Ek vishkanya ki kahani


Hi friends , I m Sania I like vishkanya so much , love apulay so I want to write a fanfiction for it also as fatlr as i tried to present more apulay scenes . I tried my best to make it interesting and I hope u all like it . one thing also want to say that I m not so good as english so plz if any grammatical mistake apologize me
Sorry if u getting bore .

To present the story first I give you a brief about characters
Aprajita (apu) – very innocent beautiful girl but she is a vishkanya
Malay-smart, handsome boy who come back India after 10 years and a crush on apu
Kalapana -apu’s mother she play a negative character who can to any sacrifices to take revenge
Tapur-sister of apu , don’t like apu and a crush on Malay
Abhi – cousin of Malay ,
Nandhita – mother of Malay
Kumkum – crazy , funny women
Sorry I forget the name of kumkum’s husband plz anyone tell me
Guys its a intro

In kalpana’ house kalpana is very happy and tell to apu that now u go outside apu
Apu- reply that means I m go outside , makes friend , talk to anyone
KalpNa- or also love to someone
In airport maly comes to India after 10 years and curious to know about abhi comes and said let’s go to home all are waiting fo u
Let’s go
Kalpana said to apu let’s outside Ur first step and go out but care one thing peoples want to meet u talk to u but u should ignore go forehforehead- smiles and out her first step and go outside meanwhile Malay comes to his house abhi busy to omcarry his backpack apu and Malay are very near to eachoter but don’t see each other suddenly apu’ leg slip and to fall down but Malay turns and hold her both see each other and share an eyelock saiya we plays
Malay says wow so beautiful what’s Ur name but apu refuses and go from there abhi comes and said let’s go in Ur house , malay comes . nandhita see him and hug him and said welcome Malay meets to everyone . nandhita said go fresh and soon come downstairs to have a lunch together . Malay takes lunch . apu come back house .

So guys that’s enough for today plz don’t forget to comment . now u all comment and said is it good or not plz if u comment then I more tried to make it interesting .

Credit to: Sania Tabassum

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  1. Gud. .keep continue frnd..Separate lines ..It ‘ll make easy to read..Don’t mistake me..a small suggestion…Bt,a gud strt.keep continue

  2. Thanks a lot harshan

  3. Continue dear….

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar continue

  5. Good start nice 🙂

  6. nice dr keep gng ……..

  7. what is the meaning of vishkanya

  8. Amazing sania I love it

  9. Tahnks to all

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