Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the villa, a girl is shown working out to her full. A lady comes calling Rani. Rani stops during her workout. The lady finds the room all messed up and wonders what current this girl get as soon as she hears about marriage.
Rani hurries to the room slipping on the way. Maa was concerned for her. Her Bua comes to tell Rani she has been going on the wrong path. Rani replies to Bua ji she has been saying as if she is a drug addict, had 12 boyfriends or is pregnant. Bua ji shows Suminda (Maa) how ruined Rani is. Rani has rejected 22 proposals in age of 21. Bua ji’s daughter comes there saying she won’t also get married until Rani does. Bua ji tells Rani to be concerned for her daughter, then finds a lice in her head. Rani catches the lice and mocks Bua ji she has also been working

on the wrong path. She takes her sister into hug. There was a ring of bell, Suminda sends Bua ji to attend the guests and brings traditional dress for Rani to change. Rani calls her clothes close. Maa forces her to come downstairs in lehnga.

In the hall, Bua ji says after her brother died, Suminda took care of everyone. Rani comes downstairs speaking casually. Suminda asks why she didn’t wear the lehnga. Rani says it seemed to be Bua ji’s choice so she kept it for Preeti. The family was happy meeting Rani and introduces their brother to be London graduate. Rani speaks loosely about fairy tales saying she wonders what she must have done if she was a real prince.

The boy introduces himself as Mahesh, Rani says she got so many proposals already she doesn’t remember the names even. She isn’t talented or career oriented, she only likes to party hard. The family liked Rani and were about to fix the proposal. Suminda interfere sharing about a deal, if she likes the guy Rani must accept the proposal but if Rani does, she would have to accept her choice. Rani says it’s important to speak to someone whom one must spend the life. She asks to speak to Mahesh. Maa stares at Rani.

Mahesh’s family had left. Rani insists she doesn’t want to marry and fulfil her dreams. Suminda says one has to dream with some partner. Rani wasn’t ready to understand. She says she doesn’t want a man in her life, she can do something better with her life at least. On the door, Rani turns to think she can’t leave her mom alone but can’t share the truth with her as well.

In the party, Preiti asks Rani why she hates guys so much. Rani was drinking, and tells her she doesn’t hate guys and asks her let Suresh Mahesh come here. She recalls Mahesh calling her to meet him, she had invited him for party. The crowd cheered Rani’s name. Rani steps up a table and dances around. She was dragged down by Mahesh. She calls him as Suresh, he corrects he is Mahesh and says he understood watching her she isn’t a wife material. Rani pushes Mahesh nd twists his arm behind asking if he thought he can harass her. It’s not her clothes that are small, but his thinking as well. Another guy enters to help Mahesh, Rani twists a plate towards him and wrestles another. A guy there holds Mahesh from hitting Rani with a bottle. Rani turns to hit the guy with a plate. It was Raja. Rani says it was her problem, why he interfered within her fight. Raja says it’s his duty, he is MahRaj, her body guard.

At home, Rani comes to snatch Suminda’s pen and says she has been snatching her independence this way. Suminda says she is snatching her pen, she says Raaj is only to protect her. Rani boasts about her biceps, someone like her doesn’t need a bodyguard. Raaj was waiting outside. Suminda says she understands Rani wants to encounter new challenges in life. But she only wants to sleep well at night, she kept Raaj not for Rani but for her own relaxation. Rani was sure to make Raja leave.

Raja follows Rani through the corridor irritating her. She turns around, their hand touches his. They were standing in front of temple. She looks towards him skeptic. Raja says she gives shock. Rani says that of 440 watts, he shouldn’t touch her.

PRECAP: Rani challenges Raja for boxing, if he loses he would resign from his job.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Hahaha….oh my dear Sapphire. You were missed. I had to burst out laughing as I read your comments. At just the first line too!!! ??? I can just imagine your expressions as you write this. As I was reading the update I was raising an eyebrow thinking that it’s just me. But when I read your comment, I had to laugh. You made my day. But still, I think I will watch some episodes of this to see where it is heading. I will watch this episode online cause I want to see how they present this new Raja and Rani. How do they look? Do they have new names? What does the setting and time look like? Will comment later when I see it. By the way, can you or anyone say what time this serial is showing in the US/Cansda and th Caribbean? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

      1. Hi Jess. The show is at 6:30 in the US. However, the episodes they are showing do not correspond to these updates since they had previously stopped airing the show for about two weeks. Thus, episodes in the US/Canada/Caribbean are a bit behind.

      2. Thank you Jada


    1. Hahahahahahahahahah……oh my dear Sapphire….you’re hilarious. ???

  3. ok pls ghosts ok. pls could u explain to me d dowager constant return. let the old hag rest in peace pls. why d hell is she killing every1 now could someone pls explain this to me?

  4. Wow nice.. BODYGUARD movie reloaded.. Not as interesting as the raja-rani college days of season 2..but still good.. Rani Chauhan and Raj Singh.. Way to go..

  5. I like new Rani,I hope Rajaa will be groom better than this,like Salman khan in bodyguard.Im enjoy the serial again .

  6. This Rani not Naina ,if they wanted to keep Naina they wouldn’t have to killed her or make A leaps. she behave like Rani not dum Naina.

  7. Hey Naz. Jess .Tina our Raja and Rani are back .This is an occasion to party but not possible due to our locations.But never mind we have achieved what we wanted. No traces of dumb Naina ,our brave, Confident Rani all the way ,Ofcourse now she is modern ,rich ,naughty and spoilt with the weakness of drinking ,(Just like her Raja in season2) and Raj quite evidently a level headed and responsible guy like our Rani was.But I must say the villain is not as charming as Jeeves was.And from the very first episode onwards their chemistry.On the whole it is interesting and I can sleep well tonight.Let us hope for a happy ending this time.A big THANK YOU to you writers for giving back our smile.

    1. I will watch this episode to see what they look like….

    2. Christie123

      R8 yaar it’s time to party. I had stopped watching this serial after naina track bcoz I don’t like naina at all. But now it’s a bang myrani is back that too with a bang. Yippee

  8. Seems to me that it is Naina and not Rani that has reincarnated, the writers named her Rani to justify the title. Can someone please tell me am wrong, I wouldn’t mind hearing it. If am right what makes the writers think that the viewers would swallow the stupid Naina under a new name it is total disrespect for the character of Rani. I agree with Sapphire 100%.

    1. Yes topaz u r right.. As per what sartaj n eisha Said in the SBB interview today.. It seems naina has reincarnated.. N just Bcos this new rani is dashing doesn’t mean she can’t be naina reincarnated.. Same person can have two different personalities in different births.. But anyways etretr writers are always good at creating mysteries but unfortunately they are very bad at solving them.. N yes I agree with sapphire.. The initial magic of etretr is lost now.. However new season not bad.. Different shades of sartaj n eisha.. Hope story continues to be interesting…

    2. rani has reincarnated not naina because rani chauhan is having visions about raja and rani’s marraige and the times they’ve spent together

  9. Writers … I have so many questions about this track so here goes some …
    Modern day Rani, tough, party-goer … not too sure how u will make the connection as Rani was a peaceable person in the past … you would need to let her go easy on the toughness …
    Raja on the other hand can fit any role given to him because he was tough in his days …
    My problem is how would you fit in Badi Rani Maa here, if she was left as a spirit in the last season … remember that you would need to cover your tracks as you are now fully aware that you have a very scrutinizing audience on this forum …
    Dadu, sweet sweet Dadu … don’t forget her … I hope if or when she enters this season, that she maintains the dignity she so rightly deserves …
    Also, remember to slow the pace to allow the romance to grow with the momentum of the show … some viewers weren’t too pleased when Raja fell in love too quickly (they know themselves) …
    Good first episode … the floor is now open for comments …

  10. Dear Topaz this our brave Rani not brainless Naina.She was just a nightmare,so let’s flush her memory to the toilet..I was hopping Rajaa will get a bold role better than this one.I think I should be Patient little bite.

  11. I saw a preview and I see Raja dress in jeans, t-shirt and a sports jacket. I like. I like. Well, I will like anything about Sartaj Gill…??. I really need to watch this episode to comment better. Will do so shortly

  12. Hey.. All my dear friends… Please it’s too early to party.. It could be naina reincarnated.. I feel so.. N u all know many of my intuitions about this serial have come true so far.. Let the serial unfold itself n once it is affirmed that it is rani reincarnated u all party.. The writers may lead us on to believe that this new rani is our old rani reincarnated but just when rani-Raj love story is about to begin a new woman may come in who would be real rani reincarnated n eisha will be Naina reincarnated.. I don’t care whoever reincarnates n this new track good.. But u all do care.. So wait..

  13. indera sanichara

    Hi viewers let me give you a summary of season 3 for ETRETR. First Raja and Rani don’t like each other, fighting and hating each other. Second Raja and Rani start getting flashes from a last life. Then they falll in love with each other, parents dissagreement start. Third trying to find their past life, they meet the three generation old Raj Mata who tells them the story of their past lives and the kingdom that was left without a King and a Queen. Fourth the ghost BRM is back and out for revenge again. Fifth Raja and Rani will be fighting evil after evil, running and hiding from ghost and criminals, escaping death after death trying to stay alive to win good over evil until the end of the serial. Lol. Viewers I don’t understand why you hate Naina so much since she has the same everything as Rani you had to hate the writers for giving her that role and not Naina. If I am wrong and say too much, then SORRY.

    1. Cathy

      I liked Naina too! i think we’re in the minority though.

  14. Wow… I am so disappointed. Many problems with this episode.
    1) how is this even related to the original story? How did we get from the royal family with Gayatri and Ranaji to this crap? This show has strayed completely from its original intention to portray the convection of love and royalty. Why did we have to go so far into the future for Rani and Raja to unite – so far that they are not even related to the original kings and queens of Amer Kot?
    2) these characters already do not have much connection to the original rani and raja. They are wildly different. The only similarity I see is that Rani is still very strong – this time physically instead of mentally. Raja is a bodyguard? Wtf!? Could the writers not have come up with ANYthing even slightly reminiscent of Raja the Prince!?
    3) Why rush to introduce the relationship between Raja and Rani. Right off the bat they are shown as Rich girl and her bodyguard? Why not actually take the time to build the love story between them as two strangers instead of that connection? This seems rushed and unromantic.
    4) Are we supposed to expect that raaj mata is still alive (in reference to the end of the last episode)? This woman was literally a freaking queen of some kingdom in India at the beginning and it is highly illogical that she would be alive in the 21st century where youngsters are saying “cool dude” and speaking “what’s up bro”. Just adding gray to her hair isn’t convincing that she has aged lmao…

    Sorry for the essay, but this episode really disappointed and if the writers cared to improve the show, they would recognize the advice of the viewers.

  15. And I do not mean to criticize so early in the season – but a fort episode really makes an impression and shows the path the writers intend to follow. And as someone who has watched the show from the start, how we ended up in this situation is really a mystery to me. It is a waste of Eisha and Sarrtaj’s talent for them to have to act as these silly reincarnations. Hopefully the writers find a way to convince me that they can get this show back on track.

    1. *first not fort sorry for typos

  16. I don’t think the writer want to welcome our anger again.They been scrutinized enough to bring that flops tracks Naina &Donje,had that Naina was that popular they all shouldn’t be calling her Rani & make a leaps. Dear friends we can have our party now,I wish you all can joine me in Dowtown Seattle. Let’s forget a bout Naina like the way the writer throw her under the buss.

  17. Tina am not disputing what you have said but please look at Eisha and Sarrtaj interview and then tell me if you don’t have doubts whether it is Rani that has been reincarnated, to me they are saying it is Naina.

  18. If u watch season 2 from the begging till when Rani died in the hospital u will understand the difference between Rani & Naina ,why we hate Naina.The write mess up the serial very badly,they could kill Rajaa after he found out his devorted wife didn’t deseave him,but sacrifice everything for him.Or make Nian Rani ,but they didn’t they made Rajaa character putting Naina above Rani’s love when they promise each other they will not live without each other.I don’t want to west time explaining why we hate Naina becouse Donje &Naina love story was Disgusting I’m very happy it flop &backfire on them.

  19. Donji and Naina’s love story was so disgusting, that’s why i really want to know if it is Naina that has been reborn that way i won’t have to waste my time watching this serial hoping that it will be Rani somewhere down the road only to be disappointed again. I know its a little early to know for sure but I really don’t want to be looking at a load of crap again.

    1. topaz ji she was rani because the pandit at the last end of the season to said that raja and rani born again and this time their love stry is completed with a good end they both are always be together and not be killed if you want to knw tha she was rani please see tha last episode of season two

      1. But naina was referred to as rani post her death by both rajmata n brm.. How naina became rani?.. So some element of doubt persists as to who has reincarnated?

      2. yuppie rani is rani not naina because in her dreams she sees him and in his long hairs also shows that she is rani yl i m sooo so happy yllll she sees dreams with her old friends akso yups

  20. I’ve had a look of this episode online. And wish to state a few things:
    1) I know and expected that the reborn raja and rani would not know each other or even like each other at first. And as per reincarnation stories flashbacks are part of the process and then the two characters falling in love etc. And whilst in all fairness to the writers I don’t want to bash them too early, I gave to say I totally understand Sapphire’s initial comment. First impression sets the tone of the rest of the episodes and for me, personally, this new episode is flat. I expected to see a separate life for raja and rani before they even meet. But I was stunned at how quickly these two characters are in contact. I mean the viewers didn’t even get s breathing space in light of that depressing season 2. They just jumped right into pushing the 2 characters and their contact into our faces after they were killed just yesterday.
    2) I do expect that in the rebirth both characters would be different and have different personalities but again I think character development was poor. For me, whilst Rani’s personality is very different from her former self, I find this new rani just as annoying as Naina. I honestly think Eisha is too young for this role. She comes over as hyper, high pitched and squeaky to me. And when I look at this episode I don’t see or get the feeling that the character of the new rani is completely different. When it is suppose to be. For me this new Rani is the same as Naina. No difference. Whereas, the new Raja is very different and that’s thanks to the superb acting of Sartaj Gill. Now I might be construed as bias but I’m being honest in my assessment. When I saw this new raja I was like ” can you believe he acted as Prince raja with hatred and anger and self centered issues like Kaal, then as a don with looks and attitude that made you think that the essence of prince raja died when the real rani died. And now look at how well he makes you think he’s a completely new character with this rebirth and modern personality. He certainly gives you the feel that each character is very distinct and that is excellent acting. I mean be honest — look at raja in this new episode and as Don. You see two different character. But look at rani and Naina and you see the same thing. Hands down — Sartaj gill is a really really good actor.
    3) I’m kind of disappointed with the start off of this season. Now I’m not condemning or bashing season 3 given that it just started. I will be fair to the season (although I suspect I might be disappointed since every Indian serials start well and goes into absurdity and then end disappointingly, something Sapphire keeps saying with precision). I guess the episodes and story might change for the better and my mood will change as the story progresses. But my comments are intended for this first episode of season 3 and not the entire new season. I’m giving it a fair chance to succeed. But still on this first episode I’m sort of disappointed. I was really looking forward to a rebirth with real essence and depth and allure that makes you want to watch. I don’t get that enticement. Again I find this new rani annoying. I actually enjoyed and find more interesting the college years of Raja and rani in season 2. The way that story and relationship was developed left you gasping for more. But that goes back to the writers back then who did an excellent job in the early part of the entrance of raja and rani into the show. Those writers were good. Really good. You can tell that it’s not the same people writing. That’s my take and I will watch and see how this develops.

    1. Yes agreed.. As per the dialog in yesterday’s episode which says.. Rani has rejected 22 proposals in 21 years implies rani is 21 years old.. But I know the age n leap period likely to change every now n then.. :).. N leap period they played safe – they simply stated ‘after a few years’.. So it is easier for them to toy around with the time lines.. Yes dear u r right.. This role requires impeccable English n eisha’s English not so great.. So when she tries to sound westernized n modern she is unable to do complete justice to the role.. Plus her persona not like a foreign educated girl. Yes more time should have been invested to introduce raja.. In the first episode itself both met.. Anyways still story not bad… Let’s c how it goes…

  21. Topaz let’s give the writer a benefit of a doubt ,& let him develop a pilot like we did with 10 leaps.If it turnout this Naina not Rani,it will be another disaster for them.I think they smarte enough not make the mistake they did befor.So Topaz joing the celebration ,don’t listen to some views they are not happy that the writer finally gave us a back our Rani.The writer will never bring Nain for Rajaa becouse theier was never love story to begin with.naina’s chapter been lay to rest.

  22. And they are all living in Thakur Vikram Singh’s Haveli from Phir Subhah Hogi. I agree with Jess that this reincartnated version is more “squeaky and hyper” Naina than Rani

  23. Tina, did you look at Sarrtaj and Eisha’s interview, if not, then look at it and then tell me what you think. Right now I could never give the writers the benefit of the doubt not after the Donji/Naina debacle, if Rani is Rani then thats great, then we can finally say good riddance to Naina, but quite frankly this character is more like Naina than Rani. Sarrtaj is a great actor he has already changed from Donji but Eisha is still acting like Naina. I would have been the 1st one to celebrate the dumping of the stupid Naina if i did’nt watch Eisha and Sarrtaj’s interview where I’m left with a whole lot of questions that needs to be answered by those inept writers.

  24. Sigh….. I also don’t want to be too critical of the new leap and would prefer to wait and watch and then let my steam out. I do however want to say that that this role Eisha is essaying in her new avatar, is totally reminiscent of the character Naina and not Rani… It’s like more something changes, more it remains the same!!! She’s still annoying now, the writers have decimated my vision in how I perceive her to be. Sartaj defines the word chameleon, this is his 3rd character in this serial and he has defined his role perfectly, while he has similar mannerisms, his avatar looks looks fresh and different. I like what I see, he looks handsome and edible. I don’t appreciate how they’ve met already, this should have been a meeting of combustion, static, and electrical fusion, but it’s already done so we can’t change a thing now. It would have been so more interesting if they hadn’t met as yet but when they did, would have felt drawn towards each other and have felt a chemistry that was hard to resist!! I hope the writers know that they can’t dilly dally with mundane things but pit these two characters together with ferocious intensity as soon as possible. We need action and I mean romantic action ASAP…. I’d like to believe that all viewers are female and women like romance, sprinkled with all the other ingredients but romance…nevertheless. I love how Sartaj looks….

    1. Totally agree with you Naz. And you know I love your description and comments about Sartaj Gill. You are so excellent at this. I love it and agree fully with you.

      1. Jess, If only wishes came true…… I would have loved to have gotten the job of these writers…. I have written short stories for my high school and they were kept as examples of content cohesion ,artistic description and colorful and interesting characters. Anyway… How have you been, work and health wise? I’m doing good on my side, lots of home chores and errands to complete. I’m going to make lunch now… Chicken for the kids and salmon fillets for me with chunky vegetables, baked beans and boiled ripe plantains. I’ll send some for you later….. ?

      2. I’m good Naz. Busy as usual. But was hoping that the fresh start would make me happy but no it hadn’t. I wish you wrote the script too. Your lunch sounds good …???

  25. Eisha is a teenager,she doesn’t have much of acting power ,she is new & trying her best.I would love to see the writer use Sartaj more his very talanted . Topaz I saw the interview I think that doesn’t mean anything .u know they tried everything to make us love Naina,she was torture a lot more than Rani,but every thing backfire on them.I hope they learn a lesson not to underestimate how much we love Rani.If turnout she is Naina again I’m done for good..

  26. Well… New rani’s intelligence, courage and independence equivalent to old rani..
    New rani’s non-elegant and hyper style reminiscent of naina
    But new rani’s snobbish, overconfident and bratty nature a completely new personal..
    She is also somewhere between old rani and naina because she is neither as serious as old rani nor as bubbly n chirpy as naina..
    So she can be old rani or naina or both of them reincarnated in one body.. We have to wait is all I can say… Our witch brm n 100+ year old young looking energetic rajmata have to make a reentry first…

  27. N yes new rani is immature like naina n very impulsive n brash, which is a new characteristic altogether..

  28. Naz Jess Tina Yes definitely the new Rani is a fusion of I should say 90%Rani and 10% Naina because you can see in her ,almost all the traits of Rani with a hint of spoilt brat due to her upbringing but at the same time we can see she is confident ,capable of tackling anything on her own and very caring towards her mother ,the reason why she wants to remain single.Yes she resembles Naina in her habit of over talking but still better than Donji and Mummy. I haven’t seen the interview but I think her resemblance to Naina stops there only.The way she resents the appointment of a body guard and the confidence to fight the eve teasers in the night clubbrought back the memories of Raja following Rani everywhere without her knowledge and even gets a shock seeing her tackling a goon on her own .
    Yes. I agree ,she is not exactly like Rani ,but we can not expect her to be the same also.Those times and circumstances were different.In the previous life poverty made her responsible and hard working .As she is born into riches now,we are seeing a carefree attitude. But basic traits are same except for that talkativeness and drinking habit.Actually I feel the striking differences/similarities are not between Rani and Naina but between the Raja Rani of pervious and present births.We know that Raja was rich, carefree and and irresponsible casanova with the weakness to drinking,I can not say the modern Rani is irresponsible and self centered but definitely a Bindaas girl.It looks like the writers have now interchanged their positions as Raja enjoyed too much luxury unknowingly in Amerkot at Rani’s cost and Rani utter poverty.
    I agree with all ofyou Raja Rani’s meeting should not have been straightaway .They should have build up some story before that,for eg. We know nothing about Raja like who is he?what is his background?etc.. etc.
    Naz I also agree with you that the writers have,for the time being ,started with one or two subtle traits of Naina in Rani.As the story progresses they might tilt gradually towards Naina .It is better they refrain themselves from doing that because indirectly it is an insult to the character of Naina.In her previous birth also she was a look alike or substitute for Rani and in death also her identity was not Naina but Rani but atleast she had a different name then.If the writers still have not learnt from their mistakes,.their favourite character will be losing that basic identity also which every individual is entitled to.
    What I mean is if they want to show that Naina is reborn ,then what is this cheap drama of giving her Rani’s name.When Raja can be named as Raj ,then why Naina with Rani’s name?Why can’t they boldly say that it is Naina?Because their shop will be closed now itself.My god !if they have any hidden intentions they will be doing injustice to both Naina and Rani.Naina with no self identity because she is already named Rani and Raja Rani’s love story will still be Adhuri and Rani was hisfirst love and wife
    Let us still give them the benefit of doubt and wait for the upcoming episodes.

    1. Thank you so much for saying this lakshmi . I agree with you on each point u ve brought out . I was really confused with yesterdays episode on rani chauhans past , if she is the reborn rani gayatri singh or the filmy naina. Her bold nature and ability to fight for herself made me believe that she is our original rani gayatri singhs reincarnated version . But then title track which played during the jolt of shock “raj” felt with rani chauhans touch , was the music which used to be played during don and nainas romantic moments together. That part of the episode kind of let me down, because i ve always wanted a proper comclusion to raja and ranis story and i feel their love never got justice . Their story was very strong and was a growing bond from childhood . It faced a fatal blow with ranis death and rajas pairing with another woman who is just a mere lookalike . I still dont know who was naina actually . Fridays episode had brm revealing that naina is rani. But i m still not convinced . I ve a lot of questions on naina and rani , and these have to be answered with the future episodes . I think the mystery would unfold with the number of episodes that follow . I really hope that that this rani chauhan is our original rani gayatri herself because , only then the title ek tha raja ek thi rani stands justified . Lets hope the writers spin a sensible story this time . ✌?

  29. new rani is the combination of original rani and naina..and about raja..other than his costumes i didnt feel anything new..both sarrtaj and eisha had limitations..in case of emotional scenes sarrtaj dialogue delivery and acting is very low, but in that case eisha performs well..but in strong scenes vice versa..but both were good in romantic scenes..i iiked today episode..eisha looks refreshing both look wise and expression wise..i dont want to see crying rani..want to see the bold and flexible acting of eisha and also i dont want to see rude and arrogant raja..just want to see the calm and controlled acting side of sarrtaj

  30. Tapabrata Pal

    What is the real name of preiti-rani’s friend in bar?

  31. I agree. Lakshmi, they’d better not say it’s reincarnated version of Naina…. We all know what to do if that happens. I do have to give the entire team credit however, for their efforts in at least listening to their viewers and they have tried to reincarnate in the runaway plot to some extent. Though we certainly don’t agree with their storytelling, they have shown some level of maturity by listening to us. I’m of the opinion that they underestimated us on this forum by thinking that they could just give us crap and we’d sit back and accept it but we all are intelligent viewers and educated enough to analyze the contents of what we view and while it’s for entertainment purposes, there must be cohesion in the entire story for it to be good workmanship. We are fortunate here because I’ve viewed other forums and this is the only place where the viewers had the strength to stand up to foolish scripting and demand change. On a lot of the other sites, there’s too much socializing and less analyzing content….im not saying that the viewers don’t complain about the storyline, they do all the time , but just to say that if they had been more forceful like us here and demanded change and even stopped watching the serial, they would have had justice to some extent. …… KKB, which is an Ekta Kapoor serial, has by a large measure, been the most frustrating serial ever on telly. No amount of complaining by the viewers, has any effect on this pathetic serial ,it was such a beautiful story but in Ekta Kapoor quest for longevity in soapland ,the serial has gone to the dogs and there’s no more hope….. Suffice it to say….we’ve been luckier here and should give the production team an ounce of credit at least. While we don’t like a few issues here and there, I’m prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how they do some damage control and bring the serial up to viewers liking. I never thought I’d say this but Yolande made a good point when she said that writers are aware that they have a very scrutinizing audience and they will be held accountable for.

  32. Line six should read.. Rein in…. Instead of reincarnate…. Typo error.

    1. No dear.. Etretr track change is not necessarily the power of our voices.. It is the voice of the niche segment that is reflected in trp.. Trp is the prime measure for channels to decide any course of action on serials.. Only domestic audience both rural and urban are considered to calculate trp.. In case of etretr trp fell hence track changing indicating majority of viewers did not like the track..
      In case of kkb, trp is very high.. It is number 2 in India in terms of trp indicating majority of the viewers endorse this track..So till kkb enjoys such high trps don’t expect any change.. It will go on and on… N I still have not been able to understand how kkb is enjoying such high trps.. Story really not worth it..

  33. Spoiler alert : Rani will frame Raj for stealing her costly necklace on her birthday party.. Her mother will believe her n ask Raj to leave.. But Raj will successfully prove himself innocent n embark on a journey to correct spoilt rani..

  34. I’m just so confused now.. not watching this anymore.. It feels like some hell time travel, they twisted the story first with paranormal stuff, now they’ve jumped here.. ??

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