Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The goons come to inform Iqbal about someone rescuing Raja. Iqbal slaps the goon. Rani challenges, no matter she lives her Raja would not die and this is a challenge. Iqbal accepts the challenge, he would do anything to kill Raja. He shoots the goon, then drags Raaj Mata and Rani inside.
Raja wakes up on a bed and looks around. He looks towards the photo of his rescuer hanging on the wall, then comes out of the bed. Outside, the men inform their master about police surveillance around. He instructs his men to be afraid of the culprit, and not the police. Raja comes outside, and questions who they are, and where is he. The goons point gun towards Raja, warning he is speaking to biggest don Bakhtawar Sheikh (BS). BS stops his men from misbehaving. Raja wonders why he saved, he should

have let him live. BS takes Raja aside towards swimming pool, he shares his son was killed ten years ago. He held himself neat and clean but his body was thrown in waste box. He didn’t want to die, but was killed but Raja doesn’t want to live, but was saved. There must be some reason why he was let to live, if he has tears in his eyes there is a heat ache. Raja insists there is nothing left for him, there must be some destination for Raja somewhere. BS complains Raja for not even thanking him, but he must pay for his debts. Raja asks what he wants. BS takes him inside.
Raaj Mata and Rani had been tied. Iqbal comes into the store, wipes Rani’s tears and instructs her to save these tears until he shoots Raja in front of her. Rani thanks Iqbal for bringing her courage back by informing Raja is safe. Iqbal was sure he will get Raja dead soon. Raaj Mata reminds Rani she is daughter of Rana Indravadhan and Rani Gayatri, and wife of Rajveer Singh; she can’t lose courage. Iqbal drags Rani along.
BS watches the sea through binocular. BS asks Raja to run towards them and get caught by them as an outsider. Raja wonders if he is putting his life endangered. BS hands Raja a gun, and assures he will also take aim of them. BS then hands Raja a note, the men on boat will match the serial number on it and hand Raja some money, else would shoot him. Raja takes the challenge.
Iqbal was driving Rani in the car, Rano boasts that story of Raja and Rani will never end no matter they themselves die. Raja walks towards the men, with gun in one hand and a bag in another. He loads his gun, and counts the diamonds in his hands. The boat man tells him to run for his life, as he has never been a culprit. The navy personnel’s came out to attack over the pirates. Raja saves himself from the midst of bullets, attacking the men. Iqbal stops the car, watching Raja counter the navy men. BS watched them through the binoculars. One of them came confronting Raja. Raja looks up and speaks to sky, he is being saved each time by God. He will keep on playing with death, and if God truly has a reason to kill him he will lose his game. Both Raja and confronter pull the trigger, but guns were empty. Raja wins over him in wrestling as well. BS thinks death seems to be his lover, will be disloyal. Raja loads the gun again. Rani calls Raja, Iqbal holds her on gun pointing boasting his death has been written through Iqbal’s hands. Rani tries to untie her hands, and pulls the steering, making the car lose its balance. Raja points the gun over his forehead.

PRECAP: Rani’s car undergoes an accident, in which Iqbal is badly injured.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Will wait until I see this episode later tonight before commenting further but I must say I really love seeing Raja/Sartaj in action scenes. He looks really good doing them. I shall contain myself until later….lol

  2. Darn…this happened again. It’s me Jess. There was a typo in my ID and I got a blue profile design than my green. I was saying I will wait until tonight to see the episode before commenting further. But I really love seeing raja/Sartaj in action scenes. He looks so good doing them. Can’t wait to see his new look.

  3. I had a chance to look at it online. Raja was totally awesome in this action role. When he took the briefcase and walked off with it, I was like “you are so cool for this!” I can’t wait to see him and his makeover. And yet, I feel his pain at him. remembering what his wife whom he loves so dearly did to him. My poor darling Raja! But he rocked in this scene. Iqbal is surely a charmer. When you look at him he does pull you into him, doesn’t he? Especially with his baritone voice. I love, love his baritone voice. I watched him closely and he can really act: expressions and all. He surely is a terrific actor and although his stint is coming to an end in this show, he was awesome from the little I’ve seen. But I know him and the actor is an excellent actor. I wish him all the best and hope to see him in a new role as the main lead as he did previously, especially as he was Rudra in a previous serial. And I also feel sorry for Rani. I hope that somehow she comes back as the show is about “ek tha raja ek thi rani” ( a king and a queen). You can have the king without his queen. So any new female in this serial, hope she knows – and never gets Raja- because there is a queen already for him. The new female is not that queen. It was a espiode of new things but it was hurtful and sad at the same time. What will become of Rani and Raja Mata? But yes…I am looking forward to,more scenes with raja. He is so awesome in these actions, Don scenes. I support this because whilst the love story is important in these serials for the romantics like me, I like good acting and I like to see actors getting a chance to show their stuff in myriad roles. Raja is so so good at the romantic scenes and aggressor and lover and all. Excellent is he!!! I know he can do far more and yes, a don role with action scenes, cat-and-mouse/police-and-thief chasing scenes, gun fight, car chasing scenes, international Don and the flair such a role brings, will give us a chance to see Sartaj in his different forms. I’m happy for him. I’m eagerly looking forward to this and seeing more of his acting skills.

    1. Meant to say “you can’t have a king without his queen”

  4. Too late now for rajmata to remind Rani whose daughter she is…. According to the wishes of Rani Gayatri, her daughter would be fearless like her and avenge the death of her father and subsequently ,her mother too. Well…Rajmata became delusional or so people thought, and Rani’s intended degree in swordsmanship ended abruptly and her academic aspirations became the logical to pursue,post independence. So it’s irrelevant now to invoke her parents name now in the mess, wouldn’t be hepfull… I really didn’t think Rani would die through an accident, but say what……the story has lost some of its consistency so anything is possible in soap land. I think that BS is testing Raja for brain and brawn and loyalty….perhaps.!! That’s why he gave him the job at hand. BS did tell Raja that he has lost his son so he could be thinking of grooming Raja to hold the reins but that was quick though considering they only now met. Maybe Iqbal could die by BS gun so in that way Raja would not be Iqbal ‘s murderer…just thinking out aloud!! I’ll comment some more after I see Raja in this moment of madness, I need to see Sartaj do this action scene………just as need to see him get a haircut.

    1. Very good observation

  5. Sapphire, your last comment on Friday’s episode was accurate to the max……even i couldn’t be so precise…every line is true. I’ve only seen Abhi strum his guitar and his purported concert was hijacked by Tanu, Aliya and loser Nikhil. Everytime I saw the old Nikhil., I felt like slapping my TV screen, that’s how insane kkb made me. I didn’t want to post this comment on kkb’so page because I will have to pass thorough tight security there….31…..yes 31 fan fiction stories to get to the update. I checked 31 on Saturday. I will get gray hairs from that serial, I tell you. So…..I did enjoy your last comment….thanks for saying it as it surely is. Sorry friends, for commenting on another serial on this forum….had no choice left.

  6. that is alright Naz even i wanted to vent my anger

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