Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman searches her diary. Antara asks what is she searching. Suman says diary and asks her to note down all their client numbers. Antara asks why. Suman says she will call clients and inform that she is giving 50% discount in her beauty parlor for 2 days. Antara breaks her pearl necklace in a shock and gets up, slips on pearls. Powder falls on her face. Suman laughs.

Sindhoor enters Mittal sadan. Nupur greets her in a weird. Ranveer wishes her good morning. Sindhoora ignores him. His dad asks why did he come here without informing them. Ranveer apologizes sindhoor and says he came to celebrate daadi’s birthday, does pushups and situps. Sindoora forgives him and asks who was the girl with him. He says he was with Sahil bhai last night and came home direcltyl. Sindhoora

says she spoke to a girl on his mobile. He says he lost his phone.

Suman calls her client and informs about 50% discount in her beauty parlor. Client says she does not need any treatment now. Suman asks to call her when needed and sadly disconnects call

Sindhoora comes for breakfast and sees servants sitting on table. She yells. Nupur says panditji told to let servants eat on table and family women eat on floor. Sindhoora says she does not believe pundits. Taima says she can sit on dining chair. Ranveer and his father joins. Tauji comes and says Ranveer’s father that his son is doing same like he did and went to Delhi. Sindhoora says it was an opportunity. Tauji fumes. Ranveer calms him with his sweet talks and says he cannot get admission in Indore’s MSI college. Sindhoora thinks why they want Ranbeer’s admission in that college.

Kalavathi asks Suman why did she come inside, clients must be waiting for her. She says she finished all work. Kalavathi asks her to get her tea if she is preparing as she is having headache.

Sanju’s aide gets Ranveer’s address via his bike number and says Ranveer stays in Mittal sadan. Sanju says that means her hero stays in Indore’s richest family.

Suman tries her client numbers and everyone rejects her offers. She calls Mittal bhavan. Ranveer picks call. She asks if he has ladies in his house. He says he has of course. She tells about her beauty parlor offer. He tires to explain, but she insists. Nupur comes and he gives phone to her. Suman informs her about her offer. Nupur says she has 2-3 ladies at home, so she should come and do make up at their home. Suman agrees and thanks god. Sanju hears her and insists to help Suman, then tells Antara that her superman stays in Mittal sadan. After sometime, Suman hears Antara and Sanju’s discussion and realizes that Sanju wants to meet mobile buy/Ranveer.

Ranveer catches his cousins smoking and jokes that bade papa is coming. They run out and stand silently, ask where is bade papa. Ranveer says he was joking.

Suman asks Sanju why she wants to meet mobile boy/Ranveer. Sanju says he has a big bike and a bigger house, if she marries hi, she can live in luxuries. Antarar says only love matters and not money. Suman says neither both, now she does not have both love and money.

Next morning, Suman and Antara get ready to go to Mittal sadan. Sanju comes ready and asks Suman if they can go now. Suman says she is not coming. Kalavathi says same. Sanju starts emotional drama that she wants to help bhabi arrange her MBA fees. Kalavathi praises her that she is exactly like her and permits. Sanju winks at Antara. Suman takes Kalavathi’s blessing and leaves.

Nupur serves breakfast in new plates. Bhabhi asks why she got new plates. Nupur says panditji told it will bring good news. Sindhoora says she should have washed plates at least. Nupur says if she had washed plates, they would have been old then, they should just remove label and eat. Tauji with Ranveer’s dad comes and tells daadi that they are going for a meeting. Nupur calls Ranveer and his cousins. Ranveer comes down and tells he has decided to stay back at Indore and study at MSI college. Tauji happily ugs him. Daadi says her last wish got fulfilled, panditji’s words were true.

Suman with Sanju and Antara enters Mittal sadan compound. Sanju gets mesmerized seeing such a big mansion and says it looks like palace. Suman opens door and keeps her right foot in and thinks she feels some connection here.

Precap: Suman prays god at Mittal sadan. Nupur and drops a flower petal on holy book. Ranveer picks and eats it. Sindhoora shouts at Suman that she spoilt 40,000 rs worth sari and she cannot clear debt even if she washes people’s feet whole life.

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