Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was night, Rani tries to wake Raaj up as she was thirsty. She notices there was no water in the jug. She struggles to get the water but fell halfway. Raaj wakes up at once and runs towards her. Outside the room, everyone was waiting while Raaj was worried considering himself responsible for the accident. Sunanda assures this isn’t her mistake. He prays in the temple about safety of Rani and his child. The doctor comes to inform the family about birth of twin daughters. They all call Raaj and gives him the news. They were allowed to meet Rani. Raaj goes inside. In the room, Raaj apologizes Rani holding her hand. He tells Rani their daughters are the biggest happiness of his life. Everyone comes in cheerful. Rani says she has decided the names as well, one if Riddhi while other is Siddhi.

Raaj brings toys for his kids. Rani asks for a gift for herself, he signals Rani to stay silent for a while. Anandi and Chitra judge well and leave them alone. Raaj gifts her a jewelry piece and says he can’t bear to lose any of them now. They spend some quality time with each other.
It was night, Rani turns to go and bring oil for massage. The light goes off at once. Raaj had to go and check the electricity. Sakshi comes there, Raaj and Rani leave Sakshi beside the babies. In the corridor, Rani suspects someone was following her. In the room, the baby begins to cry. Sakshi goes to get her doll to play with her. Vasundra comes to hold one of the babies, saying she will take her away as she wants her mother to cry. She wants Rani to realize the pain of losing one’s child. Rani hears a knock at the door and wonders who must be here so late. The police arrived to warn them that Vasundra flee from jail. Raaj asks how it this possible, how can Vasundra leave the jail after all the security? Sakshi comes there asking about Riddhi and says she is missing from her cradle. Rani and Raaj run inside, only Siddhi was there. Rani comes downstairs crying. Anandi and Chitra come to the hall. Rani cries for Riddhi telling everyone about the news. The police also look around with the family. Sunanda takes a chance to go outside the house with Riddhi.
Later, Vasundra wonders what Rani would do now. She brought her child from under her nose. She will bring Rani up and will turn her just like herself. There would be a day Siddhi would confront Rani. Raaj shouts at the servants for not taking care. Rani fell on the couch crying that her child is really a minor.
There, Vasundra says Rani still has to say the biggest defeat of her life; time will tell what Vasundra is capable of and what Rani can do. She speaks to Riddhi that she is now her shadow, she will love her dearly and resultantly Riddhi will do all that she would say. She laughs wickedly.
Raaj and Rani comes to the temple and vow to find their daughter. Rani says they will either bring Riddhi back or won’t return at all.

PRECAP: Rani cries in the car asking Raaj where Vasundra has taken Riddhi to. Raaj holds her hand saying they have vowed to take Riddhi back. The car gets out of control and struck a tree.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. are they going to die? i meant raja and rani they got in an accident are there going to be more rebirth? please end this on a good note let rani get her daughter back and end this damn serial and i meant mean and not meant in the first line i have no been following ETRETR so i am sailing right now i have no clue of what has been going on i have no idea of that woman who kidnap rani’s daughter sooo

  2. OMG i have made so many mistakes in my comment in line three its not and not no and i meant i have no idea who that woman is and not of that woman jeez man

    1. Today ‘s episode is the last episode of etretr..Raj-rani will die ..Whether they will get back riddhi is yet to be seen…!!!

  3. Raj and Rani will die,but the spoilers say that they will be together in the heaven. I believe that Riddhi will be saved else the story should have sequence as will be unfinished.


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