small place to sleep. She asks did you sleep here? Ranveer says it is my bed. He asks why did you sleep. Suman says she was feeling sleepy. He says you have failed in your responsibilities again and asks did you know what happened last night.

Dadi asks for kachoris. Suman says she will bring. Sindhoora asks Suman not to step in the kitchen.

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