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In the morning, Gayatri prayed along with the family happily. She asks maa to let Kaka go home because his daughter is ill, he wants to meet her. The younger bhabi says he took a leave last month. Gayatri says a lot of days have spent for a month, and he will return in the evening. Bhabi’s say that the servants must not be trusted. Kaka says he may take Gayatri along so that they are sure he will return in time. Gayatri asks her maa if she understands the pain of a daughter who has been sent away from her in laws. Maa doesn’t agree, Gayatri doesn’t remove her hand off a fire flame. Everyone insists her to remove it, she does but only on her own conditions to go with Kaka. Her mother tells her to go home before evening.
Raaj Mata comes to discuss something with Rana ji. Rana ji

says he has a meeting and he needs to go there, he has no time now. Raaj Mata says he doesn’t inform her about his meetings. Rana ji says this is an unofficial meeting, a soldier needs him. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji if he is forgetting the protocol of being a Raja. Rana ji says that all the differences are only man made, and a royal prince has to look after his subjects as a priority. Rana ji takes the proposal along, and says he will look into it when free. Raaj mata says she has high hopes with the British proposal. Rana ji travels to the village. Gayatri was there on a cart with Kaka, she was excited and asks Kaka to drive slow as she was waiting for Rana ji. When she looks at the car, she urges Kaka to drive fast now. She was disappointed at not being able to see Rana ji.
The villagers tell Rana ji that they have no water, more than half of the crop has been taken by British government and Royal family. An associate tells Rana ji that they got a stream of water made till the village. The villager tells Rana ji that they have to pay tax on the water, for which they don’t have money. Rana ji asks who has put a tax on that, they tell him it is his uncle and British. They have also made an office near the stream.
Gayatri tells Kaka’s daughter that one doesn’t have to be hopeless in life. She has made friends with the dreams and now never gets hopeless. Gayatri watches Rana ji approaching from behind the crops, she starts running towards him. Kaka calls that the land ahead is slippery but she doesn’t stop and fell down into the river. It had also started to rain heavily. Rana ji runs towards Gayarti who was stuck in water and was shouting for help. Rana ji gets her and swims her out of the water. By the time he comes out of the river Gayatri had fainted. Rana ji says that her breathes are really slow, the guard asks what to do now. Rana ji rubs Gayatri’s hand, then he pumps her chest and says they need to give her immediate oxygen and there is no hospital nearby. He bends down and pushes oxygen into Gayatri’s breathes. Gayatri wakes up spilling water from her mouth. Rana ji makes her sit up, she opens her eyes to see him worried. He is shocked to see her, she keeps her head on his shoulder. Rana ji calls his guard to get his jacket, puts Gayatri’s arm around his neck and helps her stand. He then drapes the jacket on Gayatri, she was about to faint and fell on the ground. He sits beside her and asks if she is alright, who she is as he had also seen her in library as well. Kaka was about to tell him but Gayatri moves her head at him. Kaka says she is his daughter. Rana ji’s holds Gayatri’s hand and offers to drop them home but Kaka says thanks a lot, they will go home by themselves. Rana ji tells his guard to leave too. He turns to look at Gayatri who was lost into his.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata is proud and tears the notice of Seth Govind. Seth Govind says that the crown of Raaj Mata has been mortgaged to him. Rana ji says that the British will now know that the ruler of this state has returned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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