Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Wilkinsons fire a bullet that hits Rana ji on his leg. Rana ji fights back, while the goon takes Gayatri to the corner of the lake. There was a horseman that approaches and throws a knife at the goon who fell down. The horseman holds Gayatri from falling in the lake. He removes his veil off and smiles at Gayatri. Gayatri stands up and looks for Rana ji. The man doesn’t leave Gayatri’s hand, another goon attacks and the veiled man gets Gayatri behind him and kicks him hard. He fights others too as Gayatri observes him.
In the palace, Raaj mata calls Yashoda, she finds Yashoda’s broken pendant in the corridor. She thinks Yashoda is for sure in some problem. She calls the guards and asks them to look for Yashoda in each and every corner. Kunwar ji hears this, he thinks he must

stop Raaj Mata from getting the palace searched.
The veiled man tells Gayatri that she has been saved, yet he died. Rana ji calls from behind that she is his wife. Gayatri runs to him and hugs him, they ask together if they are fine? Then smile. Rana ji stops the veiled man, he says he saved his life’s life, thank you. Rana ji holds the hand to the man introducing himself but he knew already saying he is Indravadhan Singh. Rana ji asks who he is. He says he is the Maharaja of Amirkot. He whistles, his horse comes obediently and leaves on it. Gayatri says he is strange. Rana ji says for them, he is an angel.
A black veiled girl comes there, it was Kokilla. She gets to Raaj Mata’s feet and says it is because of her that Yashoda had to leave without informing her. She introduces herself as the neice of Yashoda, and says Yashoda’s husband is ill. She had to leave. Raaj Mata asks her to remove her veil, and Yashoda had no neice but Kunwar ji interferes. He says she must be a faraway neice of Yashoda, Raaj Mata stops her and asks her name but watches Rana ji and Gayatri enter the palace. She hurries to them and asks Rana ji what happened to him. Kunwar ji also watches them in shock. Gayatri narrates the whole story to them. Raaj Mata says it is her mistake, she was so worried for Yashoda that she didn’t believe in Gayatri’s worries. Gayatri says she doesn’t believe such bad omens and fallacies, but she felt something was really wrong. She apologizes Raaj Mata for going out this way without telling her. Raaj Mata says that she had forgotten that even after a storm, there are strong winds. Rana ji forwards his hands saying until their love is with them, nothing can happen to him. Raaj Mata asks who that stranger was, Gayatri says she has no idea but he was strange. Kunwar ji and Kokilla wonder who this new enemy is. Rana ji says whether the enemy be a new one or an old one, his destiny is the same and will reach there soon.
At night, Kunwar ji asks Wilkonsons asks who saved Rana ji’s life, now. Wilkinsons says that he doesn’t know, he came as a storm and went like a wind. Kunwar ji wonders how Rana ji is saved again and again. He accuses Wilkinsons of being irresponsible. Wilkinsons says that Kunwar ji is the bigger idiot, he couldn’t kill Rana ji in a hundred attempts. He suggests Kunwar ji that they must wait for the right time, they must find out who is the new well-wisher of Rana ji.
Gayatri stood on the terrace of the palace with tears in eyes. Rana ji keeps his hands on her shoulders and apologizes for making her wait. Gayatri tells him no matter how much wait she has to do, but he must always return. Rana ji says who would say this is the same Gayatri who played her life to safe her husband. He says she looked cute in boy’s dress. Gayatri asks the meaning of cute. Rana ji says meaning… he gets closer to her and kiss her cheek. Gayatri shies away, Rana ji hold her hand back and says he would never let her go. Gayatri holds his ring to him that she had picked in the forest, she makes him wear it. Both hold each other hand and spend some quality time together.
The veiled man was thinking about Gayatri as he vigorously sharpened his knife. He makes a cut on his hand. An old man comes out of the tent, and asks why he sheds his blood as water. He says the blood that isn’t shed freezes in veins. He throws the knife that strucks the forehead of Rana ji, he says this throne, Amirkot and Gayatri will be his.

PRECAP: The veiled man says he will get back what was his. Gayatri stops Rana ji from the fight, Rana ji says he has decided already. The decisions of Raja’s aren’t changed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now this show is getting many sponsors becoz many people prefere to watch this show other than swaragini and yrkkh

  2. Nice episode…Glad to see ranaji’s love for gayathri and hiss affection towards rajmata whom he onced hated bitterly…
    Entry of new guy was also gud..he has a style…
    Waiting for upcoming episodes..

    1. He is a villian the new guy. They hv shown the promos where he and rana have sword fight. But I think he is falling for gayatri … I like the rana raajmata gayatri hug. So cute.

  3. This show creating big buzz in trp after kkb in zee TV all star plus show has beaten except three shows dabh,yhm,saathiya other show has beaten… Till now this show is doing well let us see how it becomes first in trp chart

    1. Good. I love this serial.

  4. cant believe KKB is still topping the trp that really amazes me KKB is the worse serial ever it just frustrate and crates on the nerves there is never any conclusion but more and more confusion eish cant deal with it. ETRETR is the best in every sense of the word cant wait for the upcoming episodes this is one serial that should on the top of TRP,

  5. One veiled lady gone! One more veiled guy enters! Rani ji died and came bak! Rana ji about to die and is saved! But still its interesting as all tracks are ending fast! also every serial so far goes super well and interesting in the first year..then it becomes a javvu muttai! Dragging like anything…Madhubala..beintehaa..kkb now..everything became boring aftr a year..hope its not the case in this serial also..!

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like RG but cnt help laughs lots of veils around…..
    swarna n lakaan mmmmm
    laksh eish
    wer all tis foreings goras cum frm????
    Mst be cheaply paid lollll
    Oh God bfor writers mess up RG romance they mst hv child….pls in my opinion…

  7. Who’s dis new guy? Is he a long lost lover of Gayatri?

  8. Yeah who is the veil man n wat he want from ranaji

  9. Who ever the veiled man is he has gayatri’ s best interests and is more suited for her than that sulakshna loving dried fruit kissing rana rajput retard ji. HE wasn’t even rude or insulting?! very polite guy see destiny is coming through for gayatri. and rani ji skin is terrible besides his Low I.Q. and stupidity. I knew it I knew it if fate could help swarna with her streetrat mabe also fate is helping gayatri with a streetrat mabe rana ji’s father is actually a Streetrat? but then theres nothing royal about that family then they are common lovers of trash haha and here they wana go on and give gayatri a hard time tisk.

  10. and rana ji kissed gayatris cheek with the same mouth that he kissed bari rani mas hand YUCK! I will ask him if he sterilized his mouth first before kissing me.-a*sh*le

  11. I think veiled man is new entry Leila… Actually villian. They kept showing promos in tv. But ranaji and gayatri are so cute… I like tat family hug ranaji gayatriband raajmata. I hope these people think about swarna a litlle.

  12. The new guy is the Maharaja of Kingdom of Amer and he wants to challenge Ranaji for the throne of Amerkot and he wants Gayatri. He fell in love with her at first site. Can’t wait to see Ranaji being the stern king once again. Love makes him soft.

  13. Luv dis n ranaji n gyatri r so cute couple

  14. Let RANAJI and GAYATRI’S love win in the end . They deserve to be together and the two idiots Kuwarji and Kokilla get exposed of all their deeds and thrown out together with their usual gay son Laksh. I want this to be a true LOVE STORY for the GAYATRI/RANAJI after all the challenges they have had

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