Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj teaches Rani the art of shooting, self-defense and makes her learn balance and self-control. She drools over him, he doesn’t let her fell down. Rani withdraws herself immediately. Raja eats banana while teaching her skills of boxing. The practicing shooting and taking aim. Rani cheers as she takes a perfect aim.
It was night, the security guard outside the house was attacked by a masked man who breaks into the house. He climbs up the stairs. Rani notices some presences and clutches a knife from under her pillow. She tries to struggle and even injures the hand of masked man but was suffocated. The man covers her using a shawl and carries her over his shoulder.
A jeep stops ahead in which a young man was drunk. The goon tries to run away but the young man throws a bottle

right in front of him. The kidnapper holds a piece of bottle to hit the guy Kundan. Kundan’s fellow come to fight the goon who had now kept Rani on a side. Soon, the kidnapper fell over the broken bottle, he finds a chance to run away. Kundan and friend unveils Rani.
The masked man enters the room, and removes the glass piece off his hand. It was Raja.
Suminda was worried about Rani and sends Preiti for water. Kundan tells Suminda about the whole event. Raja comes there. Kundan says he couldn’t see the face, the man had worn a mask. Kundan turns to Raja and identifies the man to be physically like Raja. Suminda wonders how someone can kidnap her amidst watch men and body guard. Kundan asks Raja where had he been when Rani was kidnapped. Raja questions Kundan who is he to question. Suminda tells Raaj he is Rani’s childhood friend. Everyone questions Raja why he couldn’t do his job properly. Rani had woken up. Raja tells Rani he is vegetarian, she insisted on him to taste non-veg so he fall ill. Suminda questions Prieti who approves of him, Kundan says its typical of her. Raja says he would leave if she doesn’t trust him. Suminda stops him, the person who can go against his belief just for her daughter may do anything. Suminda thanks Kundan. Kundan says he can go to any extent to save this wild cat. He turns to leave. As he places a hand over Raaj’s injured arm, Raaj clutches his fist.
Raaj comes to ask Bua ji if she hired him for kidnapping Rani what was the need to prove him wrong. Bua ji says Suminda must have suspected her otherwise. Suminda thinks from her mind outside but in the house she only thinks by heart. She says she wants kidnapping of Rani because she also has a share in her brother’s business. She warns Raja to be careful next time, he has five days for this. Bua tells Raja to better do this, he would get the money he needs for his mother’s treatment.
The next morning, Raja was placing a medicine over his injured arm. He feels someone peeking through the window of his room. He walks outside, Rani attacks him through a rod. Raja protects himself. Rani demands Raja to learn this protection tactic. Raja holds the sword, corrects Rani’s angle of holding it and fights with her. His arm gets a jerk. Rani attacks him but he throws a plate full of flowers over her face. He now takes the plate as a shield, blood was dripping down till his hand. He throws a cloth piece over her and leave. Kundan comes there. Rani greets him. Raja watches Kundan and Rani narrating their childhood mischievousness. Suminda asks Kundan to stay at their place as his mother is also at London. Kundan conditions Rani would spend most of her time with him. Rani asks Raja to go and tell driver to bring Kundan’s luggage here. Raja apologizes to leave her side. Kundan tells Raja not to worry about Rani, no one can harm Rani until he is around. Suminda nods at him. He leaves.
Bua takes a leave from them. She comes to Raja and says its his duty to think how he must do his job. Raja says he was unaware about Kundan’s arrival. He asks about a way to get rid of Kundan. Bua ji thinks about a trick, and says Rani herself would make Kundan go.

PRECAP: Kundan cooks for Rani and stuffs it into her mouth. Bua ji discuss with Suminda about fixing Rani and Kundan’s wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. not bad but the track seems to be straying …
    this Kundan guy I assume is going to be Rani’s fiance and not the other guy initially mentioned … not bad looking but something about him just does not seem right …
    i seem to recall a while aback in season 2 where I requested from writers to give Rani the type of training she is now receiving (from Raaj) … I believe this would have been relevant back then and don’t really see the significance now as she is already versed in physical fitness (1st episode) ?? still tho, i like anything with fitness …
    as usual Raaj’s performance was on spot (the sweating did help … a lot)
    looking forward to tomorrows episode …

  2. sunshine forever

    hi this is answer is for naz who asked me yesterday a question and for all who wanted ask me such a question like that one, If you were to lose your life partner whom you have a deep connection to and have spent all your time and love on, would you be willing to have a replica of your departed or not partner and feel the same way and carry on as usual??
    it doesnot matter whether i am a girl or boy my answer is yes. the person who came to my life first as a hater,and then as a frnd and became my life partner. whose always been there for me all my life time at my best and worst part of my life, who protected me from every person who tried to harm me who risked his/her life for my life, who kept me first before him, who did everything for me, who treated my family as his/ her family, who changed himself/herself becoz of me, who loved me throughout his/her life and i know will always love me for ever.
    i want that person to be happy for rest of his/her life with or without me. i want him to move on in life if i m dead. if he/she is not living his/her life and mourning about me that wouldn’t make me happy. it will make my soul more horrible and i can’t rest in peace if he lives such a life.

    1. Oh really? So when Rani had believed that Raja had died falling off the cliff and she befriended Iqbal just for the sake of punishing him for killing her beloved Raja, for selfless reasons she stayed with Iqbal just to find justice for her husband, why, pray tell, Sunshine Forever, was Raja so angry with Rani and hated her to the core for allegedly wanting to spend her life with Iqbal without a shred of evidence that she had betrayed him in love? Raja told Rani that she was eager to move on in life and forget him….FYI…… I don’t why I have to be explaining this to you when as you can see, we’ve moved on to a different generation gap in the serial, but since you had criticized us yesterday for disliking Naina, I wanted to clarify to you why we feel the way we did with the character Naina. As per you comment above, none of us has ever said that we have a problem if one partner dies and want to move on, by all means it’s healthy for the individual to find happiness and continue living but to fall in love with an exact replica of your departed, is morbid. Everytime you look at him/her, you are going to be reminded, when you sleep together especially or just about do anything, it’s going to remind you of what you have lost and no human can say that it wouldn’t affect them. My dear… I need to tell you that all that you spoke of in your comment concerning sacrifices and risking life, well…..its the other way around when it comes to Raja and Rani, she’s the one who encompasses all that you mentioned and he was the one who always doubted her, abused her emotionally and placed limitations on her love on their wedding night, so when we thought that Rani
      deserved to find everlasting love with her husband, that’s the privilege Raja accorded to a duplicate of departed love. I hope I never have to explain this to you or anyone again because time has shifted and this is a new season and we hope we can get all answers to our questions tied up with a neat beautiful bow….. ….

  3. Interesting.

  4. I think we should remember this a show not our real life the plot has to go the way the views want it otherwise the serial going to flop.If the writer kept the serial the way u want to this tracks going to the garbage like the last one.I hope the writer learned the had way not mess up with the views.Right know I don’t even want to think about Naina ,she was just a nightmare thanks the writer for finally listening to the views becouse we are trp give’s .Any show with no trp will get shot down . I love the plot Raju body & Rani doing a great job.

    1. Tina, don’t you think that this already established relationship between Rani and Raja feels like the honey left the moon some time back? It’s sooooooo….flat and uninspiring!! Today’s episode is boring in my book. Hopefully we get to see some interesting scenes soon…. Do you remember how dashing and charismatic Raja was in university days with Rani and the rest, I so loved those 60’s settings, their costuming and music was so entertaining and so loved by us all, it’s like wishing for the good old days to come back huh!!!! I’m just reminiscing…. Sigh!!!!!! ??

  5. Jess well said!.We remember how he blackmail her to spend the night with him,so bindu can go get Khan there. He tried everything he could to brake her relationship with Khan.u know Jess maybe this view just state watching the show.

  6. sunshine foreever don’t give your stupid ideas don’t compare serial with reality we watch serial only for entertainment not for getting depression if you are not liking track then stop watching it and commenting bad about it naina is only nightmare for us don’t take her name
    and give justifications. i agree with naz and tina i am also one left serial during naina track
    and cried so much when they killed rani character and bring stupid naina
    i understand you haven’t seen serial from rani childhood if you see it you will not say
    saything if you are a new viewer don’t give comments for rani
    she is our rani

  7. WELL SAID!!!! Naz, you answered him/her perfectly, hopefully it’s the last we’ll hear of this absurd justification for the heights of stupidity of the Naina/Raja track,

  8. Naj,ur right I wish We could get that kind of old tacks back,but what to do the dum writer mess it up very bad. Some time I wonder how we got here becouse we had excellent Actors that time not only Rajaa &Rani everybody was doing full justice to theier roles .I still thinks this track will get batter than Donje& Naina tracks.lets give I it time little bite.

  9. Dear Sunshine, you are fully entitled to freely express your views irrespective of whether it is with or against the tide.. But you have to do it in a subtle way without imposing your views on others and rebuking others for holding their views.. This principle is applicable to all and you also have to adhere to it…

  10. As far as etretr season 3 concerned, I neither saw the episode nor read the updates.. But I know I did not miss anything.. I knew the spoilers n a substitute of Jeeves called kundan has entered.. Actor Karan suchak has been
    replaced by this guy as parallel negative lead.. I don’t wish to see ‘old wine in new
    bottle’ again…
    Plus gone are the days when raja-rani
    college days used to entice me to watch the show.. The show has lost its sheen and eisha-sartaj chemistry has lost its spark.. So I will going forward comment minimally
    and follow spoilers only till makers come up with a gripping storyline.. I m saturated seeing movie copies and iterative plots..

  11. Yes Naz,this new storyline is uninspiring.Somehow I am not liking Raj as a bodyguard standing in the doorways and Rani anyways calling him ‘Raju body’.That class of season 2 is missing. Even when Rani was poor she was never shown inferior to Raja except in a few episodes when she was intentionally humiliated by him.Still she was always shown maintaining her dignity.Here he is always seen standing almost like a butler. Bodyguards accompany normally on outside errands.It is odd seeing Raj standing on guard when Rani is in her own house chatting with her own family.
    I agree that we can not always expect palaces ,vintage cars and unforgettable college days,but somehow this body guard track is not to my taste,I thnk Sartaj and Eisha are feeling the same,the reason why that Chemistry is missing between them.
    And Naz , don’t you think that it is simply not possible to recreate something beautiful which is either lost or destroyed?Still we will watch it to the end as long as it is the story of Raja and Rani.Hope they will end this bodyguard track soon and get on with the main story.

  12. Correction……2 nd line ……pl read Anyways as ….always

  13. I concur with the views that the chemistry is missing between Sarrtaj and Eisha, the episodes now are dull, its lacking the fire of the college track. I’m not sure where this show is headed but I no longer have the zeal to watch. I’m hoping that the writers return to the love story between Raja and Rani soon, reveal the answers to all the burning questions that we have, and bring back intrigue to the show. Then and only then would I stop losing interest. Also the bodyguard role, (and I agree with Lakshmi here), does not suit Raja.

  14. Neither the snobbish westernized role suits Eisha.. I found her acting artifical especially when she tries to act cool.. Her ‘hot chocolate fudge’ and ‘no man’ is annoying…actually writers think the phrase ‘Raju Body’ is very funny but it is bugging..

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