Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina tells Nani she wants to bring Raja and Laila together, even Vikrant want Raja and Laila to marry and she thought about doing something for them. She was upset there is always something wrong about her plan. Nani recalls about Raja and Naina’s chemistry and calls her stupid. If Naina really wants Raja and Laila to come close, she must get out from the middle of them. She sends Naina to her room. Naina runs behind to look for Raja. She wonders why Raja is always alone in this room, she pushes the door of study. Raja was in the painting room alone, he covers the canvas and opens the door. He tells Naina he is really tired, he isn’t in a mood to be angry as well; she must leave him alone. Naina turns to leave, and was confused in the corridor. Naina thinks she never saw him so broken.

She wonders what it which he recalls because of her is. A burnt painting fell off by her push.
The next morning, Rekha and Vikrant help Naina join the torn pieces of burnt pictures. Naina explains this is the photo of some lady, as the face wasn’t visible. Rani insists these hands resemble someone’s. Rekha also concentrate. Laila holds the painting and says if Raja pains in that lone room. She was upset, suggesting these paintings may be of the lady Raja loves. Laila was upset that she doesn’t know anything about Raja, even today Raja couldn’t forget his past. Naina asks if Raja ever discussed about that girl. Laila leaves upset. Vikrant and Rekha come and ask if Raja is a don in disguise and is some police officer. Naina qualifies she is a double agent and would make Raja and Laila unite anyway.
Raja was drinking alone when Naina comes to the room. She takes his permission for a question. Raja asks for a promise that question not be a stupid one. Naina goes out of the room, then brings the half burnt painting to raja. Her face completed the place of empty face. Raja was enraged and stands up. Naina says it seems as if she knows the lady whoever is in the painting. Raja clutches Naina’s face to suffocate her. She was even unable to scream of his grip. Mummy and Rekha come to get her rid of his grabbing, Mummy complains Raja for not being able to protect them. Laila and Nani were silent, Raja’s eyes filled in tears.
In the room, Vikrant tries to make Naina up and requests her not to leave. Rekha and Mummy were angry at Raja and not ready to stay. Nani comes into the room. Vikrant hugs Nani and asks her to stop Naina. Nani apologizes them for Raja’s misbehavior. Mummy argues this won’t turn anything well. Nani says Raja is ashamed about his behavior. Raja enters the room from behind. Naina flinches out of fear, and says she won’t be able to stay in peace over here. Raja requests her to stay for Rekha, Vijay is still outside looking way for Naina. He leaves the room. Vikrant keeps on requesting Nani. Rekha and Mummy ask Naina not to think about Vijay and fear him.
Outside in the hall, Vikrant requests Laila to stop Naina. Naina walks out of the room with family. Vikrant cries in front of her, Naina says her family is her responsibility and nothing is dear to her than her family. She can never forget what Raja did to and for her. If Raja is really ashamed of what he has done he must accept a condition by her. Vikrant insists on Raja to say a yes, and stop Naina anyway.

PRECAP: Raja asks Vikrant about Naina angrily. Naina was attempting to climb the wall of palace when Raja holds her from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’ve enjoyed all episodes so far for this week. It was entertaining, Naina has defined her role very nicely. I can feel the tension when Naina is around Raja, his anger and frustration smoulders , it can be felt….that’s good direction and acting. These days Raja comes across as a man of mystery, his quiet demeanor adds a devilish charm to the facade he’s trying to hide. Good job, Sartaj…i think now the story is taking shape and soon we may see more clues pointing to the bond between Raja and Rani……

  2. Jst wanna ask…is naina rani??? Bcoz dis story should be on rani!!?

  3. Since Rani’s death and nains’s introduction many of the viewers have been hoping that the mysterious death of rani will be solved and naina who is also a very loveable girl will turn out to be our dear rani.But the writers are really keeping us on tenterhooks.Here and there ,they are giving only subtle but not definite clues to conclude that naina is rani only.There are 2 or 3 nagging questions that have been bothering me since the beginning of don and naina’s track.First is what happened to raja’s name that was forcibly tattooed on Rani’s forehand during the revenge track of raja.Agreed ,there are means of removing tattoos but certainly birthmarks can not be erased and raja himself checked that naina was not having any mark on her neck.On top of it in the very beginning itself inspector vijay told Don that naina was his childhood friend and they grew up together in the same neighbourhood .On one or two occasions Naina also confirmed the same.Unless proved otherwise by our wise writers ,the above mentioned points indicate that naina can not be rani .As I write this I feel really disheartened because however charming Naina may be ,she can not ,or rather should not take the place of rani.By the way ,eisha’ s acting both as rani and naina is quite commendable.She certainly deserves the recent zee rishtey award .At the same timeit is very disappointing that sartaj who is a terrific actor has not got any award.I think the judges have really gone blind to not notice his great acting talent.

    1. I think you have brought up extremely valid points. Writers don’t realize that viewers like you and I, look for details in workmanship, this is the how a story is defined as credible. I have always pointed this out but I don’t know how many comments they have read here. I also
      have the same questions. The childhood
      story as Vijay has said, how much of that is true? If he’s just going along with this statement even though it’s not true, then he too knows something that writers are
      subtly hiding from us and may one day
      blurt it out, but why will he say they grew up together? Doesn’t make sense and certainly doesn’t add up. I wait to see how writers shape this story, if Naina isn’t Rani,
      then this story is for nought and a huge
      blow and waste of my time. The tattoo is another detail that’s nagging me also, I only hope that writers are not giving Raja a duplicate of Rani, that would be so tacky.
      No one should take the place of Rani in
      Raja’s heart, this would be an epic mess if Naina isn’t Rani. Good analysis Lakshmi. Hope these questions find answers soon.

  4. Thank you Naaz for sharing and supporting my concerns.Hope the writers will take note of them and give some positive clues In the coming episodes to cheer us up.

  5. Archana Shivkumar

    Every now and then it is indicated that naina is a very young girl which is not possible if she is rani. Naina tells Laila that she is too young to fall in love and may be think about it when she reaches Laila’s age. Plus she has no mark on her hands or neck. Moreover, Vijay affirms that Naina is his childhood friend. So, I feel Naina is not Rani. My gut says the story of Ameerkot’s Raja and Rani is over. This is the story of Don who calls himself the king of Mumbai and Naina who will eventually become a top heroine and the queen of everybody’s heart. So the title is still justified.
    As far as the connection between Naina and Rani is concerned, it will be something similar to the movie ‘Dil ne Jise Apna Kaha’ where the dead Preity Zinta’s heart is given to Bhoomika Chawla who eventually ends up with Salman. Here, Naina may have got dead Rani’s face and may be even heart. Many serials in the past like ‘Kavyanjali’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ etc had this kind of a storyline wherein the lead eventually falls in love with the look alike. Even the hit movie ‘Kaho na pyar hai’ had a similar concept wherein Amisha ends up with the look alike of her lover. So for me its ok whether naina is rani or not rani.

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