Ek Villain (Chapter 2)


Introduction of Simran Sheikh

“Sam..sam..uth jao (wake up)” Simran shook her ten years old younger brother’s shoulder to wake him up.

Samar put a pillow on his ear and said ” Appi please five minutes more.”

“Samar..you have school today.” Simran took Samar in her arms frightening the boy.

“Appi, put me down.” Samar cried.

“I will.” Simran dropped Samar in bathroom.  “Do your chores fast. Otherwise we will miss the bus.” She smacked Samar’s head.

“Arrrh..” Samar rubbed the place where Simran slapped

Simran and her brother Samar lives with their grandma Nafeesa. Their mother died when she gave birth to Samar. About their father, God knows where.

Nafeesa was running a small cafe attached to their house for her and the children’s expenses.

Simran was an interior designing student. She hopes that soon she will get a job and she will make her Nani take rest. Samar was a fifth standard student.

Nafeesa was grateful to God for making her incomplete family happy. The children never felt the absence of parents. Nafeesa always tried her best to give the children’s a parents love and care and she was successful in it.

Simran always acted like a mother to Samar and he loves it too. At least he wasn’t feeling motherless. The boy need Simran in everything. He was dependent on her. And She loves to full fill all her little brother’s needs.

“Appi, where is my uniform?” Samar came to kitchen in a bathrobe. Simran was making both of their Tiffin.

“It was on the bed.can’t you see Samar? ” Simran gave a death glare to her brother.

“Why can’t you give it in my hands?”

Simran put the Tiffin boxes in kitchen table and pulled her brother to his room.

She put the clothes in Samar’s hand. ” now go and get ready. Breakfast is ready. Nani will come in a bit then we will have our breakfast. Okey?”

Samar nodded at her.

“Wait, sam” Simran took a bath towel from wardrobe  and approched her brother.

“You didn’t dry your hair? ” she started drying her little brother’s hair. Samar smiled at his sister’s motherly care.

He never dry his hair that he want Simran to do it for him.so he won’t miss his mother who he never saw.


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