Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The next morning, Kundan serves breakfast to the family. Rani asks when he learnt cooking. Kundan stuffs her mouth saying when he realized he can only shut her that way. Bua says Kundan’s girlfriend must be really happy with her. Kundan says he only wants someone to love and marry. Rani takes Kundan and Prieti to drive. Bua says to Suminda they must marry Kundan and Rani.

At night, Suminda comes to Kundan’s room and speaks to him about marrying Rani. She was sure Rani would trust him, he must only make her realize his love for her. Kundan happily opens his book to see Rani’s photo in it.
Bua tells Raja Suminda would make Rani up to marry Kundan. Rani runs from name of marriage and makes boys run too, Kundan would also not stay here for long.

The next morning, Rani

was working out. Suminda brings coffee for her and asks her what to make for Kundan for breakfast. Rani tells her to go and Kundan, Suminda says he is asleep. Rani tells her to prepare Aalu k parathay, with pickle and lassi. Suminda teases Rani about Kundan. Rani tells her not to place Kundan in the same line of life-partners. Suminda tells Rani to begin thinking about Kundan seriously, he is a nice guy and open minded. She tells Rani to think well before saying yes or no, she has to marry then why a stranger and not a friend?

Raja comes to Rani’s room. Rani scolds him for listening to her talks. Raja says he is her body guard, he was standing on the door. He wouldn’t solve her problems as he isn’t a friend. He tells Rani her problems would stand there, she is running away from marrying because she doesn’t want to leave her mother. Suminda and Kundan had come to the door to hear this. Raja says Rani would never love anyone as much as she loves her mother. Rani says she didn’t even share this matter with Prieti ever, how did Raja know about it; he is really intelligent. Suminda comes in and says if Rani makes her love a hurdle between her lives, she would be disturned. Kundan asks to speak to Rani for a while. He tells Rani he doesn’t want to lie her anymore, he confessers his love to her and says when he left school and flew to London he missed her dearly. He didn’t realize when he fall in love with her. He has come to India to know if there is someone in her life. He holds her hand and proposes her to marry him, he promises to take Suminda to London. She will get a chance to relax, he promises to take care of them two. He requests him to say yes, she can return Suminda this much of happiness at least.

Suminda and Prieti cheer about Rani’s marriage. Bua says Rani always take this as a game. Rani comes there with Kundan, saying Rani has changed the game this time. Kundan tells Suminda its upto her, he kneels in front of Suminda and says he has ever considered her as his mother. Is she ready to live with them in London after they get married? Rani conditions her marriage only to Suminda’s agreement. Kundan says he needs Suminda more than Rani. Suminda agrees. Kundan cheers and hug Suminda, Rani comes to hug them two, and Prieti also join in. Raja leaves the hall.

Suminda announces her engagement would take place today. Rani says she plans for her birthday a whole year, it’s too early. Suminda says she can’t wait at all. Kundan thanks her. Suminda and Prieti go to prepare for the engagements. Bua leaves to get ready. Suminda and Prieti leave for temple.

In the room, Raja was disturbed and pours cold water over his head to calm himself down. Anandi (Bua) comes there and warns Raja if this marriage takes place Suminda would sale all the business and fly to London. She can’t let this happen. Raja must complete his task today.

During the engagement, Prieti tells Rani’s friends she was always waiting for her Mr. Right. Rani’s friend argue about Raja. Prieti go towards Kundan. Kundan introduces Prieti to his friend Vikram. Rani comes with Suminda. Kundan assures Suminda to stay a slave to Rani. Raja watches the engagement of Kundan and Rani. Anandi looks towards him.

PRECAP: Rani cries that she struck her foot by herself by agreeing to marry Kundan. She asks if she should run away herself, and tells Raja to kidnap her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. sunshine forever

    AND BY THE WAYS I’M NOT COMPARING THIS SERIAL WITH REALITY EITHER,i’m just giving the answering the question yesterday naaz has asked me. just that i didn’t feel good when u guys didn’t liked naina taking rani’s place in raja’s life after rani is gone. I do like rani by all means. becoz of rani ure not supposed to hate naina and she got caught up with raja unwillingly thats not her fault. i know RANI is ur favorite character in this serial, u all want raja and rani to be together forever i means real rani(gayatri) i understand that . u know what, if u guys ARE happy with raja and rani united and i will also be happy with u guys and i always wanted the same thing a happy ending for both raja and rani.. I’M REALLY SORRY for hurting ur feelings i really am.

    1. hey sunshine forever … don’t be so hard on yourself … I was also in the same boat trying to explain my own feelings about this serial and well … got the same response from other viewers on this forum … no sweat tho, am still here …
      you think a bit like me so I feel the love …
      I love Naina and Don Ji or Rani and Raja … both pairs are the same to me, it’s the storyline I was interested in … the creativity behind their powerful emotional performances (some tho may beg to differ) …
      I have been following this serial since it’s inception …
      I did not like the track in season 1 where Drashti had to disguise herself just to be with her Siddhant … but I did not stop watching nor did i criticize anyone …
      when season 2 reached to the ghost track, again, I did not criticize, did not stop watching … I did however offer a few suggestions to writers … there is a difference …
      I feel ‘a sorrow’ for the viewers who sought to degrade and embarrass writers and fans alike, such as myself, but well to each his/her own … the love is still there (smile) …
      and yes Archana … the writers do listen to our voices as I have seen some of my suggestions in this season 3 …
      mind all, I will continue to give my views so please do not take offence from my choices and opinions … it’s just a serial … I love both Sarrtaj and Eisha and believe me, no one can make me stop watching or loving this pair as I do now …

      1. Yolande….. I’m going to start from the beginning of your comment. FYI….. No one on this forum as far as I can remember, ever responded to your comments on this forum concerning your approval of Naina’s character , so how can you say that you got the same response from other viewers like “sunshine forever ” when you “tried ” to explain yourself as well? Uhhhh…you do know that you don’t need to justify yourself in your comments right? You are entitled to your own opinions just like us. Guaranteed, you love all the characters in this serial and if you can’t distinguish that no two characters are the same as in the case of Rani /Naina, then what was the purpose of the writers introducing new seasons and creating plots if it same old same old with you? Now…i don’t see what was so wrong about Rani Gayatri disguising herself before her husband, she had reasons to do so and if you were watching from the beginning then I don’t need to remind you of the events which led to her having to do so however…season 2 ,was foolish beyond expression and you saying that you didn’t criticize means you loved what you saw, nothing wrong with that….but the other viewers like myself, voiced our opinions because we couldn’t connect with the story or the characters and the rest is history. Now…you said you feel a “sorrow ” for the viewers because we all degraded and embarrassed the writers and fans like yourself…. If the writers can’t take criticism for their work then they are in the wrong profession because the work of critics is democratic and they point out where there is lack of logic, cohesion in storylines and just about all that matters, to bring quality to the viewing audience…so that they must have thick skin or grow one. BTW…we’ve not degraded or embarrassed you ever…if our comments fell in your garden, then you may feel offended but that’s not intentional my dear, our rule here is to agree to disagree anytime. Also, we don’t need your pity, we are OK, at least I am!! Lastly… Can you please tell me what’s going to happen in the months to come in season 3….? After all, these writers do take your suggestions, so if I can get first hand what is going to be revealed or happen, then I’ll know if I should stay on as a viewer or just quit because I’m hoping that all loose ends get tied up. Keep giving your views, no one has any intention to keep you from doing so. BTW… What does “the creativity behind their powerful emotional performances ” mean? I don’t really know what context it’s used for…maybe you can explain to me, please….because I don’t think anyone can be “creative ” in an emotional performance, one needs talent, bravado, gusto to bring out emotions to capture their viewing audience……

    2. Your apology is accepted, I can see you feel remorse and there’s contrition in your comment. No hard feelings though…..

  2. Will keep degrading this stupid writer for killing our brave Rani&replacing her with dum looke like.How dare he is to decimate Rajaa character too. becouse of his stupid Nani tracks he destroyed Rajaa &Rani chamistry. I will never feel sorry for insulting this writer & I will keep insulting him more day& night if he bring back Naina again as Rani.

  3. if they bring rani as rebirth of naina then i am going to leave show as there are also other good shows

  4. Agreed Tina, I also will continue to DEGRADE the writers as long as they write rubbish, it is the only way to get them to change from the nonsensical tracks that they write. If we as the viewers say nothing then they will think that we all agree with the inane tracks. I still cannot understand how some fans can swallow the crap that is shown that defies common sense especially when they say they have been watching from inception yet they have the gall to criticize us for not liking the bullshit shown. Apparently they like the taste of the thrash shoved down their throats so they keep asking for more. I am NOT going to apologise for having common sense and for not swallowing that shit. Yolande, since you said that you have seen some of your suggestions in season 3, please make different ones as the show is now lacklustre and needs some form of excitement to make it worth watching again, even the chemistry between the leads is almost nonexistent. As for sunshine forever, apology accepted.

    1. ?????..will comment later……

    2. Hi Topaz.. Again u r entitled to express ur views n criticize the writers too… But there is absolutely no need to pass remarks like ‘some viewers are swallowing thrash’ n all.. Everybody is different n has different tastes… What I told sunshine repeating the same.. Don’t impose ur thoughts on others n rebuke others for having their own views.. If u want to debate then let it be in a healthy way without hurting others.. N what is the whole sense in hurting real people for reel life characters?…

  5. This show has gone so horrible it was good during the 1st season with the original actors now it just stupid it makes no sense in my opinion they should of cancelled this show long ago. Why do they keep such a stupid show on the air. They should replace it with a better show.

  6. Writers … don’t forget the comedy for the kidnapping … I can just see it (lol)

  7. My Dear Archana, I’m not imposing anything, I’m simply replying to what was said before, as for my comments that have offended you, it is not something that I haven’t said before, so why do you now have a problem with it? Is it because you feel that I have offended others who hold the same views as you? And by the way, who made you judge and jury, if this forum belongs to you, please let me know and I will keep my (derogatory) comments to myself! Thank You!

    1. Yes I did not say anything so far…but from the beginning I did not find it quite right that we argue or use very strong phrases for people holding opposing views.. but I felt day by day unnecessarily unpleasant arguments are happening.. Two days back sunshine started then everybody started
      replying.. That’s y I first explained to sunshine then same thing I told u.. It is not necessary everybody agrees to everything we all must respect each other’s views.. N if we all think calmly such arguments are happening for whom -reel characters.. N I never said it’s my forum or anything… I have till date expressed my own views n never used strong words for others views.. Nor I said I support people who hold similar views… N as far as my views on the witch track n lose ends are considered u also endorsed the same.. So u also fall in the group of those people who hold similar views as me.. Well my intent is simple.. We should respect each other n definitely not fight for fictional characters.. That’s all..

  8. Also, if any other person has taken umbrage to any of the comments that I have made since I have started commenting on this forum, please feel free to let me know, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Then I would know if I need to tone down my comments or just not make any at all.

  9. And plus.. So far I have not revealed but will tell today.. Rakesh Vashishth’s (the one who replaced Karan Singh grover as Asad in Qabool Hai) mother and riddhi Dogra’s(the vamp of woh apna sa) mother in law was my English teacher at school.. Rakesh is an alumnus of my school in Pune.. Post marriage I moved to mumbai.. Mumbaikars see stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh khan etc every now n then.. N seeing stars n famous people is no big thing for people of this city.. Here in
    school functions too tv actors n sometimes film actors are called as chief guests.. Most of the serials including etretr are shot in
    Mumbai film city.. Well the reason I said all this is stars come n go.. If not films then
    serials or theater which is very active in Mumbai.. All actors big or small find their peace.. These actors are eventually the ones who play the characters we love or
    hate.. In the long run all of them find their peace.. So y we all should spoil our peace for fictional characters.. We can definitely have a healthy exchange of words with each other n be good friends rather than cracking up our friendship for fictional characters.. Hope I clarified my point..

  10. Quite frankly you have gone off on a tangent, as I don’t live in India so most of what you said concerning Rakesh and Riddhi and the cities made no sense to me as I don’t even look at those shows. So I have no idea on what who who you’re speaking about. Also you were more open minded to the past track ie, Donji/Naina than I was so I don’t think we will agree on much. But I will agree to disagree. I know the show is fictional but that’s not the point, the point as far as I am concerned is when I have stayed up late to look at a show, I expect something of substance for my time and not what the last tracks from the Iqbal, Rani’s death, Donji/Naina debacle to the ghost story to the present tracks entailed, which is as far as I am concerned and please pardon my language, “total bullshit”. Furthermore, I cannot be laid back about a show that I have invested a lot of my time watching and not be upset at the turn of events. Also Sarrtaj and Eisha have seem to me to have lost their sizzling chemistry, that’s why I feel the show is boring right now. So be at ease Archana, I may or may not comment again.

  11. My dear Topaz,my sincere request to you is not to waste anymore of your time and energy on this hateful topic.Enough is enough.One of the viewers on this forum is in the habit of passing facetious and yet derogatory remarks like ‘feeling sorrow for the viewers like us who dare to voice our concerns’,and watching the fun.The problem is if you give a straightforward answer in the same tone ,others get offended.
    Topaz it is very clear now that there are two groups on this forum ,courtesy to the controversial track created by our creative (if look alikes ,ghosts witches etc are called creativity) writers..It is quite evident that neither they nor we can understand and appreciate each others’ Views.Fine! Let it be, we are all entitled to our own likes and dislikes,but it is better to avoid future arguments with each other to avoid further unpleasantness.

    1. You are so right Lakshmi dear. I’m taking your advice 100%….but I had to answer the viewer who obviously is holding a grudge against us for disliking a character we never had a connection to. Anyway… How did the case go, the one that you were giving closing arguments on? I was wondering…… How are things on your side?? Lakshmi, I’m going on my vacation on Monday 10th so may not post comments as I may not get the time. I’ll be back on the forum on the 17th….. I’ll read comments when I get back…. Just wanted to remind you, because you might be wondering where I was… Take care. ….till we chat again….. ??

  12. Topaz ,please don’t even think about not commenting again .At list we had abackbon to stand for what we believe .All this mess have been done by the brainles writer ,so I’m begging u topaz don’t give dam what other think wether it is a fiction or not.We watching this show for entertainment not to get depress. We need a view likes u who has abackbon to stand for our beloved serial when the writer mess up.

    1. Thank you Tina and Naz, and Tina don’t worry I’ll comment when I have something say. As Lakshmi said, when you reply to others in the same manner other people are offended, so to avoid that I won’t be reading some comments. Since the show is coming to an end I hope for a happy ending for Raja and Rani. Naz, I hope you have a wonderful vacation, will miss you and thanks so much for your support.

  13. Thank You Lakshmi, I thought I was the only one taken aback by the sorry comment, and you’re are right others do get offended.

    1. Thanks Topaz for finally understanding everything in the right perspective.. Tk cr..

    2. I’m with you dear Topaz. Now that ETRETR is coming to an end, let’s all hope we get a good ending and please don’t stop commenting ok? We’ve always shared views and never had a fight amongst us so let’s not allow one viewer to cause a rift in our collective friendship….you, Lakshmi, Archana, Jess, Tina, Sandy, Bawa, myself and Sapphire and ssree ate missing these days. Let’s hope for the best.

  14. Our show is going off air by 28th of this month . Source: Times of India . Sad , dont understand how all the loopholes would be closed within 1 month .

    1. Hey our doubt turned out to be right.. Etretr ending…

      1. Yes. So now we can only wish for a glorious ending . With just 15 episodes left , i wonder what they r going to do . How will raja and rani recollect their past ? How will brm(dakini) be destroyed? Will we ever get to see the amerkot palace during the end ? What is rajs identity ? Who will play his ailing mom, for whom he has resorted to join hamds with the vile buaji? How will kundan turn negative and show his true colours ?? Too many questions already . I guess this is going to be rushed up . All i want to see during the last episode is , a good message to all the viewers that , the good triumphs over the evil and true love always wins and the original raja and rani are united in this birth if not , in their previous birth .

      2. Yes dear ur questions are right.. But since they are going to wrap up in a jiffy.. Some lose ends are anyways going to be there…. Well let it end on a happy note..

  15. Good news Naz ,I have won the case for my client and he is going to get his rightful share of the property from his step brothers.Yesterday itself ,I wanted to share my happiness with all of you but the mood was not congenial at all.But don’t bother about our ETRETR for atleast a week.Have a nice time ,my friend and enjoy yourself with your daughter.Expecting to see you here on 17th. Take care.

    1. Congratulations Lakshmi…. I’m so happy for you, a victory for you is a blessing of entitlement for your client. May you always find success in your profession and good judgement towards both you and your clients favor…

  16. show is going to end on 28th april 2017

    1. can u plz tell where did u heard this news?

  17. Yes guys show ending on April 28..i was discussing same with Sandy too the other day… Well let’s all have a great time on this forum till the last date.. 🙂

    1. Yes Archana, we should all do this. As you’ve said seems like some loose ends may remain just that….loose, but let’s all enjoy what’s left of ETRETR and hope for a happy ending. Even though it’s only for one week I’m so sorry I won’t chat with you all every day… ??

      1. It’s OK… But from 17th till 28th be there.. We all should close this forum together… 🙂

  18. Jess……. WHERE ARE YOU? I’m missing you and your comments……

  19. Spoiler alert : Source-Sbb and Sbas , 9/4/17.
    Raj and rani find themselves in a dusty palace with a lot of cobwebs . That palave is the ameerkot palace which has ranaji and rani gayatri singhs huge photo frame. Rani chauhan slips over it and cleans the dust away , to see their faces . Rani chauhan feels a connection to the palace and feels as if it was home though it appears deserted at present, while raj hasnt felt any connection to the palace till now . Well this clears off my doubts on rani chauhans identity . I m pretty sure that rani chauhan is the reincarnated rani gayatri singh now . So , we can hope for a good message and a happy ending to the story now , after 3 months of baseless and agonising tracks(esp the witchcraft and voodoo elements ) .

    1. Oh very good.. One bone of contention cleared… 🙂

  20. Congratulations Lakshmi on winning the case for your client.

  21. Very sad news guys ,but at list we were right ,our Rani was rebon Thant u writer.

    1. Yep…. Thank goodness WE won…. For Rani’s sake…..

  22. I’m very happy for u Laksmi may God give u all the happiness in this world & after.

  23. Thank you writers, for giving us a sneak peek that Rani Chauhan is our dear Rani… I’m looking forward to seeing everyone single episode from now. Thanks Sandy, for the great news….. That’s all we want…

  24. I mean… Every single episode…. ?sorry….

  25. Hi all happy Sunday .. sorry Sunday is over.. I am again late ?. Yes I toon saw the spoiler and happy to know rani is our rani….?
    About Etr2 going off air it’s quiet sad that they are suddenly pulling it off air . The channel could have given season 3 atleast 3 months time. It again proves that the channel or production team has no creativity and has no future story that’s y that’s is sudden decision.
    On serious note if the channel was planing to pull off the show they shouldn’t have brought in season 3. Now that sissy brought season 3 gave viewers a hope and now they are pulling off air.
    Anyways let’s sit and watch . Hope sarrtaj gets good opportunities under good banner and good production team as he deserves it well and seems he is a very hardworking person.

  26. oh my … am so sorry to see this pair go (sad) …
    got so used to rushing home after school n getting my chores done early to relax and take in the magic of Sarrtaj and Eisha (sigh) … what will I do now …
    I guess I will now have to pay more attention to Naamkaran and Won Apna Sa (sigh) …
    twas a good run tho … n like Sarrtaj said, there were only 4 main characters to carry the series thru and most I believe if not all options for a storyline were already shown, although some were left in ‘a secret box’ somewhere (sad smile) …
    Writers, I hope someday to see them all on the big screen, as they already have my blessings for an even brighter tomorrow … good luck with future projects and please do not hesitate to bring their stories back as I am sure they enjoyed the ride …
    Love to All the back-up Crew as without them there would not have been a smooth flow of scenes … LOVED the sites for shootings as I got to see a whole lot of your beautiful country and the sceneries, especially the beaches were awesome !!! I hope someday to visit your country with my family and leave my Blessings upon ALL who made this serial a memorable one … take care and God Bless …

  27. Thank you friends for sharing my happiness,atlast this two year old case has come to a fruitful end but at the same timei I feel sad that etretr ls coming to an end barely four weeks after starting the new season with Rani.I agree with Ssree that this track could have continued for atleast three months.Otherwise they should not have started season 3 at all with new characters. They could have simply shown Rana Rani’s Union in the heaven after Raja’s death and ended the serial.According to the Times of India news even the Trps were not that discouraging then not understood the reason behind such a hasty closure.Anyways since they have already decided on it ,let us enjoy each and every episode of Rajabaja and chipkali.ln the same tone I would like to thank the writers for giving us back Raja and Rani though for a short time.

  28. Correction line 9 .. .Rana should be read as Raja Sorry for ty error

  29. Hello Naz….I apologise. I was extremely busy for a few days and now got a breather. Came on the forum to catch up. I’m now learning that the serial is ending on 28 of April? Wow! Ok. Well my feelings regrettably has changed since the ghost track destroyed a lot for the show and viewers. Let’s face it, as a result of the horrible ghost track, the chemistry is gone between raja and rani. The show is irreparable. At least I don’t feel the same way about raja and rani as I did in the early part of season 2 when they first met. The writers killed it beyond repair. ETRETR has lost its sizzle and story. In literature a story with this disaster is a flop. A mess. Might as well end it, speaking from a strictly literary and professional point of view. It no longer captures audiences. As I said I’m only here because of Sartaj Gill and no longer for the story. However, I hope that Sartaj gill gets a better and bigger role in a better serial which shows off more of his incredible acting. I really, really want to see him another serial VERY SOON. He’s terrific actor.

  30. Oh and Naz I only got a chance to see one episode of Woh Apna Sa as you said. In fact many other persons have been telling me about it. I like it so far and yes, you are right. The actor in there is quite a looker…lol…will try to see more of it when I can. But my deep desire is for Sartaj Gill to get a new role in another serial soon.

  31. I m really gona miss this show .I started watching this show becoz of Sartaj-Eisha chemistry .I don’t care she is Naina or Rani,I just love to see both together.I started watching when Raja comes again as Angad.I remember I used to watch till 3.30 a.m. on ozee app to cover all past episodes from their beginning journey .daily I wait for 9.30 p.m also do my all work fast after coming from office so that I can watch this serial with no disturbance.
    I will miss you dear Raja Rani ki premkahani

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