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Kunwar ji and Mr. Wilkonsons saw this together. Kunwar ji says this is good that Wilkinsons called Rana ji on Dak Banglow then kidnapped him. Wilkinsons says that he can’t make him a prince officially, but can do it unofficially.
Gayatri comes to Raaj Mata and was worried, she tells Raaj Mata that something bad must be happening to Rana ji. Raaj Mata says this is just her overthinking, she has sent Bari Rani maa away from his life.
Rana ji goes with the kidnappers, he fell on the rocky surface and hurts his forehead.
Gayatri thinks that her heart tells her Rana ji isn’t fine.
Kunwar ji comes to the room, he tells Kokilla that the sword is on Rana ji’s neck. Kokilla asks when he would kill him.
Laksh and Swarna sat together, Laksh takes the knife off

her hand. He says it is dangerous to give her a knife, he has told everyone in the palace that the injury on her wrist is because of her bangle. Cheetah watches this all. Swarna asks Laksh why is he so concerned this time, he is a husband and he shouldn’t try to be her Parmeshwar. Laksh says he is a devil, if she goes near that Lakan for one more time he won’t spare them both. Swarna is worried and requests Cheetah to stay away.
The goons kept Rana ji hostage. The argued saying they will kill him. One of them throws a knife near Rana ji whose hands had been tied to a log. An old man comes with an axe to kill him. He shouts Gayatri’s name.
Gayatri drops the receiver, she thinks if Rana ji didn’t reach Daak Banglow she must look for him. The goons laugh and mock Rana ji for being afraid and calling his wife in such a time. They ask when Rana ji became a rat, after or before marriage. Rana ji asks him to lose his hands, then see who is a lion and who a rat.
Kokilla comes to Kunwar ji and says he is always ready to see sunset, but when Rana ji is dying he is here. She says she wants to see Rana ji dying. Kunwar ji says this is the first step of their planning, they must be in the palace when Rana ji dies. He hands one drink to Kokilla saying this time they can’t be mistaken. Raaj Mata comes and asks which mistake they are talking about. Kunwar ji and Kokilla are speechless.
Gayatri comes in fighter dress, she calls the servants who say they must inform Raaj Mata that she is leaving palace. Gayatri says it isn’t needed, they will all go with her. They leave the palace.
Raaj Mata asks Kokilla what mistake Kunwar ji has done, Kokilla says Kunwar ji ate lentils. That doesn’t suit his stomach this age. Raaj Mata asks about Yashoda, Kokilla gets a hiccup. Raaj Mata says this is strange, Yashoda never did so. Yashoda was down the couch. They make a noice at which Raaj Mata returns. They make it up anyway, but when Raaj Mata leaves they think what to do with the body.
Gayatri runs with the guards to Rana ji’s car, they find the driver dead. She looks around, orders the soldiers to scatter and find Rana ji.
The goons discuss that first they must cut his moustache, the other one takes the axe saying firstly he must cut his neck with a jerk, he is Rana ji.
Gayatri calls Rana ji. The goons think someone is coming. They send their men to look around. Rana ji looks at the knife again that lied near them.
Kunwar ji and Kokilla covers Yashoda and bring her in wheelchair. Kokilla thinks what a luck Yashoda got, she is wearing an 11,000 saree while leaving. Kunwar ji took Yashoda on the wheel chair when they come across Raaj Mata. Yashoda fell forward.
Gayatri finds Rana ji’s tie that he left as a signal of direction. There Rana ji used the knife to cut the rope of his hands. Raaj Mata asks what happened to Kokilla, she was just well. She is concerned and calls Kokila, Kunwar ji hugs Yashoda. He asks if she found Yashoda, but Raaj Mata says she had been looking for her. She leaves. Kunwar ji hurries inside.
The goon comes to Wilkonsons and asks why is Rana ji still alive. He orders them to kill him. Gayatri gets a reflection of a mirror in the way. It was Rana ji’s watch. She holds it and goes looking for Rana ji. The goon comes to Rana ji and says his wife is here, but they don’t get cruel in front of women, they will kill him before she arrives. Rana ji stops his attack with his log, stabs him with a knife and run away. The other goon comes there, but Rana ji kills him too. Gayatri comes calling Rana ji, he spots Gayatri, calls her and runs to her. There were gun shots, he shouts at her to hide somewhere. A goon comes to Gayatri with his knife and keeps it on Gayatri’s neck. Rana ji comes forward, he says they are enemy with him and must leave Gayatri. Wilkinsons takes an aim of Rana ji and fires, Rana ji fell on the ground. Gayatri is shocked to see him.

PRECAP: The goon takes Gayatri to the river side, he calls at them all to come out else he will kill her. A horse man comes to throw an arrow at the goon’s back. He holds Gayatri from falling in water.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. interesting…..

  2. Oh cummon once ranaji dies to once Gayatri dies…dis is too much

  3. the good guys just cant STAY dead. and they just cant have peace

  4. Poor Yashoda.

  5. So who is the horseman n i hope ranaji don’t die

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Y ryt Hetal. Rediculous!!!! Eish rather they show romance RG n Gaytri gv child… now dats my way to goooooo lol….

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I meant u ryt Hetal….poor Yasodah i lkd her…lask is irking me eish n the two nincumpoops kkolia…i lk swarna n cheetah…

  8. I think tha horse man is cheetah…..

  9. Anjali Rajgopal

    I am so psst. Why does Gayatri always have to portrayed as the weaker one, for once they actually put her into a costume, and made her do something legit and then they took it ALL away by putting Gayatri under hostage. wth. Kills the whole purpose of having her come out and look for Rana ji as a Queen with some himmat.

    Ugh, YASHODA <3 man, why'd she have to die? Kokila is an animal. Kunwar ji is insane. Laksh is mentally sick. Raaj Mata is innocent and who knows how much longer shes gonna live. The King is so careless and gets kidnapped like no big deal. And the Queen isnt smart enough to know to NOT EFFIN SCREAM and attract attention. shaking my head. Lets hope next week they take a turn and end this scene.

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