Ek tha raja ek thi rani fan fiction. Epi-2


The episode starts with Gayatri and ranaji eats food saawariya duet version plays…

Ranaji makes her eat food Gayatri too makes her eat food . Gayatri tells him let us dance ranaji takes her in his arms and tells sure and dances she tells leave me down then only I can dance.

Gayatri dances with him closely ranaji is about to kiss her but she kisses on cheeks and runs ranaji sees her lovingly

Gayatri comes to the room and sees Raj lakshmi speaking to herself about her beauty

Gayatri sees her through window she tells I made everybody fool and ranaji is stupid Gayatri gets angry and comes inside and slaps her hard and tells pls mind your language before speaking about ranaji pls think about your status Raj lakshmi gets angry

Brm think about how to destroy ranaji and Gayatri happiness Gayatri comes to room and tells everything to ranaji he gets shocked he takes the gun and comes to her and aims gun at her Raj lakshmi gets shocked

Raajmata stops him and tells why are you doing this ranaji???He tells satraj did not do crime everybody gets stunned . Ranaji orders guards to bring him here

Gayatri comes to ranaji and tells him to be quiet . Ranaji explods in anger Gayatri gets hurt she runs from there ranaji sees it and runs behind her but. She locks the door before he comes in

Precap: Gayatri and ranaji comes to meet satraj in forest area

Credit to: Narendran

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