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Hi. This my ff on the show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani and each episode of this ff will be published on every Friday and Saturday in January.

Show introduction:
Set in the 1940s, It is a journey of Gayathri(Drashti Dhami) from being a girl with no future since she is a manglik to becoming queen of Ranaji’s(Siddhant Karnick) hearts and of the people of the land!

The show continues as Gayathri gets married to Ranaji who misunderstands that Gayathri has cheated him and married him for wealth. After that, a lot of problems comes in Gayathri’s way and only Raaj Mata and Swarna supports her.
After Gayathri gets bitten by a snake n shot on the hand(plan of Rajmata to unite Ranaji-Gayathri), Ranaji gets concerned and starts to have soft corner and later falls for her. At karwachauth , as Ranaji was going to confess his love for Gayathri, Badi Rani Maa comes with his first wife Sulakshana reason why Ranaji couldn’t love Gayathri . Later it’s revealed that Sulakshana was killed by Badi Rani Maa herself, and brought some dancer as imposter of Sulakshana with a mask. After fake Sulakshana gets exposed, Badi Rani Maa tries to kill Gayathri as Gayathri came to know about her reality and succeeds. But Gayathri acted as dead to reveal Badi Rani Maa as the culprit. Later Badi Rani Maa gets thrown. After that a king from other kingdom named Avdesh enters to Ranaji’s place and wants to get Gayathri and even gambles for it. But fails due to Ranaji’s love. Later Rajeshwari, Avdesh’s sister is brought and she tries to create problems between Ranaji and Gayathri . And right now , it’s revealed that Ranaji is the adopted son of Raaj Mata whose child died when he was born and it gets revealed to Gayathri, as Sartaj the guy who knows the truth threatens Raaj mata for that. Later Raaj mata and Gayathri burns the amulet the prove and Badi Rani Maa takes it out from the fire

I have decided to continue this ff from where Ranaji will come to know about his birth truth.

Characters Introduction-
Rana Indravadhan Singh Deo(Siddhant Karnick)-
Also known as Ranaji king of the palace and husband of Gayathri. Loves Gayathri a lot. Romantic, serious, loves his family a lot, good-hearted

Rani Gayathri Devi(Drashti Dhami)-
The queen of the palace and wife of Ranaji. Loves Ranaji a lot. Bookworm, truthful, innocent, honest, good-hearted

Badi Rani Maa Bhagyavati(Surekha Sikri)-
Step grandmother of Ranaji. Selfish, drama queen, dominating , wants to be on top

Kunwar Chandravadan Singh Deo(Akshay anand)-
Step uncle of Ranaji. Follower, greedy, selfish

Kunwarni Kokila Chandravadan Deo (Parul Chaudhury)-
Step-aunt of Ranaji. Wife of Kunwar.
Funny, greedy, influenced.

Other king of other castle and wants Gaythri at any cost. Psycho, mad lover

The one who knows about Ranaji’s birth truth and threats Raaj Mata for it.

Supporting Characters
Raajmata Priyamvada (Anita Raj)-
The mother of Ranaji. She is good-hearted and supportive but fears about a lot of things. Kind, good-hearted, strict, helpful, understanding

Choti Kunwarni Swarnalekha (Priya Tandon)-
Wife of Lakshyaraj. Good-hearted, sweet, honest and longing for love. Used to love her husband but have a soft-corner for Lakhan.

Choto Kunwar Lakshyaraj Singh (Ajay Arya)-
Husband of Swarna. Here he will be positive like he was in the start. Again becomes positive. Forgot everything and in love with Swarna. But influenced and scared of his dad.

Lakhan(Puneet Sharma)-
Known as Cheetah. Was brought by Chandravadan so that he and Swarna can give him a heir as Lakshyaraj can’t do so. Is good-hearted and in love with Swarna. Don’t want to hurt her. A good friend of Swarna. Has some other motive for coming in the kingdom. A little grey-shaded.

Rageshwari (Anjum Faikh)-
Sister of Avdesh. Here she will be positive. And loves her brother a lot. Actually, pretending to help her brother as she knows it’s wrong. Good-hearted, sweet to her brother but shows herself as mean and arrogant.

Characters to be continued (was discontinued or not shown in the episodes)

Raajmata’s friend. Shown dead (killed by Kokila). But she will be alive. Knows about Raaj Mata’s past and Chandravadan and Kokila’s reality.

New Characters
Good friend of Gayathri and Swarna. Daughter of Yashodha. Leaves a simple life like her mom. Will be positive just like her mom and help Gayathri. Is on mission, on finding her mom.
U can assume Shiny Dixit as Aapiksha who was last seen as Naina in Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do on sony

These are the characters for Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani- There was a king There was a queen ff I have made some changes to the character and some of the characters will be shown after some episodes
And if needed more characters maybe introduced but. The minimum episode of this ff is 4 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on ur comments so comment as much as u can 🙂

This is the precap for episode 1:
When Ranaji is going out, Gayathri holds his hand and they hug each other. Sartaj tells about Ranaji’s birth truth to Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa smirks and later tells Avdesh to reveal the truth. Ranaji listens to everything and says which truth? Badi Rani Maa and Avdesh smirks and Rageshwari pretends to be happy but is tensed. Will truth be revealed to Ranaji?

Do check out the first episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani- There was a king There was a queen on this Friday, 15th January night .
By any chance, if this ff gets cancelled I will inform u beforehand on ETRETR episode update or on this page.

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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