The epi starts with,

Twinkle is shocked to know what was happening before she even realise what was going he pulled her hand and rushed to the back yard where before that he took the blind cloth which was in the table and blind folded her…

He then took her and opened the door …

Twinkle:Kunj kya kar raha tum???

Kunj:wait and watch

Kunj then removes the blindfold and says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING” where twinkle was surprised to see his gift…It was a car…her favourite car which she wanted from long she soon went and hugged him and said,

Twinkle:thank u so much Kunj…u made my day unbelievable…where saying this she kissed his lips passionately…they were lost in each other…where after a while they came out of it where Kunj asked Twinkle who was blushing now,

Kunj:Twinkle did u like it?

Twinkle: I just loved it…

Kunj: come on Twinkle go and see…

Twinkle:haan…saying this she went towards the car where she noticed a big flower bouquet which had her favourite flowers and card which said……

Precap: Yuvi trying to kill Kunj…Twinkle to get tensed…

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  1. SidMin23

    It was beautiful moment if twinj. U pracape seen scary hope uv don’t like kunj an twinkle save kunj.

  2. Roshini125

    Can u ppz make it longer. ..
    N add recap as u r posting aftr a longtime so I couldn’t remember anything
    N post next one asap

  3. Ramya

    Awesome amazing

  4. Chiku

    Woaah it’s awesome ?????lovely
    Post mext soon
    Loads of love??

  5. Aanya_pandey

    That ws super episode yrr.. bt plz jst 1 request plz make it a bit longer

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