Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji puts in Sindoor, Gayatri fell on floor. He leaves the hall. Gayatri was broken.
Rajeshwari stood outside the palace with Avdesh’s coronation dust. She says that palace always wanted him to go away from her, but now she will live here always. She spreads the dust on the garden soil and says she will now punish both the murderers. Bari Rani Maa comes and says she liked it that her fire of revenge didn’t die with rounds. She tells Rajeshwari that she has got Rana ji but Gayatri hasn’t lost him. The real revenge will be when Rana ji will forget even Gayatri’s name. She tells Rajeshwari that she must get close to Rana ji, she must do it on their wedding night. Rajeshwari boasts that no man could ever avoid her. She leaves. Bari Rani Maa thinks that she was wrong in her

choice, she should have chosen her instead of Avdesh in the first place.
Raaj Mata brings Gayatri to the room. Gayatri says Rajeshwari isn’t alone, there is someone helping her. This wedding is a deception and a bigger one. She leaves the room.
Rajeshwari received the gifts, Kokilla stood with her. Rajeshwari says to Gayatri that she was just about to call her, she says that Gayatri must not have forgotten Rana ji. It is her wedding night, and who can better tell her what her husband likes or not. Gayatri says if one drops his shoe, it is then that a thorn pricks the bare foot. Gayatri says Rana ji hates a lie the most, and her wedding is the biggest lie. Rajeshwari tells her to stop it. Gayatri says horses are controlled, lions aren’t. She says that she will disclose her truth in front of Rana ji. Rajeshwari asks Gayatri to look carefully that she is the wife of Rana ji now, Rana ji is only hers. Rajeshwari laughs and recalls the three vows of Rana ji. She says to Gayatri that she is no more a wife of Rana ji, but a maid. If her husband doesn’t belong to Gayatri, she has no right to wear jewelry of his name. She snatches the jewelry off Gayatri’s forehead and hands. Swarna asks Rajeshwari to leave Gayatri, but Rajeshwari struggles to take the ring off. Gayatri smiles victoriously, she says she couldn’t separate the ring of Rana ji how she will separate Rana ji from her. She takes the ring off herself.
Gayatri says she hasn’t accepted any defeat, a bride is decorated with them but not made of them. A bride is made with love. Jewelry can be find in markets as well, love and devotion doesn’t. Where will Rajeshwari get that? She says that Rajeshwari has snatched everything, but she can’t take the love she has in her heart for her husband. Gayatri says from today her life has only one aim, to bring her truth to Rana ji. Gayatri says as each of her lie come to Rana ji, she will wear her jewelry back. Gayatri leave the hall, comes to temple and brings her candles. She says she will light each candle with each promise that breaks. She promise Rajeshwari that with the lighting of third candle, Rana ji will be hers back. She promises that in the next few days Rana ji will have only one wife, Rani Gayatri Devi. She says she will light the first candle when she will become a wife, the second when she will become Rani of Amirkot, and third when she will give an heir to Amirkot. She turns to face Rajeshwari determined.
Rajeshwari says it is her mistake, she shouldn’t have dealt with a maid. She tells Gayatri to go and prepare their wedding bed. Gayatri says she will comply with each of Rana ji’s promises. She congratulates Rajeshwari on her wedding. Rajeshwari thinks that her poison will speak through her husband’s tongue now.
At night, Gayatri decorated the room. Rana ji comes in, holds Gayatri’s hand and asks what she is doing. Rajeshwari was with him. Gayatri takes her hand off his and says she is complying with his promise. Rana ji says she had done a lot of promises, while taking seven rounds with him. He says if she couldn’t fulfil the requirements of a wife, why fulfil the promises made as a maid.
Rana ji says that this is all a game for Gayatri, she may win over Rajeshwari but he has lost. He painfully says he has lost everything. He goes and gets a dress for Rajeshwari, saying this is her wedding night gift. Rajeshwari happily takes it. Rana ji says he wants her to wear it tonight. He asks Gayatri what she is doing here? He drags her out of the room, and pushes her away. He says her hands must not have shivered decorating the bed, but her soul will shiver. If questions remain unanswered, it becomes a burden. From today, she will also take this burden on her heart just the way he has held the burden of her secret. She would also not know what happened inside this room tonight. He slaps the door shut. Rajeshwari was excited, she goes towards the bed. Rana ji was badly hurt and cried.

PRECAP: Rana ji says to Rajeshwari that he tried his best, but couldn’t stay away. In the morning, Gayatri was combing Rajeshwari and watches the bruises over her body. Rajeshwari says that Rana ji is really wild.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. My heart hurts for Gayatri..


    1. Sonia Gonsalves

      My feelings exactly, this show has gone from bad to worse.

  3. I read that he did not spend the night with R though. He cried because he loves Gayatri so much but says hurtful/hateful things to her. I guess its the anger talking and yes this is only tv drama but it really does send out the wrong message to viewers. I have not watch the show in a while. Sid is such a handsome and talented man I just cant figure out why he would agree to do such a show that demoralize women. I am hoping the writers read these comments and make changes because the show has very low rating. It is now a show about nothing.

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Huh wat a joke no suhaag nyt wit Gayatri? But wit this jungli bush cat? Writers no wonder trps down n show should end….only reading updates! Disgusting man grrrr.

  5. As before, saw a video on Youtube which suggests that he did not spend his wedding night with Rajeshwari. I’m really hoping they will change this rubbish to something more interesting and less demeaning to women. They have so much material that they’re not using. What about Swarna & Cheetah’s story? Yashoda’s death, the other woman who knows the truth about Ranaji’s birth?
    I get the feeling our views don’t count since we are not living in India, we’re just foreigners who don’t understand their ways. Ranaji’s character right now is like those gangsters/drug dealers who don’t care about women, sleeps with a pro in one room whilst girlfriend/wife in the other room.
    Think it’s a male writer anyone …..lol

  6. This so stupid because he makes Gayatri prove herself to him over and over and over again.
    isn’t that a little insane?
    I agree, Gayatri should leave him with her head held high

  7. WTF Ranaji was married to gayatri for almost 2 months but the never concume their marriage now he’s married to that b*t*h for less that 24 hours and he slept with her smfh. Whenever zee bring a new serial the writers always mess it up, I thought this one was going to be different I was so wrong.

  8. The lesson in this show give good insight how evil is so triumphant and how some women make so much sacrifice for the people they love so dearly. I think there is a lot to learn from this show.look at Bari maa .She has conned everybody knowing very well that she is looked upon as an elder with respect

    1. So true. less than 2 weeks ago she was dying, now she can move a mountin and no one notice her….

  9. This entire story line is really idiotic , full of loopholes and downright illogical. Ranaji has to be the biggest idiot to be so easily conned. I certainly wouldn’t want him running my country. He is such a wimp.

  10. what is so unrealistic about these serials is this a man must know his wife what she will do and what she will not do and if you see that she is holding out from telling you a secret there has to be a valid reason now who in their right mind would do what rana ji did and that is to accept blame without proof for a murder you did not commit and take an old ugly witch like rajeswari and marry her and in the process destroy your marriage to the woman you really love that is gayatri and you could not care less to seek out the truth about the murder of avdesh and as for that old HAG BARI MAA you want to tell me that they cannot see that she is involved in the mess up of things use your brains gayatri you must know that the bullet was switched it did not fit the gun before so how on earth it is a fit now see what I mean this is the SHIE/CRAP/NONSENSE THAT I AM TOTALLY FED UP OF THAT THE WRITERS KEEP THROWING AT US ALL THE TIME LIKE I SAID BEFORE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE END THE DAMN SERIAL NOW

  11. Could not agree more – The writers are given around men the idea that wife abuse even if it is subtle in an emotional way to go for it. Women please learn from this dont sacrifice your pride and dignity for a worthless a*sh*le of a man. They never appreciate your sacrifice and feel quite comfortable hopping to bed with any women even if it a pr*stitute. Another thing dong ever worship your grand-mother or grand-father . They are sometime very selfish and think you owe them the world.

  12. writers this story has lost its value , nothing more to show I have to stop watching this s full of bull shit, crap you wasting our precious time

  13. it seems that all the serials follow the same kind of storyline. becomes boring after some time as there is nothing exciting. Writers please do something constructive with the story. it is a complete waste of time watching these. One topic will drag on for weeks, more nonsense that enjoyable entertainment.

  14. Ranji loves his wife , why is she not telling him the secret . Does she not have faith in her husband or does she think he is so weak he will kill himself . Dont only blame him Gayatri is much to blame as him . Give Ranaji some credit he has been forcing her to tell him the secret but she thinks her husband is not mentally strong enough to hear the truth that she is willing to risk her marriage and love . No guys I personally feel both is to be blames.

  15. manisha malaysia

    what ever punishment to Gayatri the raja marriying the lady who already raped by saatar ji somemore ranaji ‘s father..OMG….this should say out by rani gayatri…infront of the crowd
    whn the blo*dy b…..h rageswary took of al gayatri’s wedding jewels…whatlah u director….eventhough it is a drama but we are hurt cz of the latest track….the producer should change the writter and director ….even siddarth u act for money dun spoile yr.name by accepting this role…ek thi raja fans in malaysia cant take it…pls change the story before u loose al yr.fans….

  16. Nonsense!!!…….and specially precap is just stupid how can ranaji do this to gayatari she had done so much for her she exposes bari rani maa risking his life and if she is not telling the secret ranaji do not do lyk this ranaji never did anything for gayatari if gayatri has done so much for ranaji even she risked her life for saving his life so ranaji should know that there is a big reason behind it which is connected to his life

    ………….its super stupid uhhhhhh!

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