Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman shows her saree. Ranveer asks who did this? Suman says the one who don’t want us to stay together in the house. She says you have brought it with so much love and I. Ranveer says that guy wants us to get afraid, but we won’t let this happen. Suman says when our loved ones are not happy with our marriage then how can we marry? Ranveer says everyone blessed us. Suman recalls the recent happenings. Ranveer says there is a motive of everyone, but that person doesn’t know that he is doing good of us. He says while goons tried to separate us, I have realized that you are the one with whom I want to spend life with and you have also realized my feelings for you. He asks her to think and says I love you very much and wants you to be with me always. He says if you are with me then I am, else

nothing. Mahi Bolna plays. Suman hugs him.

Mahi Bolna plays…Ranveer promises not to leave her. He says who have torn your sarees, that person gave you a reason to shop, and asks her to smile always. He tells that he is taking her on a romantic dinner date.. Suman says tomorrow is our haldi and we shall not go out. Ranveer tells that he will bring date here, and asks her to come to terrace for a special date on Mittal Sadan’s terrace. Suman agrees to come. Ranveer says I need some answers and asks her to come.

Sindhoora cries seeing Ranveer’s pic and says I love you very much and my life is in you. She says if that bullet had touched you, then I would have killed Suman and die. Ranveer comes holding saree and asks why you are crying. He asks her to tell the truth. Sindhoora says she don’t know that goon and asks him if he is not ashamed to accuse his mum infront of his to be wife. Suman says she will go. Ranveeer asks her to stop and asks why did you warn me not to go on stage. Sindhoora tells that she was with them all when the incident happened?

Antara gets Ranveer’s messages. Sanjana thinks what she is doing now? Antara silently gets up and goes out with Manan. Sanjana smiles and thinks what a romance? Ranveer shows the saree and says you have crossed the limits. You have torn her sarees. Sindhoora says she is not cheap vamp of TV shows and asks him why he asks her to give explanation whenever something wrong happens. She tells that she has accepted Suman now and if she had anything to talk then she will talk to them. Suman asks why did you hide from him that you was near the tap. Sindhoora says she forgot to mention infront of him and says now she is sure that she is instigating him against her. Ranveer asks her to stop it. Sindhoora keeps hand on his head and says I had not locked her in store room. Ranveer says I hope so. Sindhoora blesses her. Ranveer takes Suman with him. Sindhoora thinks I won’t let you ruin your life.

Ranveer and Suman are on a dinner date on terrace. They hear some noise. Ranveer sees Sonali. When he returns, he sees Suman tied and is shocked.

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  1. Yesterday episode is to good.
    I think Ranveer soon find out Sonali troubling Suman.
    But she done this herself or by the help of somebody else.
    I wish she exposed Soon.
    She leave Mittal Sadan before Sumveer marriage.
    But when this marriage happen.When this 6 days complete.I don’t think marriage complete in May.
    Too many villain for Sumveer like sindoora,Kalawati,Sanjana,Sonali and Masked person.
    And Ranveer coming cousin also play the role of villain for Sumveer.
    Wait and watch what happened next in the upcoming episodes.

  2. epi was good waiting for marriage don’t want any …..
    and y r they ignoring the other suspect(sanjana)
    no one commented on this page except me and Ritika

  3. Di Di Di ….

  4. Hi Ooshi
    Please comment on my article what you think culprit is Sonali or Sanjana.
    I am sure culprit is Sonali

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