ek tha raja ek thi rani A new love story Episode 2


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in the morng
rana gets ready and comes to hall and all greets him and he gets blessing from badi maa and priyamvada and leaves.
gayatri goes to temple and says to ganesha tat if she got selected she will gve 10 ladoos and says offf i am late bless me ganesha and leavez.

in city college
rana gets his seat in clge bcoz he was the topper in his ex clge and leaves
gayatri says i am late and rushes and clashes with rana and was abt to fall bt he holds her and she closes her eyes. he holds her waist and she holds his shirt and few mins after she opens and free from his hold. rana gets annoyed and gayatri stares at him

gayatri lately gets her seat and leaves happily.
rana in her room
rana thinks abt the girl and says nooo nooo y am i thinking abt her no and sleeps
gayatri in her room thinks abt rana and says he just helped me, nthg more tan tat and leaves to sleep

next mrng, in clge
gayatri makes frnds bcoz of her adorable smile,talks bt rana remains quite. eventually rana,gayatri belongs to same class and gayatri sees rana and smiles bt rana ignored her.

while after clge, gayatri leaves to hostel and she came to know tat five men are following her.two overtaked her and ask her to stop.one man asked her to kiss bcoz she is looking like princesz and gayatri ask him to come near, he goes and she slaps hard. all bcomes anger bcoz of her and drags her into a shop which is empty and closes the shutter.
gayatri tries to get ris of them bt one of them tear her sleeves and makes to fall on floor.

rana comes there and ask wat hapnd, near by person says all the things, he called the near by police and the police opens the shutter and arrest them.rana goes close to see who is tat bt shocked to see gayatri and rushes near her. she closes her legs close to her chest with her hands and cries. rana gives his jacket and gayatri cries by plcing her head on hiz chest.
rana makes gayatri to stand bt she couldnt stand and he put his one hand around her waist and other on her hand. he ask where is her hostel and she gives the way to move and he leaves her in hostel and ask her to tc

gayatri sees rana and ask him to come and she intro him to her frnds
guess who are her frnds, keep watching

Credit to: pretty princess

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