Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri tells Rana ji that she trusts him but. Rana ji says when there is trust, there is space for any but.
Kunwar ji and Kokilla come and asks Raaj Mata where is Rana ji. Raaj mata says he has gone for a Yatra to ask some mind for Kokilla. Kunwar ji tells Raaj Mata to calm down, he stands with Rana ji.
A servant comes to Raaj Mata saying there is an issue, an important one. He says they found Yashoda’s dead body in the lake nearby. Kokilla hiccups. Raaj Mata asks where the dead body is, Kunwar ji and Kokilla exchange looks and follow. Raaj Mata removes the cloth and finds an injury on the neck of Yashoda. She says this isn’t possible, Yashoda had gone to her village as her niece already told her. Kunwar ji says Yashoda’s relatives didn’t even did her coronation but

put her body in the lake, now they will do her coronation with full royal rituals as she was a loyal of Bari Rani maa. Raaj Mata says Yashoda hasn’t died, she was killed as there is an injury on her neck. She sends servants to find Yashoda’s husband and daughter.
Kokilla comes to her room, worried what will happen. She says she doesn’t want to die, they must run away. She says they are already unsure about Rana ji’s fight. Kunwar ji says they will find their well in this fight even.
The servant comes to tell Raaj Mata that in Yashoda’s village, but she has no niece. Raaj Mata says that they must find out who was that niece. Raaj Mata comes and tells Kunwar ji that servants just told her Yashoda has no niece then which of her nieces had he brought her to. Kunwar ji says he didn’t bring anyone to her. Raaj Mata asks why she feels as if he is hiding something from her. Kunwar ji asks if she doesn’t trust him. Kunwar ji asks if she has any proof that he had brought that girl in the palace, there can’t be a proof as a lie has no proof and no basis. He says he wants to show to Raaj Mata how much love and loyalty he has for her. Raaj Mata says she will even open her chests to see how much loyalty he has for her, Yashoda has been killed and there must be a proof for this.
In the morning, Avdesh bathes with milk and lights fire on his hand. He says he doesn’t pray anything but fire. He tells death when it has to come to him or nor. The one who can bear fire’s bruise, how can Indravadhan bear his injury?
Raaj Mata and Rana ji pray, Raaj Mata hands him the sword and tells Rana ji this is the respect and trust of Amirkot. This is the inherited sword, with the same his great grandfather kept the foundation of Amirkot. Rana ji takes her blessings. Gayatri comes with pooja thaal, Rana ji says that when there is no trust, aarti can’t do anything. Raaj Mata says he can’t stop the Rani of Amirkot from fulfilling her belief. Rana ji says he won’t stop anyone from fulfilling their rights. Gayatri does the pooja, she ties a thread on his hand and says if bind with trust it becomes unbreakable. It will remind him that for her protection, he must return. Rana ji says today he won’t fight to defeat the enemy but to win the trust of his Rani. He leaves.
The elder man prepares Avdesh, putting on all his gold jewelry on his hands. He is ready to fight, stands up determined curtly.
Raaj Mata stops Gayatri that a Rajputani doesn’t go to the war ground with her husband, but stays back and prays for his victory. Gayatri says what if….

PRECAP: Gayatri prays from Durga Maa for the well being of her husband. Rana ji fell on the ground, Avdesh holds a sword on his chest. Gayatri comes and shouts his name.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is not fair . They should have shown some romance between raja and rani for a few more days. Direct entry of new villian avnash or whatever his name is?
    My favourite zee tv on air serial. Rani Gayathri and Ranaji rocks.

  2. kathija begam

    I like to share a many thing about serial

  3. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Really no idea where this serial is going.. ?
    Have lots of hope from this serial so writers pls spoil our interest in this serial..

  4. Yes tell me na

  5. Share here

  6. Please tell. We all will listen till you don’t scold gayatri and ranaji… :p

  7. please go ahead and share like Rids said we will listen , constructive criticism is most welcome 🙂

    1. Exactly Leena… This raba ji has too much ego problem I think . poor gayatri. But I love them

  8. I miss Shals, where is she and her acid tongue. Shals, you are now a celebrity on this page

    1. Ha ha… Really. I safely ignore her comments. I don’t understand too….

  9. I think koklia guilt might make her talk

  10. Thats unfair, UN’FKen’fair rana ji got a family of support and gayatri cheating by helping him by screaming and all that poor raja avdesh has is just a rage to end delinquent hobo ruler ship. well guess what? at least that raja avdesh is not a descendant from generations of filthy street rats! and for all you hobo lovers that miss me? of course you will since I am the voice of reason and all that flawless virtues that come with being me but I am missing caroline, wonder where that mad doctor is, probably giving shock therapy to her experiments called patients.

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hahahaaaa lol yes i enjoy comments more then actual series…hah.also wer u Shals u ar the true entertainer of etretr lol.Kathija share here…

  12. For raja avdesh I see a real man, exhausted (and defiant) till death from amirkots brutal and bad current ruler ship I see a man that has the guts to take on a better armed/trained/fed stupid prince(rana ji) despite his disadvantaged standing. Raja avdesh has every right to live his life with dignity that the rajputs have deprived him and amirkots people off and he looks better. No gay blood in raja avdesh bloodline. Salute amirkots saviour.raja avdesh.

  13. Top show [email protected] shals u need a suppository in ur mouth. Cos the nly thing I see cumn out from it is s##t.

  14. Raj mata you nothing but a royal b*tch! no better than bari rani mouth before you! blood guilty all of your servants that perished serving you and your retarded son their blood is on your and rana ji’s hands swarnas blood is on rana jis hands Your quick to say raja avdesh will break rules? -how much rules didn’t you and your street class royal shht family already break? how much of your innocent servants and princesses and swarnas fathers finger suffered needlessly? Poor ruler ship most likely the rajputs got the throne by cheating in the first place knowing their kind . I will bet my double DD implants that raja avdesh wont abandon his wife in a forest and disbelieve her. raja avdesh your ancestors are smiling down upon you, fight for your rights.

  15. Sona I think its cremation and not coronation

  16. …The Dog has a point.

  17. Thanks Manisha, you are absolutely right. SHALS has verbal diarrhea. She doesn’t need a suppository, she needs something to cork it!!!
    I agree would have liked to see some romance!!! But let’s see!!!

  18. Cool down shals don’t be angry it’s just a show but I must admit u r very talented 😛

  19. SHALS – you are an absolute idiot – keep your negativ thoughts to your f ….ing self. Dont spoil the love we have for this show

  20. In which Angle is avedesh is cuter than Ranaji I think you needs spectacles Shals. I always suspected you have a vey distorted view of the world but I guess you are entitled to your opinion . I am saying this again Comedy is really your thing you even have some of the viewers waiting to read your comments as oppose to the what actually happened on the eposide that alone says a lot. I Leena 🙂 Officially coronate Shals the Clown / Egregious / Impertinent Queen of this site . HA HA HA HA HA HA

  21. I don’t like this constant drama in the show
    Kings and Queens relax also
    Rana ji is quite dumb doesn’t he know who his enemies are and this avdesh character is too much serials all go the same way now misunderstandings will begin some more tears
    Reading the update is simpler watching it one starts feeling stupid

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