Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumindra comes to Raja and tells him to keep an eye over her daughter. Raja says she never shared with her about her daughter, Sumindra says she doesn’t want to share with her daughter that someone is calling her and threatening her about Rani’s life. Rani would be angry hearing that someone is disturbing her, she might not care about herself. Raja assures to take care of Rani. Raja promises to take care of Rani till death. He reads from a paper and thinks he has to fulfil his responsibility.

Raja comes to his room and finds Rani on the bed. He reminds it’s his room, Rani says it’s her house. She throws a bag full of money and says her mom must be wasting worth 10k over him, she can spend 5 folds over him to leave. Raja burns the money in the bag. Rani was shocked to see this

and questions why he burnt it. Raja replies that a man with self-respect earns for his living. Rani brings boxing gloves and asks him to box with her. Raja says it’s his duty to protect her, not hurt her. Rani says he is a servant, but Raja corrects himself to be a body guard. Rani boasts about being trained in boxing for three years. Raja says he has learnt it on streets, through experiences of life. They box with each other, Raja’s shoulder touches Rani’s. He feels the touch.

Raaj Mata opens her eyes in the temple and stands to sprinkle flowers over the idols saying Raja and Rani have returned, they would defeat Bari Rani Maa together now.

Raja was moved and doesn’t fight back with Rani. She however punches his face hard to make him fell over the bed. She leaves calling him a loser. Raja comes to push her from behind, she fall off; she shouts how he cheated on her. Raja says she also cheated on her? Raja says he is her body guard, she has lost. The wall clock struck 12, Raja wishes her birthday.

Rani comes to her room where a surprise had been arranged for Rani by Sumindra and Prieti Raja hurries to the room at the sound of balloons, Rani says it’s a balloon only. Rani was worried about her friends, what they would think about Raja. Sumindra gives Rani her gift and leaves. In the room, Rani thinks she must make Raja leave. Rani’s gift was an expensive necklace, she says this would make her win her game now.

In the party, girls compliments Rani’s necklace. One of them spots Raja and wish for such body guard. Rani boasts this necklace is worth millions. Prieti comes to ask Rani what she would do about Raja now. Rani winks saying magic. She plays guitar in the party and dances with Sumindra and Bua. The cake ceremony takes place. There was a sudden light break, Raja comes to cover Rani. The lights were turned on, Rani calls it a power drop. Rani thanks Sumindra about her gift, she touches her neck and asks where her necklace has gone. Everyone around was worried. Raja makes the waiters look around for necklace. Prieti says the necklace was stolen once a bodyguard was appointed. Raja was checking every wallet and purse in the party. He checks on Balu and Mohan. Rani comes to search over Raja, he doesn’t let her read the letter in his pocket. She searches another pocket, winks at Raja and brings about the necklace. Sumindra was shocked to see this and questions Raaj about it. She says the hands that can steal necklace from her daughter’s neck can suffocate her as well. She tells Prieti to call the police. Raja says it’s his rule not to touch a girl or money. Rani forbids her call police and orders the guards to push him outside. Raja says Rani has already insulted her enough, if he comes to insulting her it might cost her heavily.

PRECAP: At night, a masked man comes to Rani’s room. She wakes up to be suffocated by him and struggles to take his mask off.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. As usual, rani is being stupid. Now with an attempt on her life according to the precap, she will now see the need for Raja. Look, I have a better suggestion. Raja my love, forget that annoying rani (in whatever life) and let you and I (Jess) get marry. I would love to marry you. (Big blush) (big sighhhhh)…. You’re too dashing and handsome ! ❤️?. Sorry, I have to confession my love for Raja. Hehehe….what do you say Naz, sapphire, Laskhmi ?

    1. Jess darling…. I better start looking for a beautiful outfit for your wedding ,Indian or western style? I’m inviting myself from now. You know what Jess, it feels kinda odd how we have no choice but to comment on the updates, when what we are seeing is so lagging behind. Can you remember how many episodes we are behind? Too much of my time is consumed between watching zeetv, the written update and watching ozee episode, BTW…do you see the entire episode? I only see segments of it, don’t know if I can view the current episode elsewhere…..in its entirety. I wish what we are seeing now can be seen as a special marathon on zeetv so that we can all be watching the same episode as our counterparts in other parts of the globe, it’s not fair huh………..

      1. Lol…reading your comments and a few others about getting married to Sartaj made me smile. And I have to tell you it’s refreshing and so good to be able to enjoy this given how depressing has been my mood since season 2.

  2. Cathy

    This has story line has possibilities.

  3. indera sanichara

    Jess let’s hope your wish come true, you never know what can happen in the future. Dont like todays ephoside its boring, same drama in all serial, we need something fresh and sweet. What you think Naz?.

    1. Well I certainly wish Jess’s dreams come true, I know Jess loves him loves him and she’s has been very loyal since the beginning. Indera, I HOPE if things work out, you can be one of the bridesmaids and I want to be matron of honor ?? Seriously Indera, don’t you think it would have been more exciting if Rani and Raja hadn’t met yet? It feels flat, no drama-rama, like how when you see someone for the first time, you feel that attraction and you feel so breathless……i would have loved to see a meeting like that between them. I think with Raja’s subdued role and temperament , writers are going to play with our emotions again and we could end up falling in love with him all over… Well, Jess wants him for herself so I better watch what I say or I could well lose the matron of honor title??

      1. Hahaha…another big smile to read both comments of Naz and Indera. Really guys, you made me smile a lot reading your comments. You guys are just too sweet and adorable. Love you guys lots. Indeed, if dreams come true like this, you guys will be VVIP guests! ???? and Naz…you really had me rolling with laughter on the “I better watch what I say or lose the maid of honour title” hahahahaha….very nice! Please feel free to gush over him and comment as it makes me proud of him …lol…???
        On a serious note, I agree with you Naz the magic and feeling of seeing two persons meeting and falling in love is missing in this season. It was so brilliantly portrayed in season 2. I was looking forward to it again in this season. But I’m disappointed.

  4. Nice 2nd episode … a little slow but good …
    Raja as usual, calm, honest, complete …
    I like Eisha’s role as writer’s can work with her character …
    What I do not like is the same roles for Dadu and BRM … I thought this would be written off or at least postponed until much further in the season … where writer’s could gradually work them back into different roles…
    I see a touch of Naina tho … strong-willed, independent much like myself (I must say) willing to get what she wants, whatever it takes … I like

  5. topaz did hear what Rajmata said”. She is our Rani.I dont think Naian chapter been closed now,the writer trying to make her fit in pilot,they will prove her to be Rani. this new Rani behave way different than the old Rani.What like about this Rani she brave, strong &confident she doesn’t cry like the other Rani,so fare I’m loving season3 .Jess,this new Rajaa is mine only mine ,so stay away from him?

    1. OMG… Tina…. You too?? You sly thing!! All this time and I never got an inkling that you love Raja too and Topaz is in the mix now. I don’t know how you beautiful ladies are going to share him. If Jess marries him and you all are invited, she runs the risk of losing him because when the priest asks whoever in the audience has reason to say why this couple should not marry come forward or forever hold your peace…..both of you might stand up.. ? ? ? ? seriously guys…. I’m so glad to laugh to chat as normal with you, we’ve been so frustrated for the past months and it’s so healthy to laugh and poke fun at each other today. Writers almost sent us to seek psychiatric help…. Lordddddd……. What a bad phase we passed through, like a bad relationship ? ? ? ? ? ………

  6. Thank God! I really couldn’t stand another dose of Naina. And i guess we all will have to stand in line for Sarrtaj, lol

  7. Hi all, yesterday’s episode had nothing to look forward to.. It was OK.. Plus I felt eisha is unable to pull off this snobbish role properly.. Sartaj was doing it well in season 2..anyways I hope this Preeti doesn’t fall in love with Raj like it happened in the movie BODYGUARD.. N plus I think Bua is the one trying to kill rani.. The actress playing her Bua has generally played negative roles only… Rajmata is healthy n like Rakhee in the movie ‘karan-arjun’ she is waiting for raja-rani in Durgamata temple.. 🙂

  8. As far as yesterday’s precap is concerned raja is the masked man attacking rani.. It is part of his plan to prove his innocence..

  9. He hehe.. N what is this HOT CHOCOLATE FUDGE that new rani keeps saying every now and then?.. Plus our convent educated new rani says ‘BOX ME’ and ‘FIGHT ME’.. correct me if I m wrong.. Correct English usage is’ Box with me’ and ‘fight with me’.. Probably the convent in which new rani studied did not teach her prepositions… 🙂

  10. Awsome episode raja s rocking

  11. cute hot chocolate frunch ……

  12. Jess, looks like Sartaj has been waiting for you only,we all know he doesn’t have any girl friend. Come on,dear girl,what are you waiting for? Send him your photos right away.Why should he run after a boxer girl when our Jess is there to love him ,love him AND love him.JBut be ready for a Punjabi style wedding also as your hero is a Punjabi Munda.And don’t forget to invite me,Ofcourse I will be there without invitation also.

  13. Yes Naz I also wish that Jess’s dreamscome true and why not? If God wills ,nothing is impossible in this world. I feel as if we are all in a lighter mood today after so many episodes,as if a heavy burden has been lifted :hope the writers will strive to keep us in good spirits after all that gloom,anxiety and frustration brought in by Naina’s arrival .like you i also feel that Etretr is too fast paced and should slow down a bit. At the same time this was a blessing in disguise otherwise we would have become more frustrated with those nightmarish Iqbal and Naina’s tracks and ended up seeking psychiatric help.But definitely they should not have hastened up the meeting of Raja and Rani,
    Naz ,do you think that the contentional issue of Rani or Naina’s incarnation has been finally settled ?i think the answer is No,.at any time the writers may do something to raise that controversy again,.Till then let us be at peace ,and dream about our lovely couple.

    1. Hey Lakshmi.. U spoke my mind.. Yes whether new rani is old rani/naina reborn is a controversial issue still.. N I don’t trust what rajmata said yesterday because rajmata was calling naina also rani.. N anytime writers will throw a googly in the name of twist.. But I read somewhere that this season is the epic finale of this love story.. So probably last season..

    2. Yes Lakshmi, just like you and Archana, I also think that this Rani /Naina character is a controversial issue, I haven’t been able to totally put Naina to rest… I’ve just read Archana’s reply and it had me thinking… Suppose that this “new” Rani not end up
      with Raja but Naina meets him somewhere
      down the road and the meeting of hearts
      occur with both of them instead,maybe that could explain why Rani and Raja relationship in present circumstances feels like a dud, no epic meeting of hearts,
      he’s already been around her and we don’t know for how long, if he was employed only recently or was there for a while, then then writers have robbed us of some good tantalizing romance. I know when I met my first love, it was epic, my heart raced, I sweated and couldn’t keep my eyes off him!!! Well, let’s wait and see how things turn out, maybe we could be wrong and it could be Rani. I’m not happy about their meeting before the new season but I guess writers have their own plans and maybe they’ll tie up some loose ends and show the link between Rani and Naina. As of now, I’m basking in a little glow because season 2 is gone and I’m looking forward to seeing how this story ends up, hopefully enough to make us all happy.

  14. Upcoming story: the way Salman trains Kareena in the movie ‘bodyguard’ same way Raj would train Rani in self-defense.. Later on he will kidnap her..!!!!! Probably it’s a part of the training..

  15. Akhana

    How are you guys so sure that its rani and not naina? And if its naina then why did rajmata took the name of rani even when she always supported naina?

    1. Well none of us is sure.. Read our comments.. We all are confused as to who is reborn.. But as of now finding season 3 palatable.. 🙂

  16. http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/read-know-the-exciting-twist-zee-tv-s-ek-tha-raja-170405

    See this link.. Upcoming twist.. Nothing interesting about it though…

  17. Right now i’m hoping that it is Rani because I don’t want to waste my time watching only to be disappointed if it turns out to be Naina. I’m hoping that the writers will deal with the issue of Naina once and for all and by that I mean either they reveal she was Rani all along or they send her into oblivion where she belongs.

    1. Topaz . Dont worry , she ll turn out to be a reincarnation of our original rani gayatri singh herself , because only then the title would be justified . Raja and ranis story was from childhood and supposed to be eternal , hence it has to be a reborn raja and rani completing their incomplete story of their previous birth . The writers are just toying with our brains and trying to confuse us with this nainas character . Why should we torment ourselves with more of tension ?? I think we ve all had our share of frustrations and disappointments with the plot for the past 3 months ever since ranis death was shown in the hospital . Season 3 is fresh with news characters . Raj singh slays like hell with his suave looks and composed nature . His dialogues are subtle yet have a deep meaning . I love his punch dialogues especially this one to rani during their boxing match ” tum kare to cute aur hum kare toh rude?” . Just like jess, tina and naz I ve started falling in love with Raj singh. Eishas dialogues make me laugh out aloud , esp her “Hott chockklett fuddge” with all the exagerrated expressions. Lol. I agree with Archana, eishas accent and style arent upto the mark . This makes me love the character raj more and more with each passing day !! All in all , season 3 looks promising , hope this gets a good conclusion and the writers dont mess this up like the previous ones . ??

  18. http://tvserialnews.com/ek-tha-raja-ek-thi-rani-raja-turns-ranis-bodyguard-after-rebirth/

    This article says new rani is reincarnation of naina.. Check it out..

    1. What to they mean by raja and naina would take rebirth n return as raja and rankli once again?? It doesnt make sense .
      The story of raja and rani is supposed to be the soul of etretr , not that of a mere lookalike naina. The connection between naina and rani wasnt explained well and in last fridays episode , brm speaks about raja and ranis story being destroyed after she stepped on their blood . There is still a confusion on nainas identity . If she is rani , all of it makes sense . If she is not , n was just a mere lookalike , then bringing her back and giving her another life in the next birth would be complete injustice to raja and ranis eternal love story and rajas heavy dialogues on their love story being alive for ages . Those dialogues he spoke during ranis soul attaining salvation , about how he would always have rani in his heart and just spend the rest of his life with naina , would all fall in place only if this rani chauhan is the original rani gayatri singh . I dont know about the authenticity of this website where this article has been published. Usually , tellychakkar’s articles are true about 90% of the times . I strongly feel that this rani chauhan is rani gayatri singh herself , and if this has to be the final season n marks the closure of this serial, then it cannot be naina as the reincarnated form , that would destroy the whole essence of the serial . I m sure the writers would close this show on a glorious note rather than a distasteful one.

      1. Yes.. Ideally it should be rani gayatri Singh but our writers are capable of showing anything.. They may try to shoot two birds with one arrow.. So they reincarnated naina and named her rani.. Or eisha may be reincarnated naina n some other girl or new actress will be original rani reincarnated.. So it will be clear actress eisha vs character rani tussle among viewers n as per trps story will reach its climax… Or
        As per many spiritual n religious texts once a soul is absolved of all its bad karma it attains ultimate salvation and merges with God n doesn’t reincarnate again.. So original rani may have attained ultimate salvation.. Since naina was the one brutally murdered by brm.. naina should be the one to kill Brm in this birth logically along with raja.. Plus yesterday sartaj n eisha’s interview implied that new rani is naina reborn. Not only me topaz also understood it the same way.. U can also see the interview n share ur implications of the same…
        Or it could very well be our old rani reborn.. As of now new rani’s personality is a mixture of old rani and naina.. So very hard to decipher.. We have to wait n watch dear..

    2. Yea. You are talking about the interview where sarrtaj says that hes doing the same job he did in his previous birth , that is protecting naina as don. Now he is doing the same with rani chauhan as a bodyguard . Well that did give me vibes on rani chauhan being a reincarnated naina . But seeing the different traits of rani , such as being bold , independent and fighting for her own rights her way is similar to rani gayatri singh , while her attitude towards life in enjoying it to the fullest is similar to naina. In conclusion, i feel she displays majority of rani gayatri singhs traits . Yea , agreed on the fact that time will reveal everything . Will have to sit back and watch for the mystery to unravel .

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