Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was night. Suminda gets a threatening call who warned it could be the last birthday of her daughter. Suminda leaves her room out of worry.
Rani was sleeping when a masked man climbs her room. She wakes up but the man had already covered her mouth to suffocate her. She tries to hit his head by a vase. Raaj tells Rani she proved him a thief in front of everyone. Suminda had heard everything and questions Rani about it. Raaj apologizes Suminda for coming this way. Suminda was apologetic to Raaj for not recognizing her daughter’s lie, she promise Rani would apologize him. Rani objects, but Suminda angrily announces she must apologize Raaj. Rani says I am sorry to Raaj. Raaj thanks Sumida. Suminda requests Raaj to stay as her bodyguard, none can be better than him for his daughter.

Raaj says he fulfils each of his commitment till death. Suminda warns Rani she will trust Raaj more than her, she shouldn’t find any complaints from her now. Raaj leaves Rani’s room.
There, Raaj sat with the photo of Rani. His friend comes to him and asks why he has been working for this girl when he can get better jobs. Raja opens a letter and tells Krishna he has a reason to come here.

There, Rani sat on her bed enraged over Raaj. She comes out with Prieti and tells her about Raja. She was sure to teach him a lesson, they would plan something in college. Rani greets Raja along with Prieti and asks if he is vegetarian or non-veg. Raja tells them to come out of their car only after he signals them. He looks ahead goes behind, Rani and Preiti get a chance to get out and meet their friends. Her friends cheer watching Raja with her. The girls walk inside. Rani tells Raaj to stay outside, its group study and only students are allowed. Raja places a foot between the two doors preventing it to be shut. Rani gives up. Rani calls Raaj who doesn’t respond on the door. Raaj tells her to eat almonds first in the morning, and corrects his name. Rani tells him to taste the food she has ordered as its his duty, the food was all non-veg. Rani says he can’t complete his duty if he can’t taste the food. Raja stuffs a bite in his mouth to Rani’s astonishment. He tells Rani she won’t lose her life by eating this food.

Prieti says he won’t leave her today. Raja runs outside to vomit what he had eaten. The girls feel disgusted inside.
At home, Rani receives a phone call which was unanswered. Suminda comes behind her and forbids her receive any calls again. Rani notices she was really disturbed, Suminda explains she is only over burdenized. Rani closely looks towards her and says she is lying. Rani reminds Suminda of lying once about a frock, Suminda promised her then they would share everything with each other no matter what. She says she has brought her a body guard and is running away from her work in all these years. She says she will find out about the matter. Suminda tells Rani someone is threatening her about Rani’s life, those who killed her father are after her life now. Rani questions Suminda what it means, her father had an accident. Suminda says her father was murdered, and since she will inherit all his business her life is also in danger. Rani cries and was determined she will find her enemies and will not spare them. She would call the police to tract this number and not leave them. Suminda swears her of her life, she has learnt to live only for Rani. She wants Rani to stay alive.

Rani comes to Raaj’s room. She shares with Prieti they must get rid of a body guard. Raaj comes out to mind them not to search his personal belongings. Rani points a gun at Raja. Raja tells her to shoot at him, Rani says she only wanted his gun for practice. Raja says one has to take an aim of lion to kill him. He holds her hand and points the gun towards him, demanding her to shoot. Rani’s hands tremble. She was about to pull the trigger, Raja screams a no and pushes her hand upwards. Both fell down, Raja snatches the gun off Rani’s hand and tells her to save herself before attacking the enemy.

PRECAP: A masked man breaks into Rani’s house. She brings about a knife from under her pillow but the man makes her smell chloroform and holds her over his shoulder, outside the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode.. Nothing new as usual.. In season 2 when rich raja was troubling poor rani, I felt for rani.. But in this season rich rani harassing poor Raj made me feel for Raj.. I want them to come up with a gripping storyline.. So far story is just a copy of a movie with no interesting sequences..

  2. sunshine forever

    all the fans of etretr who ever reincarnated either she is rani or naina why does that matter to u so much. u people who are commenting here think u are the only people seeing this serial.some people are hating naina i dont know why, she is a nice and pure hearted girl maybe u guys don’t know that in real world there are some people like naina.and i accept that rani is ur favorite character but naina is also a nice person just like rani that is why raja fell in love with naina within a couple of days that does not mean that he never loved rani. rani will be rajas forever according to the story and u guys shouldn’t forget maybe raja and naina are soulmates becoz of that raja is separated from rani and found naina to set him free from his hatred and guilt he’s been trapped for ten or fifteen years becoz of rani and to find a true soulmate like naina which he needed.

    1. I do think diverse views are good but you can’t be upset with those who prefer rani to Naina. We are not criticizing for the sake of criticizing. The Naina track goes against everything the writers, not us the viewers, but the writers sell as their storyline. The Naina track was totally off piste (to use a skiing term). If there was some relevancy there might be even a slight acceptance but it was pure senselessness. In season 1 the writers said in the serial that a woman will kill Kaal. We’re on to season 3. Where is that? Kaal was out of the serial since long and that never happened. Again it’s the writers who established that not the viewers but the writers never showed it. So we have a right to say what we say. Furthermore, the writers killed off the princess (rani) who was to kill Kaal. So the royal story and family end tragically and it’s not in keeping with the title or main plot of the serial. You might be looking at individuals. We are looking at the bigger picture of this serial. It doesn’t add up. Lots of things went wrong with the serial. It just went way off. Then the writers bring in a senseless lookalike. For what reason? What relevancy? None was established. The show is about ” a king and a queen” ek tha raja ek thi rani. Not a king and a peasant. When the writers cannot deliver on what they originally market to the viewers, there are viewers who rightfully will speak out against it. We would like the serial to succeed but not with senseless tracks or characters that go off the storyline.

      1. Thank you so much for saying this jess!! Much appreciated. I agree to each and every line you’ve penned down . Well said ????

      2. Well said Jess , where has this viewer come from, all these months we have been commenting on the horrid turn of events here and never heard of this viewer who just popped in to criticize……maybe “sunshine forever ” is happy with anything shoved down the throat but not us, we are intelligent viewers dear, too many discrepancies in the story and we have a right to express our dissatisfaction when we don’t agree on something. So please….there was no need to criticize us, that’s what this forum is for, while we agree on airing out concerns, we have a right to disagree with the writers for not following through with what they themselves have originally written ,and that’s what we have been doing. So chill…. We are all hoping that the writers can clean up their mess, the predictions which the writers said were destined to happen ,never came to pass so you think that’s good work as a writer?? That’s shoddy work and killing off the main character and bringing in an exact replica doesn’t add up with us. In which serial have writers killed off their main character? If that happens, it changes the whole dynamics of the entire plot and the serial ought to end not carry on as usual. Just as you are entitled to your own opinion, so are we too and that’s what we have done ,we don’t criticize viewers for their thinking, we do so when our thinking ability is personally questioned. No offense meant though….

  3. Tina and Naz…about yesterday’s comments from you both: first Tina claiming this new raja and naz’s hilarious reply….I simply rolled with laughter. Refreshing, release-the-tension laughter. You guys made my day…..hahaha…funnily delightful comments….????
    Naz, regarding you asking where you can see the entire serial online. I usually view it on a site call http://www.desitvbox.net
    You see all the serials listed there. Click on the one of your choice like ek tha raja as listed under the different channels like Zee. That will take you to a link with the written updates and the online version. The written update there is the same update on this website. They share the same written updates. Click on the episode date you wish to see. It comes in two parts. And hey pesto…you see it. I tend to view it on different links within Desitvbox. Sometimes you might not be successful in viewing it from a certain link. No problem. Whenever that happens I move on to the next link provided. Whichever link I use, I get to see the entire episode. The only thing is there is no subtitle. But that’s ok. Once I read the write-up I can follow the show. That’s where I see all my online versions. Check it out. Let me know if you are successful. I should also let you know that you only get to see the online version just after 2pm your time (Caribbean time) on a daily basis because the links are only activated after the serial is shown on the TV channels in either India or North America. You will see it fully only after 2pm until whenever.

    1. Sorry it’s me…Jess who made the above comment. I typed an additional letter in my sign up and got the yellow profile picture as opposed to my regular green.

      1. Thank you Jess, will check it out and let you know if I was successful. I also wondered about that yellow color profile….. Lolllll

  4. wasn’t there a kidnapping last season ??
    jus sayin …

  5. So Friends the controversy started again,about Rani or Naina’s rebirth.and in this respect I endorse each word of Sandy’s earlier comment.Though we have had enough discussions on this issue,I would like to remind that there is no comparison between Raja’a love for Rani and Naina ,who was noticed by Raja simply due to her resemblance to his wife Rani. Raja and rani loved each other with such intensity that all the other characters in their lives ,Jeeves,Iqbal who loved Rani and Bindu.Laila ,Nainawho loved Raja faded into oblivion..Raja’s confession to his mother that he had loved Rani since he was 12 years old speaks volumes about his feelings for Rani,in hatred also he loved her and after her death also for ten years he could n’t look at any girl,till Naina came into his life.Now the question is why only Naina?,we know the answer,As Sandy rightly pointed out Raja tells Rani ‘s spirit before she attains salvation that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Naina keeping Rani’s love in his heart till his last breath .Indirectly his body will be with.Naina but his soul will always be Rani’s only :both in life and death.
    So logically Raja and Rani should be reborn and they are reborn as Raj Singh and Rani chouhan.So where is the need for all these interpretations?The same boldness,the same straight forward attitude,never mincing words on any issue:for me Rani Chouhan resembles Rani Gayatri.Yes ,she is a spoilt girl like Raja was earlier.In the previous life Rani did everything to tone down Raja’s weaknesses,now in this life. It is Raja’s turn to take care of herSo unless and until the writers give some solid proof,we should enjoy the show because our cool Rani is back as a spoilt and naughty girl.
    Coming to tonight ‘s episode ,Raj seems to have enteredRani’s life with a purpose..Is it a word given to Rani’s father whose death seems to be a mystery?In this episode Rani’s mother gets the threatening call and at the same time Raja enters Rani’s bedroom to prove his innocence to Rani’s mother and get his job back.Who was the caller?Was it Raja only?The precap shows that Raja will be kidnapping Rani.Why? Is he here to take some sort of revenge against Rani’s family.Well! The plot is still not clear but interesting.Let us hope that thr writers won’t disappoint us this time.

    1. No no.. Raj is training rani in self defense.. The kidnapping of Rani by Raj is raj’s test of her self defense skills.. It’s a part of his training…

    2. Thank you so much for saying this Lakshmi. Well said !! . . Will always continue to defend our beloved rani gayatri singh . ??

  6. This new Rani looks& behave a lot like old Rani’s spirit,some time I think I’m watching rani ghost track a gain.For those views who hopping this new Rani is Naina I’m sorry to tell u it is not going to happen ,the writer know very well Naina tracks was hated by majority of the views ,the trp ranting kept sinking without a trace.Why do u think they will make the same mistake again ?. My opinion is probably Nania might be Rani or Naina didn’t died she was saved by Rani’s ghost,BRm stubbed Rani instead of Naina that the reason everybody was saying Rani will be back.I have little faith on the writer not bring dum Nania as the leading role .All the articles I read saying Raja &Rani not Naina will be reborn . I like Rajaa nick name Raju body.Season3 is getting more interesting day by day better than disastrous Donje & wife leaps.

  7. Dear sunshine forever, why should I accept what does not make sense, granted you like Naina but I don’t, you are entitled to your opinion as i am to mine. The name of the show is ETRETR not ETRETN so by reincarnating Naina and calling her Rani does not justify her role in Raja’s life it is a betrayal of the original Rani and Raja’s love. The writers are to be blamed for the nonsense they wrote in S2, first by bringing in Iqbal and then the brainless Naina who was and always will be a pale shadow of Rani and expect the right thinking fans to swallow that rubbish. Thank God for the majority of logical thinking fans that stood up and said that they don’t want to watch this thrash anymore and so the writers had to do damage control fast, lets hope they don’t go down the Naina track again because they will write this show straight into the Trp hell.

    1. So so True Topaz. Well said !! You ve voiced my thoughts as well with regards to the sensless track where a lookalike was brought to fill up the void left by rani in rajas life . I definitely couldnt accept naina because , it was unfair to just bring a mere lookalike or a duplicate of rani to romance with raja for the rest of his life . It would ve been difficult for naina as well because she d know that raja would always get reminded of his rani whenever he sees her. Plus , raja and ranis bond was a something which grew stronger and stronger from childhood . As lakshmi has rightly brought out, raja loved rani from childhood, so when it comes to a comparison nains is no one near rani . She hasnt really given any challenges and tests in life to win her love like our beloved rani . All of it came easy for naina just because she has ranis face thats all. And dear “sunshine forever” , i do not hate naina , but when u r comparing both rani n naina, i would say that naina cant be compared at all to rani. Raja and ranis story has been shown to the viewers for more than 7 months and this naina n dons story ran for hardly 3 months , mainly because of poor trps since viewers couldnt tolerate the drastic turn of events with a fast marriage of don n naina and a very quick honeymoon , while he dint even go for a short holiday with rani . The writers tried to show ranis spirit as evil just to shove don n naina forcefully down our throats . But it backfired on them n many sensible viewers on this forum have come out expressing their disappointment with that particular track. Well , as far as the title is concerned, it is ek tha raja ek thi rani , so it has to be a completion of the original raja and ranis story , so i m sure that this raj is the reincarnated raja and rani chauhan our original rani gayatri singh . Only then , this story would have proper justice with the current plot.

  8. WELL said Topaz.

  9. Well friends.. Each n every article I read including the one on tellychakkar clearly stated that raja rani will breathe their last at the hands of brm.. It stated raja-rani will die in front of brm.. But the one to die at the hands of and in front of brm is Naina not Rani.. I feel Naina has to descend to take revenge from brm.. She may not end up with Raj necessarily… Raj will be with rani.. But to end brm all three have to come.. In short I foresee the entry of another girl too… Now who will be reincarnated rani and naina that only future will tell… But as of now good start to season 3 even though not as dramatic as I expected… I expected more twist n awesome background music n situation for new Raj-rani meet… Plus so far story on the lines of movie bodyguard.. I wish writers come up with some fresh n original ideas for the epic finale of this love saga.. Obviously sans regressive content…

  10. Thank you Topaz and Tina. I endorse your comments fully.As of now , there is no mention of Naina anywhere.Then why some of our friends are hell bent upon raising this topic time and again.Yes ,the writers brought in Rani’s look alike to romance with Raja for say another 150 episodes.Ofcourse still i haven’t understood the justification behind that move and they had expected us ,the viewers to accept Rani’s sudden death without any feelings whatsoever. (and my God what a horrible death it was!the man whom she loved and for whom she sacrificed her every thing : just standing there and unknowingly signing the documents for her surgery as if he was doing it for some orphan,and finally taking her last breath with no one by her side and only the police to bury her),that scene still makes me cry.Why did the writers give such a cruel fate to Rani? The young girl who ,for namesake was heir to Amerkot throne,was exited unceremoniously after seeing nothing but utter poverty and humiliations and difficulties in her short life , courtesy to Raja and his family and ofcourse to our writers ,only to be replaced by her look alike naina and all of a sudden ,our Rani’s husband is a transformed personality:he was so considerate thatshe was never asked to give any proof of her love for him.Everything was made so easy for her ,no proofs,no mistrusts ,no humiliations and no incomplete love story:Infact their so called dating and marriage took no more than 40 episodes.
    We don’t have anything towards Naina and we are sane enough to know it is only fiction,but in fiction also the writers are supposed to follow some logic .But the way they treated the character of Rani ,it simply defies logic.They just want Rani to do everything on her part,,expecting nothing for herself and finally to get lost like a saint.
    The viewers’reaction was as expected and now they are on the error correction mode. Hope they will stick to that .

  11. Correction 2nd paragraph 1st line towards should be read as Against .Sorry for the error

  12. “Sunshine Forever “, I don’t know if you are male or female but would like to ask you a question. If you were to lose your life partner whom you have a deep connection to and have spent all your time and love on, would you be willing to have a replica of your departed or not partner and feel the same way and carry on as usual?? Isn’t that morbid in your book or is that normal for you? I think it’s damn freakish!! We know it’s a serial but in order to enjoy the story, the human element must be inserted to add life to its characters, I suspect you won’t understand a thing we here are telling you so I won’t waste any more time to explain anything to you but just let you know that in real life, it’s more sane to find another love than the one who reminds you of what you have lost.

  13. Well upcoming story.. Show about to probably show a love triangle.. Not a new girl but a new guy named kundan has entered the show.. He is rani’s childhood friend.. He is quite cute.. Check out on India tv…

  14. Thank you Naz, good reply ,but as you said some viewers can never appreciate our point of view.Really not their faulti. If the writers who are supposed to be responsible ,create this type of controversial characters in their scripts and try to glorify them,the outcome will be this sort of unpleasant discussions only ,hope the writers are enjoying the fun.

  15. As per this week’s barc ratings etretr still not in top 20… Zee-tv launching two new serials one of which replacing ‘Kaala teeka’ from April 17….other serial launching on may 1..hope these new serials are sensible n palatable…

    1. Oh yes. The one replacing Kaala teeka is Sethji . The promos look promising and unique . What about the other show to be launched on may 1st ? Ny ideas?

      1. It is called ‘aisi deewangi’.. Leads do not look impressive.. But too early to comment..but any idea which current serial it is replacing?

    2. You are right. I just saw the promo of aisi deewangi – dekhi nahi kahi . If it has to go on air from may 1st , then i hope it doesnt replace our show etretr because, theres still a lot to show in this season with the new characters and the recollection of the past by both raj and rani chauhan and i dont think all this would happen withing 3 weeks time and that with new entries happening, i hope our show runs fr 2 months atleast and then end on a happy note .

      1. Yes I had the same doubt…just wondering which other serial is going off air…etretr has lot more to show…july actually would be ideal time to lift the show off air if at all they have any such intentions…:)

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