Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj Mata was doing aarti for Rani while she was ready to leave, and people shouted slogans in her favor. The girl in veil peeked from behind the bushes, Raja notices her presence there but Rani was in a hurry to leave. Rani at once drops her files, Raja holds them one in his hand, the other in hers. At the oath ceremony, the chief guest announces happily about a female being appointed as MNA this time. Rani comes on the stage to make the speech, she opens the file to read it but was shocked, and the chief guest comes to read the poetry Raja had written for Rani. He announces that today they can witness, there is a man behind a successful woman. Everyone claps for Raja. Rani takes the oath.
Later, Rani comes to palace under the shower of flowers. The lady in veil was walking towards

the palace when the goons finally caught her. At night, Rani was upset that Jeewan and Meenu both won’t be in the party. Raja drags her on a side, holding her closely. He tells Rani, no one will be there for party; except Raja and Rani. Rani asks where they have gone, Raja complains he is romancing with her and she is concerned. He then says Ambika and Dadu have gone out of town, and servants are on leave. They hold each other closely. He carries Rani to a decorated jumping bed. They play with each other, eating fruits while they lay there.
They girl enters the palace from back gate. Raja had just carried Rani to bed when the girl comes crying, and demands them to save her. She faints out of fear. Raja and Rani get her treated, she wakes up. Rani assures she is safe here and asks her who they were; then asks for her name. The girl stays silent for a while, then says Shilpa. The goons had entered the palace by then and called her out. Raja and Rani come to the hall, Raja shouts how dare they entered the palace. The goon demanded them to send Sakina back, else… Raja asks what he would do. He deters Raja to send her back to her, else there would be strike in the city. This city belongs to them as well, and leave.
In the room, Sakina joins hands to Rani saying she wouldn’t have let her live here had she told her name. Rani says her religion isn’t greater than the trouble she is in, then calms Sakina down. In the corridor, Rani was worried and suggests about going to meet them. Raja says its police job, he would call the police station in the morning.
At night, Rani lay in the bed thinking about Sakina. She comes to her room, Sakina opens the door.
In the mosque, the goons were waiting for Sakina. They were determined to do strike until they hand Sakina back to them. A man arrive at the mosque, they all greet him respectfully. He goes straight for ablution. Rani drove in the car towards the mosque. The man prayed alone. His men says it seems she won’t return but only then Rani’s car stops by. She points her finger and says she has taken an oath to protect rights of all the citizens; Sakina has a right to stay away from them upon her wish. The man says Sakina is a lady, she would only do what men want. Rani replies that a woman is not a slave but a companion, what if she was their sister or mother. The man, praying behind comes to confront Rani that they must have uprooted her.

PRECAP: Sakina was ready to leave the palace, as everyone was endangered. A bottle bomb was thrown at the entrance then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ok….I will keep on watching …cautiously to see how this new twists develop in fairness to the writers

    1. The new character I told you about, well it’s reported that his role will neither be good nor bad…..whatever that means……he’s the new antagonist replacing badiranima. He will become obsessed at some point with Rani, after which his character will turn dark. It’s also said he wouldn’t be for too long in the serial, however long, the writers will decide I guess!!!

  2. Maryam (etretr forever)

    lovly………iqbal kahn super duper but what the hell raja rani romance is intrupting irritatingly regurarly………..uffffffffffffff hese writers sometime its totally irritating like today ………..

    1. Maryam (etretr forever)

      *these writers…..

  3. The log hag is gone n now Salina Wat her intention with rani

  4. OMG … he is a hunk !!! I love it !!!

    1. but rani toh iqbal khan ki daughter lagti hai,

      1. Maryam (etretr forever)

        he is iqbal khan in the show
        and what ever iqbal khan was….. is …and…..will b a hero…………he is superb handsome………….already and i just want him in the show.

        but i cant forget sartaj he is damm perfect for rani ……………raja rani cute couple alwayz

        and i m actually exciting becoz i know raja was jealous with jeevs and now i really want iqbal khan as an anti hero……….what will be the reaction of raja …….i m eagerly waiting for this love or hate triangle….

  5. nitu (love never ends)

    o wow a new entry wit new twist .i admire iqbal khan alot and i like his acting waiting for his role,,

  6. iqbal entry in etretr is so awesome

  7. Just superb. What a love triangle. It is becoming very interesting

  8. Good to see so many liking the new antagonist, one particular viewer was quick to say to me I will not only be bashed but made into pieces if the news I gave was wrong, hope you are happy with the truth now.

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