Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Bindu was restlessly waiting in the room. Raja comes in. Bindu was worried and says she packed all their bags. Raja says he has a lot in Amirkot, she shouldn’t worry; anything belonging to him would go with him.
In the room, Rani wears the necklace with the knife. Raja enters the room. Rani wonders if he is still in Amirkot and forbids him come forward. Raja stuffs her mouth with a sticker, and carries her away from the palace; not ready to let her go with anyone else. They spot Iqbal coming to palace. Raja drives away. Iqbal turns to see a car leaving the palace. He enters the room and watches the room messed up. Raaj Mata comes in and was worried looking around, Iqbal says he know well where Rani is and furiously roars Angat!
Rani was still struggling in the

car while Raja drove. She was at once successful in getting rid of her hands from robe, pulls the breaks of car and run out. Raja follows her, and holds her in a high speed run. Both fell over, Rani above Raja. Iqbal’s men bring Bindu outside, Iqbal clutches her mouth saying she would tell about Rani’s whereabouts. Bindu says Angat must have gone to bring tickets, she is unaware about Angat. She is unaware of Rani or Angat. Iqbal finds broken bangles in the doorway, and recalls a car leaving the palace rashly. He leaves with Bindu instructing his men to keep an eye over Raaj Mata.
Rani gets up, while Raja clutches her. She wonders if he has gone crazy. Raja says he still thinks she loves him and not Iqbal, the way she was in his arms last night; how should he accept she loves Iqbal. Rani insists she still loves Iqbal. Raja wonders where her love was last night. Rani asks what he wants to hear, that she would have to live as a criminal’s wife all her life, in poverty and wandering around. She can see a good future with Iqbal, who will keep her in grace all his life. Raja shouts that she only belongs to him, he won’t let her be someone else’s. Rani looks away. Raja demands to look into his eyes, and prove she doesn’t love him. Rani joins her hands to Raja, requesting him to leave her life. She spots Iqbal’s car and was frightened at once, insisting on Raja to go away. Raja demands her to share the truth with her. Rani trembled in fright, she thinks if she tells him about the truth he would never leave her. She takes him aside, and hits the back of his head. Raja faints at once. Rani holds his face saying she would always love him, she is going away just to return to him. The next time they meet, she won’t hide her love again. She gets into the car. Iqbal stops the car, just in front of Rani’s. He reminds about forbidding her to get out of the room. Rani says she wanted to go to the temple before getting married. Iqbal demands her about the bangles. Rani explains she fell off in the palace. Iqbal apologizes Bindu, and asks her to come in Rani’s car while he would take Rani in his. They drive away.
Raja comes out of bushes, with his head banging badly. Rani tries not to look at him in back view mirror. Iqbal says for a while he thought Angat kidnapped her away. He stops the car with a jerk. Rani spots the gun lying on the dashboard. Iqbal silently drives away.
Bindu runs to Raja’s help. Rani asks her about Rani. Bindu tells him she went with Iqbal. Raja hurries towards the car to go to palace. Bindu clutches the keys of car.
In the palace, Raaj Mata was restless when Iqbal and Rani come in. She hugs Rani. Iqbal asks Raaj Mata to have inquired Rani where she went, she could have got an interesting answer. Rani says she has a single reply, to marry at once. Iqbal taunts saying since her bangles were broken today, and it’s a bad omen for her; he won’t marry her today. He demands her to go and become that old Rani again. Raaj Mata looks quizzically.
Raja tells Bindu he has seen the old Rani again, he can’t let anyone be his way now. Bindu loosens her grip over the keys, Raja pushes her aside and drive towards the palace. Bindu was left crying.
Rani comes downstairs, Iqbal appreciates the old Rani and same old hatred in her eyes. He points a gun towards her, Rani assures she never betrayed him. Iqbal pointed the gun towards himself, ready to give his life for her. He pulls the trigger four times, nothing happened. He says only a single chance left. He then asks if she loved him for a second, he would forgive her. He claps in rage about Rani’s game, his love blinded him so badly he couldn’t recognize Raja in front of him. Raja enters the palace then. Iqbal smirks.

PRECAP: Rani says she would make Raja realize and signs the divorce papers. She insists on him to leave. Raja says he won’t leave until he watch her marry Iqbal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. raja is so stupid person that it always ruined everything .he is so stupid

  2. indera sanichara

    Raja is not stupied Bawa, his love for Rani is driving him insane. I wish the writers them would let Rani tell Raja the truth. This story is so stupied right now it is boring.

  3. Hmm…..action!!! What I don’t agree with is Rani not telling Raja the truth. He asked her many times to tell him but she keeps hurting him with her words. Whatever happened to trust and communication in their marriage? They loved each other dearly since childhood, isn’t that enough for her to trust him implicitly and share the truth with him. I can understand how insanely hurt and jealous Raja is, I don’t give him wrong. Men and women handle jealousy and betrayal in different degrees, their threshold for bearing these emotions are vastly different ,so I feel his pain and I can see it clearly in Raja’s eyes…..ohh dear!!! I did laugh when I read the part in the update which say that Iqbal furiously roars Angat’s name….i could just imagine Iqbal Khan heavy baritone on that note. Lol… Episode sounds exciting. Ohhhh….. I do hope that Rani becomes pregnant .

  4. I still don’t understand why Rani wants to kill Iqbal and Raja is alive, she will become a murderer … Nusrat was the one who poisoned all those people
    Iqbal (understandably) simply wants revenge/answers for the death of his fiance, as no one still seems to know who killed her … he may be a tad underneath but his focus is extreme …
    Dadu needs to get a husband.

  5. Rani should have revealed the truth to raja much earlier, why she is bearing all this and acting like a stupid. After my best show meri aashiqui tum se hi ended i was only watching this and now i really miss matsh.

  6. actually rani wants to freed raja from that 40 peoples murder case..thats why she acted like this.. but raja’s impatient nature ruined all..he is always like this from start..always he acts like childish..but must say iqbal is a very very smart villain

  7. some of you may think i am supporting iqbal because i am dumb but that is not the case i have always loved him as an actor and i still do it is just the character that he got that many of you will dislike him but i dont he is a fine actor and a handsome one too xoxo peace in 2017 and may everyone dreams and wishes comes through


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