Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri was thinking about Raaj Mata’s words as she got ready in the morning. She wipes her tears, worried.
Cheetah was lying on his bed, Laksh comes there. Cheetah says Swarna isn’t here, Laksh says he has come to meet him. He tells Cheetah to get his clothes ready for Rana ji and Avdesh’s fight. Laksh looks around to find if someone was there to do this. Laksh says he is the servant of his wife, so his servant as well. He says a royal servants misbehaves so much, but the mistake is also not his but Swarna’s and she will get the punishment. Cheetah says alright, he will get his clothes ready. Laksh keeps a foot on the table saying his shoes are dusty. He wants Cheetah to clean them with his tongue, else he will beat Swarna with hunter. Cheetah was about to touch the shoes,

Laksh jerks his foot away and tells Cheetah never to forget his place in the palace. Cheetah says if the fight was with him only, he would have cleaned Laksh as well along with his shoe.
Avdesh was ready for the fight. In the palace hall, people hooted in favor of Rana ji as he arrives.
Gayatri prays with a candle in hand, she asks Durga Goddess to keep her husband safe. Avdesh throws three flags that gets at the same place flowing around the hall. He enters in the palace.
A maid informs Gayatri that the fight is beginning. Gayatri prays for Rana ji’s safety. He shouts at the people of Amirkot to see what will happen to their fate today. Rana ji says calmly, that fights are won only by action and not by words. He calls for dart. The maid informs Gayatri Rana ji is fighting with a dart and not his inherited sword. Gayatri says she knew Avdesh will work up some plan. There was a fighting confrontation. Rana ji was hurt at the arm and the back. Raaj Mata watches Gayatri standing behind her, Raaj Mata says that this is the ritual that a Rajputani doesn’t go to fights. Gayatri says she has promised to live and die with Rana ji, she won’t die in gulping poison but will become a shield of her husband. She asks Raaj mata to let her go, Raaj Mata nods. Gayatri runs down the stairs shouting Rana ji’s name. Avdesh looked at her for a while, Rana ji gets a chance to get hold of the fight. Gayatri asks Rana ji not to kill him. Rana ji backs up, he says that he has now won the fight and doesn’t want to colour his hands with Avdesh’s blood. Avdesh must go away from Amirkot, this is the order of Amirkot’s Rana Indravadhan. Avdesh throws the dart again, that passes Rana ji’s shoulder. Avdesh says he could have directly hit Rana ji, but he has given Rana ji his life as a thankfulness gift. Rana ji asks what is the reason. Avdesh says Rana ji has won over Avdesh today but gifting his life from him. He accepts his defeat, and says he wants to gift something to him, will he accept it. Rana ji says he has accepted his defeat like a true fighter, he will accept for sure. Avdesh wants to be a friend with Rana ji. Raaj Mata wonders what is the real face of this man. Rana ji accepts the gift and shakes hand with him then hugs him. Gayatri notices Avdesh’s stare at her face. Avdesh takes his flag and leaves. Rana ji goes inside before Gayatri could keep a hand on his shoulder.

PRECAP: Avdesh says to Rana ji that he has a family, a mother to pray, a wife to sacrifice. When he saw the fire in her eyes, he knew he couldn’t win over any fight by just defeating Rana ji. He says he has no family. Rana ji keeps a hand on his shoulder and says he can’t give him any family, but can ask him to spend sometime with his family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode, these writers know how to get us hooked. I wonder what’s Avdesh’s next move.
    Waiting for Shals to dish some dirt now!

  2. Wow Gayathri, Ranaji and Rajmata rocks. I really want Ranaji to expose and defeat that Avdesh as soon as possible. I thought Laksh changed but he is still the same. I also like Suwarna and Cheetah/Lakhan’s bond.
    Looks like after the serial is updated, the comments of shals is most awaited. 😛

  3. how long did it take kokilla to take a sh*t in the toilet? -9 months? and out she came with a piece of shht like lashk wowah a royal family that marrys homeless men and sh*ts kids out like rana ji them all. what did I say? gayatri cheated. they all cheats. at least avdesh has a sense of compassion. cheetah I suggest you don’t bend infront of that guy lashk, even though he makes you work like that cause he likes to see you bend. invest in a iron-panty my man, or install an alarm system my man before you fall asleep so comfortably in swarnas room.

  4. I enjoyed today’s episode, hope Ranaji knows he is embracing his enemy! I am appalled to see that Ranaji doesn’t trust his wife, whom he profess his love to…I knit a Raja us jot suppose to be all mellow and mushy, but at times we the viewers need to see the good and bad sides of a Ruler…hmmm….Ranaji need to show more emotions…I can see it in thus new entry..Avdesh…the moment he looked at Gaytri its like he had so much emotions pouring…it was mesmerizing…nevertheless…I wish this serial all the best in reaching ep..100, looking forward to more twist and a bit of romance too…

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Shals hi the entartainer is back…lol….exactly wat do u say…haha..ranaji eish man y u walk away frm ur RaniGaytri n yes make himtougher he hugs a unknown avashe or watevet his name…true instead of showing sum good romance they keep putting hurdles….

  6. oh …I am flattered the anticipation blind people have to hear me out… can you see my blushing? my cheeks are red like the trail of blood that follows this royal forsaken family of rajputs. if cheetah is really swarnas well wisher-cheat! a cheetah that can’t cheat lol. blackmail lashk them all that you will tell rana ji(for what his worth) all about swarna suffering huh? for her sake. and if rana ji really loves gayatri if you love her you will let her go, a better life awaits her away from a palace of murderers.

    1. i think you are a great fan of cheetha and swarna shals

  7. In which angle is Avedesh cuter than Ranaji I think you need spectacles Shals. I always suspected you have a very distorted view of the world but I guess you are entitled to your opinion. I am saying this again Comedy is really your thing you even have some of the viewers waiting to read your comments that really says a lot . I Leena :)officially coronate Shals the Comedian / Egregious/ Impertinent Queen of this Site. LOL

    1. I also agree with u leena. But I like the eyes of Avdesh a lot , that’s the only thing I like about him 😛

  8. excuse me missis leena, avdesh has a more manly voice more manly sharper features, nice tiger eyes, bravery to face it all alone with no support like your rana ji that has terrible skin. and his teeth is terrible as well.

  9. Good going shAls

  10. Ha ha ha my ranaji as you call him is all natural no tiger eye contact lenses does have gorgeous sharp features has the cutest smile most importantly of all is tall and by the way is brave as the duel is just between the two of them lol

  11. I think it’s a bad idea for afresh to spend sometime at ran a ji he will want to separate gaitri and ran a ji

  12. Oh i almost forgot the most important thing he has charisma

  13. Yes now he wants gayatri.. Tat s his wish… He s trying to come to palace to lure her… Leena… rana ji s way way better than avdesh… There s no point discussing it too… Anyway rana ji s angry with gayatri I think… I lik their cute fights

  14. Me to Rids love their cute fights it is so Adorable . Still my best serial by far no Character is overlooked it just did not stop there by Yashoyda being murdered and forgotten the writers made sure that there was some conclusion to her death and a follow up that . Glad the writers take the viewers into account when writing as we are very much part of the whole show unlike KKB the writers really think the viewers are stupid together with that whole serial so sad.

    1. Ya, Etr2, is also my fav zee tv show. I wonder how Kumkum Bhagya comes no. 1, only dragging, dragging and dragging unlike Etr2 who tries to add different twists.

    2. Arey tat kkb ask them to simply stopvtat serial. No one vil miss it also

  15. OMG change the name of serial as this is more life story of conspirators rather than a love story of King and Queen. Every alternate week a evil character is shown and it’s predictable that at the end what’s going to happen. Nothing new think something innovative…?

  16. Ranaji is just afool he told avdesh to stay at the place let’s see his next plan

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