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Raja and Rani take the last round, Pandit asks him to fill in Sindoor in the head partition of his bride, and move towards mangal sooter. Bari Rani Maa brings their family mangal sooter. Raja watches it, Raaj Mata was shocked to see it. Raja notices she was really disturbed and brings about a different mangal sooter for Rani. People hoot for the couple, the couple gets to take blessings from elders. Raja stops Rani, and says they must touch the feets of the one who is a shadow of God on this earth. They come to Raaj Mata, leaving Bari Rani Maa and Kaal behind. Raaj Mata hugs them both, while tears fell off her eyes. She blesses them, and tells Raja that he must now fulfil Rani’s mother’s promise to take care of her. Raja promises to protect Rani and get all her rights. Raaj Mata tells

Raja that a wife hold husband’s love the dearest. Raja thinks sadly that Rani has a right to know the truth, but for Rani’s happiness this truth must not disclose to anyone, else everything will be finished.
At night, Rani comes to palace with Rani. Rani was crying, Meenu asks her to be courageous. She has to think about Raaj Mata who must be alone right now. Raja stood lost in his own thoughts, Amrita perform their aarti, and blesses Rani. She assure Rani that she is a daughter of this house from today. A servant brings a board, Rani marks her hand prints over it. Women there comment that these imprints show she will rule this house. They put a rice bowl on Rani’s way, she then steps into vermillion bowl and was about to slip. Raja holds her. As soon as Rani steps inside, the lights of the hall light up. Meenu taunts Rani and Raja as they share some looks with each other. Amrita takes Rani inside. Raja watches the foot marks of Rani inside the house, and remember Gayatri being killed. Raja wonders why he is taking advantage of Rani’s trust, until he shares the truth with her this wedding and these rituals are a show off.
Jeewan comes to wipe Bindu’s tears, he tells her that Raja and Rani have married. Bindu asks how can he accept this fact so easily, Jeewan says to win a person needs three things; courage, brain and patience. When the first two fails, patience work. Be it late, but only they will win.
Raja walks down the corridor with a frame in his hands. Rani sat in the hall waiting for Raja. The girls tease her to be waiting for Raja, she is married to him and must let him meet his friends as well. Rani shares with Meenu that Raja is worried about something, is there something wrong.
Amrita comes in Raja’s way, Raja tells her that he would gift Rani with this truth. He silence Amrita, as in the war of truth and lie, the biggest sin is silence. Amrita asks if she had told him, he must have deterred Kaal. She was afraid, as being a mother she wanted to keep him safe. She listened to Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. Raja asks if history would have changed with this marriage. Amrita forbids him to tell Rani the truth in front of everyone, Rani is all alone right now; her Dadu is also not around. Rani notices this talk and comes towards them. Amrita requests Raja to hide this from Rani. Jeewan stops Rani’s way and comes with a frame as gift for her, he demands her to open it. Rani unwraps it to be a beautiful portrait of her and Raja’s wedding. Jeewan turns to leave, Rani forgives him. Jeewan watches Raja approaching and leave. Rani stops Raja, she asks him what the matter is, he must not deny being worried as she can peek into his soul as well. Raja was confused, Amrita takes Rani for the rituals first. Raja asks Amrita how many rituals are left, for how long she can keep him away from Rani; he will surely tell her the truth.
At the ring ritual, Raja recalls Bari Rani Maa killing Gayatri, he loses the game by withdrawing his hand. Rani it sadly. Meenu questions whom is Raja waiting for, since Rani is in front of him now.

PRECAP: At night, Raja begins speaking to Rani. Raaj Mata comes to palace and watches Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo in the corridor. Raja and Rani hear Raaj Mata’s scream.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Amazing episode

  2. Oh my gosh…this secret that must be told is adding such intensity. I’m so nervous. Can’t wait to see the episode soon.

  3. Will comment after seeing the episode. But I’m really anxious with the suspense!

  4. Episodes better and better, a story full of emotions, my soul is crying, my heart aches. Raja pure heart, beautiful soul,sincere, honest, struggling with himself, Rani my soul has only Raj Mata and now Raja. I hope that Raja fail to protect Rani of all wolves living in Rani account. Bindu disgusting, Jeevan has two faces, Kokila dangerous and stupid, Kaal and BRM villains without feeling, Amrita lives in fear, Raja and Rani yourself or love strong, they will be difficult to fight. Unfortunately my Englisch is bad. I love Eisha and Sartaj.

    1. I love your comments. I agree with you. Very nicely said??

  5. This show just keeps on getting better….oooh I can’t wait of what raja does next.

  6. I will comment after watching episode tonight, but exciting update. This serial is a classic, great plot, the best in zee at the moment. So love this pair, perfect for each other.

  7. i just love the way this serial is heading

  8. Yayyyyyyyyyyy….Raja and Rani are married. ( I’m throwing confetti in the air here in celebration) ?????. I’m so happy I could cry. I waited so long for this. Whew…what a relief! Thank you writers. The ceremony was gorgeous. So touching. Raja looks so stunning in his scenes. Great acting by Sartaj. I love how Raja is battling with this dilemma and writers great job in creating another suspense in the story. I mean you could have had him blurt out the secret but you cleverly show the character struggling with the matter in wanting to do right but being prevented for understandably good reasons. Now I’m even more interested to see how the writers will resolve this. Well done. Like I said, it is a fact that in real life we struggle with these things. Life is not as straight forward as we think, there are many zigzags and bumps along the way. I love the strength and goodness of the raja character. I do look forward to seeing him stronger, bigger and better in this serial. I’m looking forward to more scenes between him and Raja Mata and the confrontations and conflicts between him and his own family as the struggle for the throne continues. I simply love this amazing episode. So far all the episodes leading up to this point has been superb. And I love the details in this serial. I also like the background musical score. I notice a new one played for the Jeewan-bindu scene, it gave me the creeps as to what these two will do next.

  9. I really admire and love the sensibility of Raja. He is so affected to know that the girl he loves was robbed by his own family and her parents killed. What a burden he has to bear to know this. Ir rally anxious to see how this serial continues to develop this story. So far this serial is awesome.

    1. Oop…in the last line That should read “I’m really anxious to see….” Well done Raja. I love how keen an interest you are paying to Raja Mata and the respect you are giving her. Awwww that is so sweet. You promised to be like her son. I see you are fulfilling that. ? Well done.

  10. Such an amazing portrayal of expressions by Raja…
    Raja’s confusions, His love for rani, His fear about what will be rani’s response,his helplessnes about raajamata, His guiltiness for hiding truth from rani…
    Awesome episode..
    I want Bindu to know about swarna and Lakhan .
    Just i wish Rani and Raja togetehr fight the evil BRM and Kaal…
    Badi Rani should face a torturing and Trembling Death for all her sins.

  11. Full of crap… flop.. evil story ?

  12. Goodness, this is an AWESOME episode! Hey you other writers there, take a page out of the book of etretr!! The aura of this serial is spellbinding, production house you all deserve an award for being an example to follow in television. Words fail me but I’m still going to express myself. The one who stands out for me is Sartaj, WOW, I could feel his pain, his desperation in battling with telling his wife the truth and the knowledge of the fear of losing her. I teared up watching the episode, I so wish I could tell him to be brave, that his wife will love and respect him if he tells her the truth but I can’t coz I know it’s a Pandora’s box he dealing with and there are serious repercussions to the revelation of that secret and that he has to find a way to break the news to her, knowing fully well that all hell is gonna break loose, and he might lose her. How does a husband feel like to discover that his parents are his wife’s parents killer? Huge dilemma. Sounds nice to refer to Raja and Rani as husband and wife, they look so perfect together. Congratulations writers, for getting them married, if it was another serial, it would have been another crappy turn of events. I know having them as a couple enhances the intensity of the drama, I can almost feel it, seriously!!!! The musical score is fabulous, can’t think of it being another. What acting by the cast, all were superb. I can feel the evil emanating from Jeeves, and it’s adding to the drama and mystery. When I saw Ranaji and Gayatri portrait, it looked so haunting, I think it feels so real, that this is a serial ,
    and not some actual event which did take place sometime in history.

  13. When this serial was about to commence and I saw the promo, I thought it looked interesting. A few episodes in, reading certain details in the narration of events that had taken place, I got the feeling that it was a story set on historical facts. So being an ardent lover of history, I did some research on the internet and was ecstatic to see that it actually was a periodic serial.
    I have a habit of doing research on anything that interests me and now I wished I had paid more attention to details of what I had read. There actually was a King by the name of Indravadan Singh Deo and his wife was the said Gayatri. He was a good ruler but was constantly undermined by members of his family and several attempts had been made to overthrow him from the throne by those closest to him. He did marry a common woman and she was his strength and eventual successor, Ranaji was assassinated, and his wife eventually fell to the same crime, she had been a fighter for justice though. I wished I had paid more attention to the details and turn of events, now it’s somewhat cloudy in my brain. The story is fashioned in the vein of history but has adapted to modern day depictions. I know no sentiment is intended to hurt in the serial and has taken now to be a work of fiction. I quick search a short while back on the internet yielded no information on the subject of the history but has been updated to depict the story as a work of fiction. I’m happy though, that I followed my instincts and learned of the King and his courageous wife, unable to recall whether there were children born to this couple. Sigh!!!!

  14. For all those who may think that I wrote too much, think of it as enlightenment, I did not mean to offend anyone, if I did, I’m sorry.

    1. Let’s go Naz,waiting ??????

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