Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sulakshna holds the dropped ring before Rana ji. Rana ji turns towards the window, he says this is true that she is his first love and he had learned loving with her. But he had lost everything once she had gone. Gayatri isn’t his friend’s wife but his own. Jhumki didn’t want to hear about it, the veiled lady comes and hurt her with a wooden stick. When it doesn’t work, she make a cut on her wrist and hides herself. Rana ji turns to find Sulkahsna conciousless.
Rana ji asks Sulakshna why she did so. Bari Rani maa comes and says that she couldn’t bear about his second marriage and attempted a suicide. She assures Rana ji that she is with him always.
Bari raani maa comes to Gayatri, she says to Gayatri that life is tough. There are thorns with flowers, one has to learn

to live with both. She says to Gayatri that tonight is the night of Kaali maa, she will pray and Gayatri must also pray. She leaves the room.
Cheetah stops the tractor where Laksh men had been searching for Swarna. He tells Swarna that they will have to leave the car here. Swarna says she didn’t do something wrong. Cheetah asks her to come down the car, the gun fell down his shirt as he comes out of the tractor. He points it towards her, holds her mouth shut being close to her. Cheetah gulps and says a thief also has a gun. He gives it to Swarna and says if she ever thinks he is betraying her she must shoot him. He tells her to keep it to herself. Swarna says they must leave this place. Both run into the jungle.
Rana ji was standing in front of Gayatri’s car, he holds her out of the car. She tells him to let her leave. Rana ji says if this isn’t enough that each of his moment is made a hell. Gayatri asks what he wants her to do then, let Sulakshna hurt herself. She had lied to Sulakshna and Sulakshna is injured just because of her, he must let her leave. Rana ji confronts her, then leaves. Gayatri turns to see him holding his hand on the candle flames in temple. Gayatri shouts his name and runs to him. He says it doesn’t matter if he is burnt. Gayatri couldn’t hold his hand up so she keeps hers under his hand. He holds her hand and asks what she is doing. She watches the burn in his hand, her tear fell on his burns. He holds that in his fist. He says after Sulakshna’s arrival she is no longer a Rani, but she will always be his wife and no one can snatch this right from her. She nods, he smiles and takes her along.
Cheetah and Swarna arrive at a room in forest. He says he is going to get something eat. She asks if it is necessary for him to go. He watches her and says they can’t fight being hungry. He tells her to lock the door and gives a marked sound at which she should only open the door. She thinks that she never felt this safe with her husband ever. There is a knock at the door, Sulakshna is shocked to open the door. Kunwar ji and Kokilla come inside. Swarna tells them to stay away from her and points the gun at them. Kunwar ji asks if she dares to hold gun at him. Swarna pulls the trigger but there is no bullet in it. He asks if her savior Cheetah was a cheat. Kunwar ji says Cheetah works for him. Cheetah enters the room. Swarna thinks that she shouldn’t have trusted him, it was her mistake to trust him. Cheetah says she must trust him else they will not leave her. Swarna asks what they want from her, they must leave her. Kokilla says she has told her so many times that they want an heir. Swarna says that she must understand, the problem is in her son. Laksh isn’t interested in her. Kokilla says what if Lakshraj can’t give them an heir, someone else can do. Swarna looks at Cheetah understanding the game. Kunwar ji smiles mockingly. She fell on the bed crying.
The Kaali maa pooja went on. The veiled lady beat drum hard in a stormy night. She finishes it and goes into the temple making prayer with it. Jhumki comes there. Kokilla and Kunwar ji also come there. The veiled lady turns to give them aarti. Kunwar ji touches her feet. She removes her veil off her face. Jhumki is shocked to see Bari Raani maa under it.

PRECAP: Jhumki calls Bari Raani maa as cunning. Bari Raani maa slaps her saying she is always called with respect. She says that this time no one can stop her from being Raaj Mata.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love this part right here, the look on swarnas face when she realizes she was fooled hehe dam kunwar ji’ s style is U.F.O -totally unknown! im not siding with evil its the entire concept of the ingenius methods utilized by these bad bois it makes any good person a Victim and disadvantaged. and bari rani ma you class you classie witch! lol so old but not cold hay a great grand mother that outsmarts all.but is contradictory because in the first place gayatri was to low life skaddywagg for her but here she herself is getting rana ji with a low class disco dancer (not a princess hay). none the less smart work smart ways.being innocent only trapps you in life.

    1. I ve come too the conclusion that your an extremely lonely and friendless person who come here with your controversial comments just to annoy the fans of etretr….but I also know that your a fan yourself of both gayatri and ranji and even swarna hence the constant insults….your like a pre schooler who insults that one person only because you truly like them or envy them…..so continue you down low fan

      1. Shals is just kidding people. I understood this at the end of THBST, I think it’s her way of coping with the constant dose of negative always wins over good.

    2. I think you are just an attention seeker- more to be pitied than anything else!

  2. im so addicted to tis show omg is like i cant wait to read the updates….wth i really thought cheetah would ve help swarna its so sad she needs a good man….and dont tell they ll show bari raani maa dealin in evil…..anyone cud tell me whats wit the skeleton in the promo and the drum beatin today? besides that ranji and gayatri scene was epic

  3. Would have loved to see more of RAGA today, disappointed. Can’t wait for Monday. @Shals, Bari Rani Maa wants to be Raj Mata, that means getting rid of Ranaji as well and putting Kunwarji on the throne. I’m also a crazy addict. Love ETRETR

  4. BRM is really bad women . I hate her.!!!

  5. I like gayatri she got a nice flat pancake kalakeya nose like you. FREE INFORMATION. was told to carry on so tamaashe lets go ahead lice head. rana ji is educated for gods sake royal supposedly for a reason and he gets fooled with this sulashna character one dumb fffffkkk rana ji. a man like that doesnt deserve love in the first place. Grow some ba**lls and be a man please tell sulakshna your in love with gayatri not her anymore at least be a man if your not sure its sulakshna oh my hat what a sissy boi! ex soldier ex gay. did he even touch sulakshnas face??? he wouldve felt something funny foh sho. you cant tell me he doesnt recognize his First loves character of personality? -memory loss doesnt include being unreasonable like a fffkken animal. BEhold a king rana ji thats so lost in his retarded self his sister in law swarna has every right to blame her suffering on him. no wonder india as a country is fell so hard its being ruled by retards rajputs that cant even say ‘ hi swarna’ I want to greet swarna? or hay ‘ havnt seen swarna in awhile?’ ‘ why isnt the docter checking up on swarna?’ =no one gives two squirts of p*szsss about swarna

    1. Hey u dont have to be rude…i understend ur pov u like more the way evil wins and how stupid are the good ppl ryt??? But hey this is just a show not some educational program so stop criticizing all and just enjoy the show…

  6. This buddhi Bari rani maa has lost her mind

    1. Really she is very stupid lady.

  7. Wow!!!! Shals you come across as a very negative and paranoid person. This is a show and they aRe creating drama. The only way these shows move forward is by these kinds of storylines.
    You should write to the writers about your dis-satisfaction, with how these characters are portrayed.

    The rest of you,I agree today’s show had some amazing scenarios, it will be interesting to watch the upcoming episodes.

    I read somewhere, that the character of Cheetah, will turn positive.

    1. If Cheetah turns positive, I think Swarna will turn negative. She will be trapped ebcause she will have slept with another man – so she can’t let that get out. so in order to save herself, she will turn on gayatri… i can just see this coming… next chapter of evil…

      1. I think swarna wont turn negative…i had a felling that cheetha will turn positive long time ago when the news that a new entry will be put opposite swarna but thst doesnt mean swarna ll turn negative…i have a strog feeling that they ll fall for each other and they ll be the second pair în the show…

  8. so finallyy its the bari raani under d veil… i just find it hilarious dat such an old lady was running like thunder in d episode where she ran and hopped in d car… lol 😀

    1. I agree – no way could BRM run like that and jump in the car.
      also, the voice she had when under veil is not possible. a little farfetched the whole face mask thing…

    2. Lol i know right… it was actually a younger girl who was in the veil for the time being because no way a old 78 year old woman could run that fast and hoped in a car . LOL !!! 😀

  9. I am so addicted to this serial I dont allow anyone to talk to me during the program lol I cant wait for it every night and yes the scenes between ranji and gayatri were awesome.

  10. and Bari Ma is so wicked

  11. It is only a drama serial so getting emotionally charged at some stupid and unbelievable scene is ok. The script writers are doing their job and the actors are doing a great job.

  12. Hi everyone, it was so romantic that ranaji is getting so attached to Gayatri.

  13. Yes I Was right the veiled lady must be Bari Rani Maa

  14. Wow dat was epic i really love dis show..jus hope nutin goes wrng wit swarna

  15. I am so addicted to this show nice show can anyone pls explain the new promo which bari rani maa shows skeleton

  16. I seriously love this show so much.. I am craving for new episodes.. It is 3 : 39 pm sunday evening here in Trinidad. I am excited for tomorrows episode at 10 : 30 pm xD 😀

  17. I love this serial please do not let ranaji part from gayatri they make a fantastic couple.

  18. Very interesting n different story,really i love this show so much.

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