Ek Villain (Chapter 1)

I changes the male lead name to Arjun.

Introduction of Arjun Reddy

A pleasant morning in Hyderabad City, Telangana. Arjun Reddy, the heir of Reddy industries,  was looking at a building from his car.

“That’s the house which Shoukat Ali want to make his” Arjun’s friend  Varun said.

“I won’t let him have that house. Let me know who lives there” Arjun said to Varun.

Shoukat Ali was Arjun’s business rival. He always was an obstacle in Arjun’s way.

“an old woman and her two grandchildren” Varun replied.

“Let make a deal with that lady.” Arjun ordered to his PA Subham.

“Okey, sir.” Subham nodded at his boss.

“Arjun, what about Subbaravu?” Varun Arjun’s best friend and cousin asked.

“He will get what he deserves. ” Arjun smirks. Varun understood what his best friend meant.

Arjun’s PA subham’s phone start ringing.

“Sir, it is Balu.” Subham turned to his boss.

“Give me the phone.” Arjun   ordered to Subham.

“What did he do?” Arjun pressed the phone against his ear in rage.

“He tried to escape, boss.”  Balu says from the other side.

“Showing so much clever subbaravu.” Arjun hissed on the phone.

“What I have to do with him now, boss?” Balu waited for his boss’s reply.

“Kill him!! That’s the cost of betrayals. ” Arjun said through gritted teeth.

“Sure, boss.” They hang up the phone.

Subbaravu was one of a employee of Arjun’s but he was actually working for Shoukat Ali.  When Arjun get to know about the betrayal, he made Subbarabu locked up in his factory. Arjun never forgive betrayals. If anyone points a finger at him, he will cut the finger.After all he is a villain.


next chapter will be female lead simran ‘s introduction(it was Samaira but I changed it too)

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