Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jhumki is shocked to see that the veiled lady was Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani maa recalls everything she had done from replacing Gayatri’s dress. Jhumki asks why she did this all. Bari Rani maa tells from the bones that she was the second wife of Rana ji’s grandfather. It is just said that in Royal families both wives are given same place, but it is all wrong. She gave a son to grandfather before his first wife but he couldn’t get the seat only because she is second wife. She then decided that if Kali maa has forgotten to write crown in her fate, she will write it herself. She won’t let the heir come into this world after Indhravadhan. She let him and Sulakshna get away from each other, but his life didn’t stop there. He married Gayatri, it is Gayatri’s fate that neither could

this marriage stop nor her becoming Rani. She now, she has brought Sulakshna back to Rana ji’s life which was Rana ji’s first love. Jhumki says that she has brought Sulakshna back not Bari Rani maa, had she not been here she couldn’t do anything. Bari Raani maa holds Jhumki’s hand and slaps her hard. She says she is called with respect. The real game is because of that mask not her, if she doesn’t stay by their side she won’t be able to get out of this palace. Jhumki leaves.
Bari Rani maa says to Kokilla that they have to keep Gayatri and Rana ji apart, so that there is no heir. Kunwar ji tells her that now Swarna will give them an heir and they will get him brought up in some other way. Bari Rani maa curses Kunwar’s child Laksh, she says this time no one can stop her from becoming a Raaj Mata.
In the room, Jhumki removes her mask. Gayatri gets milk for Jhumki thinking that she hurt Sulakshna. She knocks at the door, when Jhumki can’t put on the mask she lay in the bed with blanket on. Gayatri comes inside, she says to Sulakshna that she is sorry, she doesn’t want her crown at all. When Sulakshna doesn’t get up, Gayatri tells her to take rest. She drops a card, holds it up and leaves the room but opens the heater panes with the rub of her arm. Jhumki locks the door, she thinks that everyone here is after here, she won’t always wear the mask of Sulakshna. The mask burns up during the night. In the morning, Jhumki wakes up with the heat in room, she recalls the corn that she misses. She looks for the mask that was burnt all together. Gayatri walked towards the room with a tray. Jhumki is shocked to see the burnt mask. Gayatri knocks at the door, calls Sulakshna and wonders if she is fine. Jhumki turns around and covers her burnt side with her Pallu. She had her back towards Gayatri, she says curtly that she shouldn’t say now that she has come for forgiveness again. Gayatri asks her to eat something, she hasn’t eaten anything since last evening. Jhumki asks her not to do any more drama. Gayatri comes to her front explaining there is nothing like that. She turns away at once, Gayatri comes to her front again and asks what happened on her face. Sulakshna shouts at her to leave at once, Gayatri goes out of the room. Jhumki locks the door at once and says Gayatri is so after her. She thinks it is time to do something that Gayatri doesn’t open her mouth in front of Rana ji.
Rana ji stood with Bari Rani maa, he says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but this hurts the three of them. Bari Rani maa says she didn’t know he would love Gayatri so soon, she always thought that he loves Sulakshna. Rana ji says the trouble is he doesn’t feel anything even being with Sulakshna, it seems she is some stranger. Bari Rani maa says the problem is with him, he never thought about living with two wives. Rana ji asks what he must do, he can’t let Gayatri go because she also has no mistake. A servant comes and says that Sulakshna wants to leave the palace. Both get worried at once.
In the hall, Sulakshna denies taking any help. Rana ji calls her, Sulakshna says she is leaving. Gayatri says she won’t let her go. Sulakshna says she isn’t needed in the palace, what will she do by staying. Gayatri says she is the Rani of Amirkot and love of Rana ji. She can’t go leaving the palace. Sulakshna bends down, her arm had been bandaged. Bari rani maa says she shouldn’t have come down with her luggage in her own hands, she should have called a servant. Sulakshna says that Bari Raani maa had said that this is her house, but it seems she has brought some curt memories for everyone. Rana ji doesn’t care if she lives or not. Gayatri says it isn’t Rana ji’s mistake, he lived with her memories but he had to marry her. Sulakshna was his first love and always will, she has understood this too. She wipes her tears and says she is the real culprit that she came between them. She asks Sulakshna to give any punishment to her. Sulakshna turns and says she will be a maid of Rani Sulakshna from right now. Everyone including Gayatri is shocked to hear this.

PRECAP Sulakshna asks Gayatri to get her shoes and luggage into her room. Gayatri holds both.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. God wen is this jhumki gonna get caught? She is too much….badi rani ma real scoundrel lady. …hope she is punished well by ranaji

  2. now. why oh why couldn’t anyone be as concerned about swarna? mabe she’s ugly so gayatri couldn’t care less about checking up on her like sulakshna. whooo bari rani maaaaaa? dont fffkk wi ta chosen 1. shes old but not cold has the best interests of her bloodline at heart if raaj mata was as sharp she could counter effectively but experience rules supreme. the name of the game is the game of thrones who gets how they get winning is winning.

  3. iiii think, cause i’m actually a queen myself pretty and flawless like 1. iii think bari rani must RULE ne, she will sort out the bastard brittish with her know how,kunwar and kokilla will rid the palace of common pathetic low class peasants like gayatri then rana ji must go stay by gayatri them then raj mata must go to hell in brittian and let the weather depress her that side. then swarna just needs a new man? so, Good job bari rani maaa my chosen 1

  4. why is sulakshna treatin gayatri like a maid

  5. I feels so bad for both Gayatri and Ranaji he really is in such a dilemma he so loves Gayatri
    So sad I really feel for him he is really trying it is not easy to be a king

  6. i havent seen raj mata in a few episodes well why they have that ole cross in everything. …gayatri needs a support system and that was raj mata she was more outspoken than anyone else she wud ve gotten to the bottom of tis….thats why when gayatri fine out about fake sulakshna she goes to bari rani maa which is sooooo wrong

  7. Tat rani maa is proper villen gosh she’s so evil with tat smile of hers.

  8. Omg i knew it was the old hag n rani gayatri should leave until the hand down salaskhna leave

  9. I don’t much care for the line the story is Taking the good thing about this serial so far was bad things didn’t last but now it’s dragging

  10. Bht hi amazing hai……ufffffff kahani lambi krne ka koi tareeka milna chaiye directors ko

  11. Where the f* is Raj Mata!!?

  12. Ashwini Kulkarni

    Story goes well . However please take a u turn before it comes on nerves. Rajmata , Gayatri and Ranaji need to be little smart . The plot laid by bari rani maa can not be allowed . Rajmata and company need to outsmart . Stop crying Gayatri with back ground savariya . Writerji plz take a u turn .
    By the way everybody acted well . Rajmata – Anita Raj is just manji hui kalakar . REally looks like a queen . Anita Raj is all the more beautiful . Age has added mature grace to her face .
    Three Cheers in anticipation of a smart U Turn and No Rona Dhona.
    Happy Diwali

  13. OK , Further i would say , good to see aplace and all good faces . The Kunwar Chachi is really well. Again Anita Raj you have lived your role . Hope to see you more

  14. Very nice episode. I hate Bari Rani Ma. She is such a very ugly , old evil devil looking woman… I hope Rani Jii gets to know the true nasty greedy evil b.itch she is… I know that Raj Mata will support Rani Gayatri always and help her…. They both will expose Bari Rani Ma and the fake sulaskhna . I want to see how long she will hide with that mask .. hahahahaha… I will feel sorry for Rani Ji when he gets to know about Bari Rani Ma.. because that is the woman who he loves the most and trusts alot. Sad.. This happens in real life also… Your own family will stoop to such levels in the power of greed !!!! I also think swarna will become very bold and meaner. Which is right because she is not a idiot to be messing with all the time… Everyone has their breaking point and line. When you cross the line.. prepare to get f.ucked up

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