Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani gets herself freed from Raja who goes to pour water for himself where he finds medicine for sleep. She recalls about mixing them in water, in hope for Raja to wear them. Raja’s head bang badly. There Jeewan searched for a wooden log but before that Raja had already fallen over floor. Jeewan appreciates Rani for doing whatever she did, he drags her out as she came to take her. Raja’s vision blurred, but he watches Rani go hand in hand with Jeewan. Rani walks out thinking about Raja’s words. She fell in the way crying. Jeewan gives his hand to Rani, she holds it then withdraws her hand. She tells Jeewan she can’t leave. Jeewan was stunned, Rani says she has to stay for Raja. She mixed sleeping pills in his wine, she can’t leave him again. She can’t repeat her mistake to betray

Raja and walks inside. Jeewan was helpless. Rani looks around for Raja as he was nowhere. Jeewan shouts at her to protect herself from wild animals, she is going to save the person who was about to take her life a while ago. Rani announces she can’t leave Raja, he is hers and needs her. They need each other. Jeewan asks why she can’t stay without him, Rani replies she love him; Jeewan was speechless. Rani cries getting on floor, that she loves Raja a lot. Jeewan kneels besides her saying Raja is fond of playing with people’s emotions. He doesn’t know what Raja told her, but he only know how to give trouble to people. Rani accepts Raja turned to Rajveer only because of Jeewan’s lie and her silence. If they had bear it all, they would have become his alike. Jeewan qualifies Raja is well aware he must chain her by her heart and mind to enslave her forever. Rani withdraws from Jeewan’s grip, she insists she only belong to Raja no matter what. Jeewan was sure the day Raja’s real face comes to her, she will hate him. Rani leaves towards Raja as he needs her. Tear fell down Jeewan’s eyes.
Raja walks back to his room, Amrita was worried for him and calls Kaal and Bari Rani Maa for help. Raja takes a bottle of wine from his cup board, thinking about Rani and Jeewan together. He takes the papers from his cupboard that Rani pasted around his room for exam preparation; their childhood mask, the cloth piece tied around his chest injury and clutch it all; curtly saying she left him.
Amrita comes downstairs to ask the servant about Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. No one was home, Amrita things about doing something. Raja throw the wine on floor, thinking about Rani’s love confession for him. Amrita comes calling Raja in his room. Raja burns a match stick saying today he has to burn her memories like she has always burnt his heart. Amrita comes to watch this, and calls Raja in concern. Rani comes from behind. Raja thinks she got very late. Rani joins her hands apologizing, Rani looks around for a way to get him out, then says she won’t leave his side for once again. If he has to burn, she will also burn with him. She forwards her hand for him to hold. Amrita urges Raja to come out of this fire, Raja watches the fire reaching Rani. He was about to hold her hand when Jeewan comes to save Rani. Rani resist Jeewan, crying that Raja will burn. Jeewan drags Rani behind. Amrita swears Raja to come out, Raja vows to come back only in a condition that Rani leaves. He turns to tell Rani go away, else he will burn in the same fire. Jeewan holds Rani behind and insists on Rani to understand it’s his trap. Amrita asks Jeewan to take Rani away and calls the servants to get water buckets. The fire was put off.
Jeewan put on medicine over Rani’s burnt hand. Rani tells him Jeewan is hurt because he thought she betrayed him again, she won’t leave him this time. Jeewan’s hand was also burnt, he holds Rani’s arm asking her not to go to him as Raja isn’t in his senses. Rani cries hard for him, Jeewan was silent all along. Rani lay her head over Jeewan while crying, his hand trembled as he holds it to put it around Rani, tears fell off his eyes.

PRECAP: Raja asks Rani to go away. Rani was sure to erase all the reasons of distances between them. If he is Raja, she is also Rani who never accept a defeat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wish raja and rani are together after some time.

  2. The Scence Was Gr8..Both Raja N Jeevs Was Awsome And True At Their Own Place!! Loved Both..The Epsiode Was Full Of Drama,love,betray,confident! Just Nailed It!! Both Raja N Jeevs Rocked..

    1. Myra yesterday day u asked me missing episode detail(raja asked not to kill) here 2nd may 2016 written update in telly updates.

      1. Oh Yeah! Thankx Alot Ks..Thats Urs Goodness 🙂

  3. Today episode is ,sad, beautiful..sad is jeews crying for rani?? and beautiful is jeewsrani together scene when rani lay her head over jeewan for support to reduce her pain ???? awesome..?

    1. Yeah Ks..That Scene Was Awsome!! But Ks It Is Very Sad News That Jeevsrani May Not B In Lead.. I Think Rajarani Be In Lead Coz In Upcoming Epsiode Lots Of Rajarani Tashan N Romance Will B There..N Soon Rani Will Realise That She Cant Live Without Raja N She Will B Shown Singing To Change N Cool Down Raja,s Anger Into Happiness.. But I Will Always Jeewan Hope Any Other Girl Would Come To Jeewan So That We Jeevs Lovers Can Enjoy The Jeevs Story!!

  4. East or west jeeves is the best and Raja is the worst.

    1. Very nice and superb ???

  5. uff…loved it…full of emotions.. misunderstandings…but remember, twist wala love…awww Raja…u r amazing cute beautiful sweet outstanding nice handsome and Awesome?????????
    lods of lve 4 uh…

  6. Thats it I’m out, go Rani let Raja abuse you more. You are surely not the blood of ranaji and gayethri. Hopefully this program comes to an end soon.

    1. Yes kalika rani is big fool.and if raja rani together trp will go down..after this much physical torture on girl viewers will not accept this pair.

    2. Jada

      ???? exactly

  7. Rani is suprb….. The trio rocked today with their mind blowing emotional episode. …. Suprbb!!!

  8. The writers have strayed completely from the story
    I thought Gayatri’s daughter Rani would have found out by now who she really is, and start her revenge. I was loving the royal plot before, but now it is just a stupid college love story about this psychologically scarred Raja, and idiotic Rani who is playing a weak character, and a sweet Jeewan (but do not know how he ever fell in love with Rani so badly since there weren’t any such bond between him and Rani for him to fall in love)

    1. Jada

      Ikr I miss the old plot with the original characters… This is not how the show should be

    2. Eisha Singh cannot play a strong fierce character which is what Rani needs to be. If we want a strong Rani Eisha needs to go

  9. That’s it I’m done with rani’s emotion…her stupid decision. …..Ok Rajarani fan enjoy……haahaa……I like my jewaan. ….

  10. How can a a man have two faces…on one side raja says that he hates rani and on other side he shows care for here. Serial is a such a time wastage because u dont know that when will the character say that he is not what he is showing…….jeevan is quite caring and rani shd be his only …..serial is indirectly or directly encouraging phy torture on girls nd the foolish thing is that the girl who is being tortured loves the man who is torturing here…big go to hell mahn

    1. Yes shanaya ..u r correct ?

  11. Good episode. From the first day they introduced rani, raja and Jeeves in this show, i knew there will be a love triangle btw the three of them. But i think the writers will pair rani and raja

  12. Raja rocked.Sartaj did a great job, his acting is simply fab,specially the fire part. Eisha,Sartaj and Zaan did great work.I could feel the emotions of raja rani and jeevs.three cheers for all three

  13. Jeeves was awesome!! Loved it when rani layed her head on him!!

    1. Yes lexy.. awesome ??

  14. Wow…some of these comments are astonishing. Although I know it’s just a story, I’m really astonished at these reactions as it tells a lot about the world in which we live. We judge according to our beliefs. And from what I’m reading, this world is more unforgiving and fallen souls are never given second chances. Thank the good Lord He gives us second chances even when we mess up in our lives and sin. We live in a fallen world where compassion is greatly missing. I’m happy that I was taught to “love your enemies. Do good to those who hurt you. Pray for those persecute you. Do not repay evil for evil, but repay evil with good.” If the good Lord gives us chances to become better and does not exclude us from His love, then should we extend the same to others? That’s why I can connect with the character of Raja. He allows us to be learn what it means to be human again by how we treat others even when they mess up.

    1. Well said yaar.Not justifying mistakes of a fictional character still what you said is correct.

    2. Jess are you an abusive moron who expects people to constantly forgive you for being dumb or do you want an abusive moron so you can be a forgiving battered wife – you are one of the reasons some women will always stay beneath men. You are a backward foolish girl.

      1. Hello Kalika nice of you to respond. I’m not anything as you say. And I’m not one of those reasons why women will always be beaneath men. Abuse works both ways and society only reports those inflicted on women. I know of many cases where men have been abused by their wives or girlfriends, but stayed quiet. Women cheat on their husbands just as much as husbands cheat on wives. Women curse their male partners and insult them and emasculate them just as much. All such things from either gender is bad. I concur. But I have different views and different approaches of dealing with it. I know of a story where a husband slapped his wife hard twice. She reported it to the cops and the man was arrested and society condemn him as an abuser. So there is the emotional women are underneath men and subject to terrible treatment. His reaction was wrong, but I Understood him and sought to help him ?without condemning him. Do you know why? He said his wife constantly curses him with nasty, vulgar words about his mother and that he should do vulgar things with her. Can you imagine a woman telling a man, a son something like that about his mother? Another woman. This wife has no respect for her fellow women. So when the husband responded in a wrong way, he was condemned. Circumstances regarding gender must be dealt with fairly on both sides. I’m not a one sided person who picks up for others solely on the grounds that I’m a female or educated or of a certain nationality,etc. I prefer fairness being applied and every circumstance judge on its own. So what characters like Raja did something bad. They can change without the condemnation, remember: it’s not how you start life but how you finish.

      2. And another thing Kalika. Your condemnation does terrible things to humans as condemnation works both ways. I know of a young lady who worked in a red light district as a pr*stitute. When given a chance to start a new and decent life, she expressed fear. What fear? She is scared that people like you and others would condemn them for their past. The young woman asked plainly if society will let her live in peace or will they constantly call her pr*stitute and remind her constantly of her bad past? The answer Kalika is obvious as you proved it. Society will not let her live in peace and will constantly condemned. You guys are showing it here with your condemnation. So fear scared her from pursuing a good life because of People and their condemnation of their past action. So since you refer to me as a nut for my stance, them I’m a proud nut. ??. Because I am not condemning. Now I have a different stance on many criminal actions and evil commit against mankind, but I know when to exercise wisdom and mercy.

  15. If rani leaves then raja will realize how much he loves her n Jeeves is in love with her also

  16. For those who bash and attack the character of Raja I leave these words with you:
    “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me
    I once was lost but now I’m found
    Was blind but now I see.”
    If only you guys knew the past of the man who wrote it and what he went on to become because he was changed.

    1. Oh Lord you’re one of those christian nut jobs that believe everything will be forgiven…. explains a lot

      1. My friend Kalika, we gave you Mother Teresa who lived by such principles. I guess she’s just as nuts as I? I’m in good company. So I’m good. What say you? ?????

      2. And besides, I do look forward to your comments about the change that bad people underwent to become good world changers. Since forgiving others seems to be a sin. ??. There must be something to that don’t you think?

  17. Nice episode..if jeevs turns negative..i will stop watching this show…plz dont make jeevs as negative…i like zhan very much…

    1. Yes manu..i hope jeews will not turn negative,if it’s happen they will lost most of viewers..jeews should be hero ??

  18. According to some of the viewers, they think Rani should have known about her history from day one. Then the serial would end in no time, is that all that make up a story? Relationships, family life etc.,has to be woven into the story to give it meaning. As these young characters try to find themselves, they are forming bonds with each other . I’m happy that the writers are putting real human issues into this serial, if they start writing illogical plots , we won’t be happy. In real life, it’s the conflicts, trials and tribulations that we encounter , that helps shape the person that we eventually become. So, Raja is scarred by betrayal and it takes time to heal, to trust someone, to believe in them, to stand by them. These trying times between the two, will bring them very close to each other and will set the stage for the relationship to be tested when Rani finds out her ties to that palace, who her parents were, how they were murdered, then she’s gonna remember when her dadu was telling her stories that she lived in a palace, it was all true. I just hope that Rani don’t punish Raja, for his father’s mistakes. Great acting sartaj, zaan and eisha,. Sartaj has the most compelling facial expressions ,WOW! Hi there, Jess. How are you? Glad to read your comments…as usual.

  19. Thank you Sona, for the update, we all are grateful for your service, I’m sure the others feel so as well.

    1. Hello Naz. I find your comments interesting too. I love what you wrote here. Very thought provoking. I mean, fictional stories aside as you say, the issues ought to make us think. They are deep. In schools where there is severe bullying going on, governments are now stepping in to curb it because of the psychological damage it does to a child growing into adulthood. Different people react differently. Kids have actually committed suicide in reality because of this and viewers ought to understand that and why the character of Raja was perhaps developed with this dark shade for a while, as bitter as he is. Additionally, persons are missing another issue. Sure Rani dad or uncle ( whoever he is) told her not to say anything in the palace for safety reason. But he never said don’t speak at all. I’m guessing he meant not to say anything to divulge info about herself. Bonhoeffer who was martyred for standing up against Nazism said “not to speak is to speak.” So Rani knowing the truth about the beating incident and not speaking the truth about it that could have saved a child, was indeed responsible for a decade of bullying and psychological damage to that child. It’s a horrible thing to suppress or refuse to speak out the truth. There are consequences to it. So yes, it’s about time the writers make the character of Rani to have some contrition for her failure to speak the truth when it was critical. It’s time to stop the gender excuse and start looking rationally at the issues. We often look at the outcome but not the cause and great damage can come from the seamless things. So I’m happy to see today’s espiside with Raja’s realization that he can be healed and become a loving and considerate person ( it takes time to heal folks), and Rani having contrition for failing to speak the truth, a failure on her part that engendered terrible consequences. I like to look at things very differently. ? That’s what makes watching interesting for me. I just can’t look at a film or serial and jump like an empty head and all emotional over it. I like to be deep and rational. So Naz, I did value your comments tonight. That was insightful.

  20. i find viewers analyst more thn shows analyst??
    i mean,it’s very much simple that Raja is the lead nd jeevs is for Bindu?
    if Raja were too much good as jeevs thn whts the story..Lol ??
    for the first tym m seeing these kinds of analysts in telly updates!!??
    they do comments regarding others choice, taunting oppositions choice?

    1. Yes nadira..I’m also seeing over analyst in this page for sphyco character.it’s their wish.but its look like over involve..every one have their choices to support..all will not like same.it’s not mean they are low knowledge r high knowledge.it’s just entertainment.

  21. By the way all the actors did well in their acting. Especially Sartaj Gill. He has to bring the most intensity and he does it so well. Excellent Sartaj. Brilliant acting. Excellent expressions. And putting the story aside for a tiny bit, I just love Raja’s bedroom. Anyone notice it?? It’s so gorgeous and attractive. I was blown away by its regal elegance. Excellent work by the decorators and set production team. I am going to copy the design. ??

  22. hi everyone can somebody plz tell why badi rani & kaal hates raja?

  23. Hmmmmm…. I wonder, why do viewers look at some serials and complain that scripts are crappy and are frustrated that the stories just is plain foolish and their blood pressure goes up? The serials with the most comments are the ones where viewers complain and bash and chastise the writers for writing nonsense. Anyway, I did think that when Raja was confessing to Rani about his bullying, it was the opportune moment to come clean on her side about that misunderstanding but she didn’t and I was surprised at the writers for this, it was the right time for Rani to clear it up. Sigh! So you are correct there Jess. That last paragraph you wrote, says volumes. I also think so.

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