Ek Villain (Prologue)


hey dolls, again it’s me Ruby. I got an idea of writing on a villain when watched bollywood movie BAAGHI. for your information this story is my own imagination not a copy of anyone’s story or any movie so please don’t copy it 🙂


“Don’t touch me” Samaira shouted at Aryan as he forwarded his hand to touch her face.

“I am your husband, sweetheart” Aryan said while holding Samaira by her shoulder.

“NO, YOU ARE NOT” she pushed his hands away.

“what’s this sindoor and mangalsutra means, then?” Aryan pointed his index finger at her forehead then her neck.

Samaira looked at herself through mirror. her forer was filled with sindoor, a mangalsutra was hanging in her neck and she was still in her wedding sari.

“remember, we completed 7 pheras too. ” Aryan smiled looking through mirror.

Samaira looked back at him through mirror and their eyes met. she gave a disgusting look to him.



Aryan Reddy is a famous business tycoon who fell in love with’Samaira sheikh ,a bubbly and talkative girl but she starts hate him for being a VILLAIN.

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  1. Sindhuksv

    Nice start dear..

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      this story is also on wattpad

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      thank you

  3. Shruthis

    awesome start ruby dear 🙂

    1. Ruby

      how did you change the dp?

  4. Awesome

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      thanks zaimal

  5. Sweetie

    Nice one.. 🙂

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      thanks sweetie

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