ek tha raja ek thi rani A new love story


hi guys its my frst fan fic. i am so crazy fan of etretr so i decided to write a ff and if they all pple live in tis century how it would be. its a try yaar if i get positive results i will continue my ff

frst i intro all we must call them as raja rani bt tis story revolves in tis century and hence they are called by their names

Rana indravardhan singh ( ranaji)
rajmata as priyamvada
badi rani maa as bhagyavanti singh
kunwarji as chandravadhan
kunwarani as kokila chandravadhan
and swarna, laksh

The scenes starts up with priyamvada ordering all to keep all things at right place bcoz rana is cmg tday after 3 yrs from paris after his studies.he may get angry seeing all things shattered so plse clean up all, she walks while ordering all maids.
badi maa ask her to take rest fr sometime,she has been working from early mrng and brings tea. priyamvada gets and says rana is short tempered and if he gets angry he will leave ,she said. badi maa says kk hav it.

Rana ji arrives seeing his home, nthg has changed and his mother too and his grandmother. he thinks they had been waiting fr long time. he comes and gets blessings from his mother and grandmother. priyamvada ask how is he? he nods yes and badi maa says to fresh up and come we hav breakfast together
kokila wonders wats happening and says to laksh see ,rana is ur brother, he studied well and now he is respected by all bt u? laksh gets angry and leaves.

Gayatri in her hostel prays to ganesha idol tat she shd get a seat in city college,where she applied fr higher studies.

rana comes fr breakfast, everybody greets them and priyamvada ask him, wat he is gng to do next. he says he is gng to do his higher studies in india itself. kokila thinks if he reads like tis,we cannot live so i hav to do something.

gayatri ‘s close frnd rani says to her tat she is getting married next wek and invited her. she gets happy and hugs rani( tis character i had created)
rani ask her when she will marry and gayatri says time only knows.

precap : gayatri clashes on rana and however rana holds her hand and they hav an eyelock

hope all u guys like it. plse comment on it if u like

Credit to: pretty princess

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb pretty princess I am big fan of this show pls go ahead I will support you

  2. Go a head gd

  3. S. i really like ur ff. My best wishes 4 u. And i also huge fan of etr2. So just continue it.

  4. I really like ds stry……

  5. Hh I am reaaly a very big fan just continue this ff and plz post it daily

  6. very nice.
    .please continue

  7. great sis i am also a big fan of this show its gng very nice and u hv started a new dimension fr this show waitng fr ur next episodes pls update regularly

  8. Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

    Well done pretty princess happy to see a ff on raja Rani, I liked it a lot. Current raja Rani track is not good but I love your ff

  9. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Well writer, there is nothing much to say. Sorry but how can all these ppl who have commented can like something that is soo vaguely written. Sorry but ur story seems like Prince William and Kate Middleton..
    Don’t know what’s next in the story..
    Lets see
    Keep Writing..
    May be there can be a good turn in ur story
    But its good that u tried.
    All the Best for the future writing of this story..

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