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Rana ji asks Savitri if she knows how to play chess. Savitri says there is a queen and a kind, queen gives her life for King but this is a game, it should happen in real life as well. Rana ji says it doesn’t happen. Savitri says may be it happened to him and he doesn’t remember. Rana ji asks why she didn’t marry. She asks if he has got eyes or buttons. She is tan. Rana ji asks who says black people are bad ones’s, if souls are dark they aren’t good but when body is, it doesn’t matter. Gayatri thinks may be Rana ji’s medicine has started to show its effect. Rana ji says to Savitri that she is right, he should start living in the present. Savitri cheers when Rana ji says he will give his wife a second chance. But Rana ji says he wants to give Rajeshwari a chance, he vowed Rajeshwari

at the time of marriage, now he will fulfil them. He says it was because of her only, Savitri’s eyes fill with tears and thinks she must talk to Raaj Mata.
In the jail, Savitri says they want to know who was there with Rajeshwari on the cliff. When they will know about it, they can prove it wasn’t only Gayatri. When she asked Rana ji to forget about his past, he thought she was talking about Rajeshwari. Raaj Mata asks if she had only this little courage to fight, Savitri had to go to Yamlok to get her husband back. The fights are not fought until they are fought inside one own self. She has to burn no matter how strong the fire is. Gayatri says she is right, she won’t accept defeat.
In the morning, Rajeshwari calls for tea. Rana ji comes wishing her good morning, Rajeshwari wonders who the servant is knowing English. She is shocked to see Rana ji and asks if he brought the tea. Rana ji says his hopes and tea have got cold thrice. She asks how it was so. Rana ji says it was a coincidence. Savitri hears this. Rana ji asks her for dinner together. Rajeshwari says everyone has dinner together. Rana ji says he was talking about them being alone. Rajeshwari spits the tea, Rana ji heads to leave saying she isn’t comfortable. Rajeshwari stops him and says she had long waited for tonight, she might not die of elation. Rana ji asks her to have tea. Rajeshwari dances. Rana ji stops Savitri and says it was really great to feel and watch her wife happy, he is confused what to do and what to say, he never did something like this before. Savitri says may be he had done it and doesn’t remember. Rana ji asks why she isn’t happy, she makes a face to be happy. He gives the responsibilities to Savitri. She suggest Rana ji to have dinner with everyone, but he says he wants it to be alone. Gayatri thinks Rana ji took her advice wrong, she pushed him towards his other wife.
Savitri instructed the servants, Rajeshwari comes and asks her to make it all pink. Savitri argues that she was given this duty by Rana ji, she will follow his instructions. Rajeshwari says it is all for her. She murmurs that is the sad thing. She tells her to get ready for Rana ji. Rajeshwari says she will take a lot of time today to get ready and leaves. Savitri curtly says he has lost that’s why he wants a monkey like her on this table and chair.
Bari Rani Maa comes to Rajeshwari who was excited and swirls with Bari Rani Maa. She says today Rana ji is going to have dinner with her, alone. He asked for it. She boasts it was a sixer. Rana ji brought her tea and asked to spend time with her alone. Bari Rani Maa wonders if Rana ji wants to spend time with this monkey in Gayatri’s presence. Is this Gayatri’s game?
Rana ji asks Savitri how he looks. She says she looks really nice. He asks if Rajeshwari will like him? Savitri says the one who doesn’t dress in colorful clothes isn’t acceptable. She gets him colorful clothes and says love is always colorful. She says her peacock is waiting for him. He goes to change.
Bari Rani maa says that Rajeshwari shouldn’t go with Rana ji. Rajeshwari says she herself wanted this. Bari Rani maa says a mice has to move towards cheese but if the cheese moves towards the mice it means it’s a trap. Rajeshwari says Rana ji has got the flame, there will be fire tonight. She asks the elders not to interfere. Tonight, she will be the queen of Rana ji’s heart, she can’t leave it even on Bari Rani Maa’s call. She leaves dancing. Bari Rani Maa wonders who should tell her that Gayatri is playing a trap which Rajeshwari is coming in it. She can only be uncovered if Savitri rather than Rajeshwari comes close to Rana ji.

PRECAP: Bari Rani Maa brings an expensive wine to Rana ji. She thinks Rajeshwari won’t be able to stop her now, and Rajeshwari was being restless.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji is a fool more dotish than Abhi in KKB Real stupid

  2. These actors have lost it crazy role

  3. Writters got u actor to look like 10 years old kid esp Abhi and Now it u ranaji

  4. one word “CRAP”

  5. BRM, BRM, BRM – My God just fed up with this story line! Trying to watch and be faithful to this serial but don’t think I can for much longer! The tables need to be turned on BRM like yesterday!
    Can’t see where this storyline is going with BRM asking Ranaji to teach Gaytri to use a sword etc and all the other rubbish. Like I said before, they should make BRM the lead and change the title of the serial. This story is now so lost from where it started.
    If you insist of this track then atleast show some flashbacks of Ranaji/Gaytri so that this takes away from the tediousness of the show. Even the faithful are getting fed up with this now and if it doesn’t change soon, you will lose even more viewers.
    Why can’t you now show Gaytri as Gaytri with all the spiritidness and intelligence that she started with instead of a docile wife who will do anything to keep/get her husband. WE NEED TO SEE FIREWORKS BETWEEN RANAJI & GAYTRI – LONG OVERDUE!

    1. so agree with u right now….but sadly tis as all our other comments will go on deaf ear

  6. So tired of this old hag

  7. You are right sick and tired of dumb ranaji

  8. Please writers enough now – kil bari nani maa and RAGESHWARI. Also give our GAYATRI back to us or otherwise end this show and move on

  9. the writers seem to enjoy our hatred for them – IDIOTS

  10. They are all foolish. Why they are not suspecting Bari Rani Ma the old hag.. she is supposed to be a suspect.. my goodness. Writers. You have made them look stupid. Looks like BRM is the leading heroine of this show now. Seriously. Just end it. And make a new show. You have spoilt it

  11. I have never seen such a ridiculous story line. I mean seriously this show has lost the little audience left. This story has been dragging since rags brother came on the show. Now it is just worst with rags and now her and rana ji will spend time together, WTH!!!!

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