ek tha raja ek thi rani A new love story Episode 3

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gayatri thinks abt rana and she thinks he is different and thought to say thanks.

next mrng, in clge
gayatri was sad and her frnds asked her wat hapnd?she says the whole story and sees rana. she calls rana and ask him to cme. he thinks he could not escape and goes.

gayatri introduces ishani,ranveer to rana he says hi and ask him they shd take care of gayatri and leaves. ishani says he cares fr u and gayatri blushes.

in the class, a guy beats rana’s classmate so he interferes and beats the guy, all shocked including gayatri. the guy says tat he will bring his brother and leaves.

when rana returns with guy from the hospital the gang of men cms near rana one takes knife and stabs bt rana turned suddenly and gayatri comes inbetween and the guys left seeing it. rana shouts gayatri and take her to hospital

ishani,ranveer comes there and asked rana, he says doc is checking her and ishani says she loves u really so tat she decides to gve her life to save u. rana cries. doc comes and says she is fyn bt its necessary fr 5 stiches. so we put it and dont allow hr to stain and leaves.

rana,ishani,ranveer goes inside and sees gayatri lying on bed un conciousness. ishani sits besides her and rana went out.

rana decorates the room with flowers, gayatri says i hate u

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  1. Good I like it ….

  2. Cool and amazing

  3. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Suddenly how can gayatri hate rana??
    But I love her friends, RV and Ishani..
    Keep going Pretty Princess ?
    Iam there to read ur story

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