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Gayatri is excited to see the face of Rana ji, as she hears Bhanu Mati say that this is Rana Ji’s car. He warns Kaka that he can ban his licence fot this irresponsibility. Rana Ji asks who permit a girl to drive a girl. Kaka apologizes but Gaytri forbids him to do so and asks for a pen. She writes something, then hands a letter to them. Rana ji reads the note that atleast he should appreciate that the women of this state are learning to drive. He hands it back to Kaka and tells Bhanu Mati to get back in car. Gayatri reads his reply that foreseeing her attempt, he should ban every licence owned by a lady in this state. Gayatri says that she was wrong in all her perceptions about Rana ji.
A secretary brings Raaj Mata to a side and tries to tell her that Govind Seth sent a letter. Raan

Mata doesn’t want to speak about him. The British Officers talk to Raaj Mata in isolation about a profit. He offers that the government is in debt, they must increase the taxation on cultivation. 20% of the earned income will go to India government and the rest of 80% to British Queen. They tell Raaj Mata that the government share would be 50 lac per year. Raaj Mata says she will discuss it with Rana Ji. Rana Ji comes there and asks if British really want their well-being? The officer says Raaj Mata will discuss the proposal with you.
At Gayatri’s place, Seth ji was having dinner. Bhabi’s tell him about Gayatri’s encounter. Kids disclose the whole event in excitement. Kids say Gayatri has been talking about Rana ji since he returned. Gayatri covers that she was impressed by his six horse cart. Maa tells Seth ji not to say now that he will get one for Gayatri as well. Seth ji says he will, he can get anything for her.
The librarian tells Gayatri that Rana Ji is in parade. He shows it to her through a window. They appreciate all the army men in uniform including Rana ji as well. Rana ji leaves the parade and moves towards library. Gayatri watches him come towards it. The guards bring a soldier to library inspite of his resistance. Rana ji asks the guard to leave, he then asks the soldier why is he sad even after getting so much. He says they had fought together in the war, then why doesn’t he still trust his own mates. He even recognizes the soldier with his own name Ran Vihar hearing which Raj Vihar gets impressed. He tells Rana ji that when he was away for war, his family starved for food and in the quest his son lost his life. Rana ji asks doesn’t he belong to a farming family. He agrees, but tells Rana ji that the royal family and the British have put restrictions of their cultivation; how can be happy in such a situation even after getting a medal. Gayatri heard all this conversation in the library. Rana ji promises Raj Vihar that he will come to his village tomorrow, will look into the matter and help him. This is a promise of a soldier with a soldier. Ranj Vihar leaves, Rana Ji moves towards the rack from where Gayatri also appears and was about to fell down, Rana ji holds her in arms and both share eye lock moments. Rana ji abruptly makes her straight, she was panting. He asks if she is alright and leaves when she nods.
At night, Gayatri sat thinking about her encounter with Rana ji. Kaka asks Gayatri if she is still dreaming again. Gayatri asks if she doesn’t have a right to dream. He says everyone has this right, he tells his daughter to dream well, these dreams are the only things that leave a reason to their life. Gayatri asks about his daughter, Kaka says since her in laws sent her home she remains ill. He says to Gayatri he wanted to go for her treatment but there is a lot of work here. Gayatri says she will get him a leave but she also wants to go with him. She asks Kaka’s village name which was Rupera, she recalls it was the same village Rana ji was about to come to. She thinks why is her fate confronting her to Rana ji again and again.

PRECAP: Kaka shouts behind Gayatri that there is a pool of water ahead as she ran. She fell into it, Rana ji jumps into the pool and saves Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i lov u drasti n her acting….sup story……

  2. Drashti’s eyes r always full of dreams 🙂
    Good start.. way to go

  3. Great beginning ?☺️ hope it stays exciting even after a month

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