Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani walks into Raaj’s house. Anandi was afraid of the place and says it seems only insects reside in this ruins. Rani stops Anandi and asks when she came here. Rani thinks she wants to get an answer from Anandi, she might know what happened between Suminda and Raaj’s mom. Anandi wonders why they would come in such ruins.
Sakshi comes from behind. Preiti was afraid of her. Rani says she feels she has met her before as well. She recognizes her as Sakshi. Sakshi cries and comes to hug Rani. Preiti wonders who this girl is, it seems Rani is trying to point to something. Sakshi brings Rani to Maa who was murmuring at Raaj to return. Sakshi says she is unwell, she cried hard and so did Raaj. Anandi and Preiti come inside and asks Rani who are they. Rani says they belong to her, she asks

for help to take them home. Anandi interrupts as she doesn’t know where they came from. Rani insists they need help. Anandi requests Rani to leave this place. Rani decides either she would stay here or will take them along. She decides she would do anything to take them.
Raaj’s friend Doshi wasn’t ready to help him with the papers. Raaj requests him, Doshi says if he copies Rani’s signatures they might prove before memory loss Rani signed these papers. Raaj tries to copy the signatures but fails. He hear some movement outside and sends Doshi away. Anandi had called the servants as Rani brought some ill and crazy people along. Anandi was worried why Rani brought such people here. Raaj comes there, Preiti says Rani thinks she might know these people and brought people from ruins here.
Inside, Rani and Sakshi placed cold cloth pieces over Maa’s forehead. Raaj was shocked as he comes in. Sakshi finds them staring at each other and rushes towards Raaj in excitement. She drags Raaj towards Maa and says their Maa isn’t fine. Raaj thinks Rani didn’t do justice. Raaj at once shout at Sakshi who she is, he questions who did Rani bring here. He tells Rani he know such people well. Sakshi cries hugging Rani. Raaj questions Anandi and Preiti how they allowed Rani to bring such people here. He says they would be responsible if something bad happens to Rani if she stays with crazy people. Sakshi cries that her brother reached. Rani thinks it’s his urge for revenge that he didn’t recognize his beloved sister. Raaj hurts himself in the room for pushing his sister away, and considers Rani the culprit. He thinks Rani remembers everything, then why she has hidden his secret. He spots Rani coming towards the room and settle the room, and sits with the book.
Raaj offers Rani a seat with him. He looks towards her. Rani asks why isn’t he saying anything, Raaj thinks she is creating some drama. Rani wonders if he is suspecting her. Rani says she is fine now, only a little head ache and asks to leave. Raaj thinks he has a number of ways to unveil Rani’s reality.
Rani wonders how her mother would react if she recognizes Maa and Sakshi. Raaj came behind and thinks his game would be all lost if she watches his mother and sister. He gets Suminda’s call who informs she won’t be able to return home tonight. Raaj tells Rani about Suminda’s message and thinks Rani remembers everything for sure.
At night, Raaj enters his mother’s room and comes to Sakshi. She was about to scream. Raaj forbids her to speak aloud, they would speak in a low voice. Sakshi cries that he made her cry. Raaj apologizes her. He tells Sakshi they are playing ‘thief-police’ game. Sakshi was excited.
Anandi discuss with Preiti that she is really afraid of the crazy girl. She goes to look for her, concerned about Rani’s safety. Raaj asks Sakshi if she liked this house, she replies its beautiful. Raaj tells Sakshi that Rani is the thief in this game. He calls himself as Police in the game, and forbids her call him brother else their trap would fail. If they catch the thief, this house would belong to them. Sakshi was excited about the game. Raaj takes her promise not to call him brother in front of anyone. Rani heard this from the window, then watches Anandi coming. She thinks if Anandi watches Raaj here, he would be finished. Rani poses to have a head ache. Anandi says she must take care of herself. Rani says she has been trying to remember everything since then, now her head aches badly.
Raaj thinks Rani has played a lot. She is hiding him from her family.

PRECAP: Suminda was shocked to see Raaj’s mother. Sakshi attacks Suminda clutching her neck.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Friends, reading this update and from what we are seeing in the western world, story looks like world’s apart. At the moment, Rajmata finally meets the two reincarnated souls and she clarifies their fated meeting with each other. Raja and Rani dances and sing to each other, they both look so loving and reminiscent of the University days…. If I wasn’t reading actual and current updates, I would think that the rest of the story onwards will be full of love, romance, getting justice for past Rani and Raja..but it’s a huge facade, how can a man turn from a loving person to a maniacal one, intent on revenge from the very woman he profess to love? Raju has a problem with Suminda, gurenteed….but why seek revenge from the one who is close to his heart? Why has the writers destroyed Raju’s character so close to the end of the serial, is baffling…. To top it all off…. Raju remembers his past life simultaneously with Rani….every detail exactly….from childhood to maturity, so what the heck is wrong with you writers? Seriously, you all have proven that hate is the consumer of your heart. Is it so difficult for you all to write about love and romance? Couldn’t you all give this couple some days to remember fondly instead of the vile and venom you take pride in? When we the viewers think that these new reincarnated souls will eventually find redemption and freedom, you all pit them together as enemies, isn’t Badiranima enough to deal with? Gosh….. We all loyal viewers have certainly wasted our time trying to put some sense into writers to at least give us something to smile about in the end… What a waste…..

    1. Hi Naz..hope u r doing fine…raj turns villian from hero due to extension..infact the writers are maniacs…don’t know when raju will repent for sins but we etretr fans are surely repenting on feeling happy for the extension…actually raja as don was way better than raju..he neither harmed naina nor dark rani ghost..but this raju is worst of all the etretr villians..i sometimes really wonder if he is KAAL reincarnated as RAJA was never so dark…

  2. Every passing episode is so painful to watch..raj is so negative..he is so desperate for revenge that he pushed his sister away..n he has so much vengeance for rani..rani pls win this game…ur true win will be to make him realise your love n leave him..show him u can live ur life without him..i just don’t mind if a positive parallel male lead is introduced at this point opposite you..i want to see raj burning in repentance for his sins n become desperate for your love..the wealth u give back to him should kill him in your memories..i don’t even mind if dies in the climax of this serial…bcos no matter how big a sinner ur mom is u r not responsible for it..so raj’s hatred towards u is unjustified..raj u vowed to burn rani but u will also burn infact much more than her…writers thanks a lot for making such a sadistic serial…true love story turned into hate story..u have generated hatred for raju in the minds of viewers..very bad…:(

    1. You are so correct, we viewers are surely repenting now for feeling happy for the extension. We never thought it would have turned out this way. I’m doing good Archana, and I believe that you are in the best of health. Haven’t been commenting much and you know why…. Sigh!!! Can’t wait to see the end of this serial and I never thought I’d say that, so you could imagine how I’m feeling….hell…..like how ALL of us are feeling. If it wasn’t for you Lakshmi and Priya, this forum would look barren…since most of us other viewers are in the western world, are also the ones who have been very vocal on this forum as well. We have all come a long way Archana, forming a beautiful friendship even though we’ve never met in person, all because of this serial and soon it will end but I’ll always remember my dear friends here. I’m going to continue to contribute whatever I can til the end, till we all bid adieu to a serial which had connected us and had brought many a blush, smile, frown, and tear to our eyes. Chat soon….

      1. Hey i m doing good too..do let me know if u ever visit mumbai…i know commenting here has been fun..but this fun was always mixed with the agony of a horrendous script…etretr should have ended with rani’s revenge from kaal and a happy raja-rani union…alas revenge never happened!!!iqbal, don-naina, brm-rani ghost were all simply WHITE NOISE with minimal relevance to main plot..n a plethora of characters went into oblivion..if dark rani ghost wasnt enough the extended season 3 turned our hero into an anti-hero..a heartless villian who tried to murder his eternal love not once but twice..if that wasnt enough he is planning to not only forge rani’s signatures but also kill her once signed property papers are ready…from etretr it has become ETJETR(EK THA JAANWAR EK THI RANI)..jaanwar meaning animal..i find it hard to digest acute atrocities in the name love and revenge..but alas our writers possess a regressive mentality…

  3. I love you Eisha Singh a lot .I
    Loooovvvveeeeeee you . Cutiepie ?????????

  4. Even if Raja turns out to be rich, his character in this season is such a hound … don’t know why I still bother to watch this serial … smdh
    Writers, it’s that time again ???
    shoulda brought back my Iqbal … sweet s.o.b. ?

  5. Hello Naz ,how are you my friend?Hope everything is fine with you and your dear kids there.Here we are fine and though somewhat busy,I am still making it a point to comment on ETRETR.As you said ,this forum has almost become barren ,thanks to the unprofessional attitude of the channel.Not to be left behind,the writers are doing everything possible to dishearten the remaining viewers.It is really unbelievable that the character of raja which was adored by all of us inspite of its many flaws ,has suddenly become barbaric and ruthless,a name that was once synonymous with Love is now unrecognisable.Why can’t the writers understand that the viewers hate to see too much violence that too from a lead character.We can only conclude that strange are the ways of some writers.Now the only thing I expect from our spirited Rani is to hit back hard and bring him down to his knees.She should n’t excuse him and meekly submit to him like a lovelorn teenager.Let us hope atleast this much from the writers.
    Naz,I have taken off from work to prepare pickles,yes the same mouth watering mango pickle .Come May,the hottest month,we in South India get busy for atleast a week depending on the varieties we want.Yesterday I made two varieties of mango pickles and today morning with lemons and gooseberries.It is really a tiresome job Naz,a drop of water anywhere ,the complete effort is wasted :the ingredients ,vessels ,storing jars ,everything should be bone dry,the reason why we select this month. Iwould love to send them to you friend ,but how to beat the distance?

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