Ek villian – dbo gaurika weekend shot by christy part 1

Hello to my,
Silent readers
And well wishers and my friends
how are you?? Christy here… Sorry for the late update of my weekend shot ek villain gaurika.. i like all of your stories saku ,shraddha, verna ,rasika and lot more i don;t know every ones name . i’m a silent reader..
guys this story is inspired by ek villain… thankyou for your valuable comments ..
I’m changing the storyline of this somehow this will connect to ek villain and our show dil bole oberoi…. i’m very busy so i post short update pls enjoy…
New story line is connected with current track so when omkara marries gauri.. story starts with that night..

Well lets start
Wedding night of omkara and gauri ..
He didn’t like her but the fate put them together..
Gauri and Omkara enters to omkara’s room
Omkara: i don’t want to see your face so leave me along.[looking to gauri’s face]
Gauri: why are you saying like this while luking m face huh.. i know i’m going..
She smiles and leaves…

She moves from there and go to the balcony and feels dizzy..
Gauri : again i can’t …hey sankar ji kya hein muje hi kyu hain.kaise bhi halat mein muje bereally mein jana hain.
She tries to wipe her nose but she can’t falls down..
[shewthallana case is proved gauri help omkara well and he started to liking her]
Few days later….
Gauri is getting ready to go bereally and comes to hall

Omkara :kaha ja rahi ho dabaang…[om calls her as dabaang]
Gauri: woh mein? Mein bereally mein ja rahi ho muje kuch kam hein waha per.. that’s why i want to go..
Omkara: aaj tumhe jana hai kya aaj i’m going to introuduce you infront of the media.. you didn’t go anywhere..
Gauri : muje jana hai omkara ji.. pls muje jane dho

Om: na don’t go any where. Okey
Suddenly she felt dizzy falls down. Omkara catches her and get shock

Precap: they rushes to hospital omkara is seen tensed. Doctors checks her…

Hope you like this i want to write more but my fate is not letting me to do ..my hindi is so weak any grammatical mistakes happen please inform me .so tomatoes and eggs are accepted…
Take care

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  1. Lovely start

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  2. Wow..Intresting dear..plz carry on

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    awesome chris,pls update in english

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  4. super start Christii…do well…and can u update more??its my request

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    Wowwwwwwwww.. Interesting.. Continue dear

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      Hey and thanks for reading my ff do comment “post asap

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