Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The servant with the food had vanished. Gayatri wonders where he went and looks around. Rana ji comes there, he asks Savitri what she is doing here in this portion. She says she came to look for something. Rana ji asks what was she looking for? Savitri had no answer. Rajeshwari comes there, she says to Rana ji he never bears someone’s misbehavior and she has swore upon misbehaving with him only. She tells Rana ji to throw her out of the palace. Rana ji tells her to get out of the palace. Savitri asks where she will go if out of the palace, she joins hands and asks him to give her any punishment he wants to. She holds his feet saying she will die here else, she will do whatever he will ask for. Rana ji smiles and asks her to get up. He asks if she is able to bear any punishment, she can

do anything to stay in this palace. He removes the cloth from a trunk, and tells her to take this trunk out of the palace alone and bare footed. Rajeshwari says two muscled men can’t hold this trunk, how she will do it alone. Rana ji says she won’t be able to do this, so she must leave the palace. Gayatri looks into his eyes, Rana ji and Rajeshwari leave.
In the room, Swarna asks Lakhan why he came here. He says for his love, he loves her and knows there is love in her heart as well. She says he isn’t in her heart at all, she doesn’t even hate her. He holds her hand from leaving. He says atleast she must have the courage to end it, he hands her a knife and says if she doesn’t love him she must end his story by throwing it at him before he crosses the door of the room. Swrana throws the knife behind him, it goes to the wall. Lakhan stops at once, smiles and turns around to look at Swarna. He says her aim went wrong. Swarna says they are royal people and don’t attack at back. Lakhan says that is why she always hurt his heart. Laksh watched this from window.
In the corridor, Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that neither that lady will be able to hold the trunk nor will stay in the palace. They hear the trunk moving, Gayatri brought it dragging with chains on her shoulders. Savitri says from physical strength, inner strength is more important. Now he and his fake wife will witness her inner strength. She drags the trunk out of the palace. Rana ji come behind her, everyone else also gathers. Her feet bled as she walks out of the palace with the trunk. Rana ji was moved, Gayatri’s stamina gives up and she was about to faint. Her hands also bled holding the chains. She thinks about Rana ji and keeps on moving. Rajeshwari wonders what is she thinking about with closed eyes that she has got such inner strength. Rana ji stops and holds her just as she was about to fell down at the door of the palace. Both look at each other. Gayatri thinks this was the first victory of her love, her love made him cross this door; soon it will turn him into the old Rana ji. Rana ji takes the chains from Gayatri’s hand, wraps it around his own shoulder and drags the trunk out with her. She smiles while moving out now. Rajeshwari thinks today Rana ji crossed her drawn line because of Savitri, she didn’t do it right.
Lakhan bandaged Gayatri saying wars are won by fighting. She is giving her life, not fighting. Gayatri says her life could be lost, but Rana ji didn’t let her lose it. She could never know otherwise that there is still goodness in Rana ji.
There, Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji and says he could have let that maid die. Servants are the dust of feet. He has seen marrying a normal girl, what Gayatri had done to her. He is changing now. Rana ji holds her jaw tight, he says he always cut the sword or tongue both if it moves in front of him. He doesn’t need justify in front of her and leaves. Rajeshwari says she must do something about Savitri.
Lakhan asks Gayatri what she will do now. She says she is sure the servant was taking meal to Raaj mata. She will find her first.
Savitri brings tea for the servant saying he will spend whole of his life working. She says he is like her father, and tells him to go and wash his hands. She puts black polish on the underside of her slippers. She thinks now his slippers will leave the marks and she will get to Raaj mata. She hears her mother calling Rana ji. She cheers and goes out. Maa was calling Rana ji from behind the bars of guards. Rana ji comes and asks what drama is happening here. Maa asks how is there so much peace in this palace. Maa says two months and her Gayatri is nowhere to be found. Rana ji asks what he should do. Maa holds Rana ji’s collars, she says Gayatri is his responsibility. Rana ji says she was his responsibility until she tried to take his life, now he doesn’t care whether she lives or not. Maa says he had married her daughter. Rana ji says it was his mistake, the biggest of his life. Maa joins her hands to him, he says he doesn’t care for Gayatri or her family. Before he punish her for Gayatri’s sins she must leave and jerks her away. Gayatri speaks what he is doing? Rajeshwari asks why she wants to save her? Gayatri says she is her mother…. Then stops at once realizing.

PRECAP: Bari Rani maa comes to the store room. Gayatri watches her open a door to basement and get down there. Gayatri looks at the hidden way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope she follow the old hag n find raj mata

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    We is this ting ending??? No offence to actors…

  3. some one needs to take a piece of wood and lash ranaji on his head n see how he will regain his full memory n never knew a piece of magnet can do so much wonders

  4. I’m sorry but why would you want this serial to end because you don’t like it – just don’t watch it! It’s better than most of the other serials on ZEE (yes I do hate some of the story lines in ETR2 but I simply stop watching when I don’t like it).
    Yes, would have been better to show Gaytri differently and not as a maid but obviously the writer has a fixation on maids! And the story line will have to change soon as I’m sure BRM’s character is irritating a lot of people now.
    The writer missed a golden opportunity to use Gaytri’s character as someone better than a maid but I understand the story changes according to the viewers/trp/writer’s own mind.
    so, maybe Savitri will get kicked out and then Gaytri will come back as a much different/powerful character – who knows?

  5. Bilkis is right this show has a lot of abuses and no scent at all yes I don’t watch it any more only read people comment shame on him to playing stupid caractor???

  6. Thank you Zee TV…..for helping me stop wasting my time, watching senseless, boring, bakwas serials…I used to watch a couple of good ones which started off so well but lost their way midway and now go nowhere…I kept on watching hoping they would improve, but……………..

  7. More than enjoying the serial these days I love reading the comments. I appreciate the feed back and agree with most of the comments, yet I feel people should maintain some class with the language that they use.

  8. Gayatri’s bronze look though. ..kiikiii

  9. I dont know about other’s but ranfomly today i watched it and i found it so interesting I liked this serail esp rani raja pairing. Its predictable that ranaji will fall in love with this maid …… or maybe she’ll take revenge n den win rana ji heart…. i watch it on another channel where saurakshna track episodes r going on in which rana n rani were in love so those eps were so good n now dis story line its v wierd n irritating but still rani raja lovestory n how he stopped rani from carrying the treasure box ahead was so sweet saawaryaaaw

  10. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    This show is loosing many fans but now it started gaining fans becoz drashti look gained interest of many fans. After Madhubala show there was long break nearly 11months waited to see drashti back. From 40epi to 75 epi this show was liked by all but when brm, avdesh especially reageshwari backwas entered this show last fans but now writes woken up but still how he remember all scenes and he forgot how he told Gayatri to act and rageshwari backwas I hate her pls end his track soon and show some scenes of raga

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