Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri runs out of the palace into rain, remembering each and every word of hatred by Rana ji. She sits down on the wet mud, crying. She thinks she was crazy, she thought that dreams have become reality. Rana ji doesn’t love her. She doesn’t want to be a queen. She was happy at her father’s place, when he didn’t have to put in sindoor why he took the seven rounds of weddings with her. Rana ji drags her up, she jerks his hand away. She says she doesn’t need his support. Rana ji asks Rani Gayatri Devi, where is she going. Gayatri says that a girl is related to her in laws because of her husband, when husband doesn’t own her what is her need here. She wants to go home. Rana ji says this is her home now, whatever she is doing doesn’t suit a Rani. Gayatri says she isn’t a

Rani, she is a common girl. Rana ji holds her hand and says he will drop her by himself, but not in this condition. He drops the umbrella and gets wet with her as he drags her inside the palace. Kunwar ji looks for Kokilla, Kokilla comes there. He asks where she was. Kokilla says she was locked. They both see Rana ji and Gayatri entering the palace. Kokilla wonders where Gayatri got this dress. Kunwar ji asks if she? Raaj Mata also comes there. Rana ji announces that Gayatri wants to go back home, he is getting the preparations done for her to leave. Rana ji leaves, Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that she wants to speak to her in loneliness. Kunwar ji says this was her reason of going to hiding, she has played well. Kokilla thinks that it was her idea but someone else played it.
Gayatri complains to Raaj Mata that she cheated her, she had heard about Raaj Mata a lot but Raaj Mata has been disloyal to her. Raaj Mata holds a hand to keep on Gayatri’s arm saying she knows she is worried right now. Gayatri stops her hand saying she is worried because she wants the answers to her questions, if Raaj mata has those answers. Raaj Mata says that she knew Rana ji doesn’t love her and she also knows that she loves Rana ji. She knows whose love Rana ji needs. She tells Gayatri she got the letter Gayatri had written to Rana ji, she thought Gayatri will teach her son to laugh again and fill his life with happiness again. Gayatri asks what about her happiness, didn’t she think for once what will happen to her when she will know about the truth. Gayatri says she could live with incomplete love but how will she live with his hatred. Gayatri says she apologizes but she doesn’t want to live here anymore, she is going her home. Raaj Mata says the father’s whose young daughter comes home, she has no idea what he suffers from. Seth Govind will lose his respect and smile and now she isn’t common girl but a Queen of Amirkot. Her responsibility is towards the people of Amirkot and not to her heart. The life is really tough, it’s in her hands now how she makes way for herself. Raaj Mata advices her to rethink. Raaj Mata thinks that she has made her a Queen and she will be a queen. She goes to speak to Rana ji.
Raaj Mata comes to Rana ji and asks what he did. Rana ji smiles and says she did everything, she wants to make puppet of people. She has forgotten that a thread of relations never break, Gayatri tried to break that thread and wore his bride’s dress. Raaj Mata says she isn’t speaking about his wedding night, how he can let Gayatri leave home this way. Rana ji says what she wants him, to kidnap Gayatri? His mother taught him to respect a woman, if Gayatri wants to go to her father’s home should he stop her. He will send her will all respect and if he needed will go by himself to drop her. He says that she did a trade of him, if it came out to be ruined it isnt his mistake. He leaves. Raaj Mata thinks she locked Kokilla herself, who it can be who gave Gayatri the dress of Surakshna.
Gayatri stood thinking about what Raaj Mata had said about the respect of her father. Raaj Mata had dared her to survive the difficulties. Kokilla comes upstairs and finds Gayatri lost in her thoughts. She wonders how she got this dress, and she can only tell this. She must break the silence of Gayatri. She comes to Gayatri and says she is the most beautiful queen, this dress is also beautiful; who gave her the dress. The black veiled lady comes behind. Gayatri says she wore what Raaj Mata gave, still… Kokilla asks what? Kokilla thinks she doesn’t know anything, she must get her answers. Kokilla asks Gayatri if she knows why Rana ji was so angry with her at her wedding night. Gayatri says no. Kokilla says she will get all her answers now and takes her along. Gayatri comes into the room and looks at Surakshna’s photo in the same dress. Kokilla thinks that she will win in the end and leaves Gayatri in the room. Gayatri thinks that if Rana ji still loves his first wife why he married her and blamed her for marrying him forcefully.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata asks Gayatri to get ready for the ritual. Gayatri says it is better she doesn’t come today because she won’t be able to lie and the inhabitants of royal palace won’t bear the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Best serial ranaji,gayatri,kokilla and all of them acting was awesome.guys stop watching yrkhh and swaragini and watch this serial.

    1. I agree – this is the best serial! Love how the writers keep it moving fast and don’t drag out each scene. I am really enjoying the clothes – especially Raaj Mata’s clothing – she is always dressed impeccibly. love it!

  2. love u rana ji ……kaas mein gayatri hotye by god rana ji ko kabhi chood ti hi nahi…….

  3. I am a trinidadian…and I have been watching this show. and I know this serial is going be be a big hit…the build-up alone is soooo electrifying…. just imagine later onwards….this show will perhaps be on everyones’ lips. Have ME already waiting for the hour when it is going to be aired everyday.

    1. Hi Fellow Trinidadian

      1. We Trinis always present yes lol

    2. I am also a Trinidadian 😀 hmmm lots of Trinis here boyy

  4. Good acting good show

  5. Now Gayatri try to cleared all the misunderstanding and then I think the cutest love story start between Rana ji and Gayatri. I like the costumes it’s very pretty and lovely.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My opinion i lk ranaji but to speak n handle Gaytri dat way is not beffitng for a man let alone a king?????
    Whos lady in black? Anxious!!!! I tink grandmah????,

  7. Who is the lady under veil???

  8. Sooo right this is the best cant wait every day for my fav serial loving it

  9. Wen she goes home then he will miss her I think his mother will have to tell him the truth to saves his marriage to gayatri

  10. mantagoodcook

    Wow I am so lovin this show

  11. Soo loving this serial….scenes are nor dragged and it moves very fast…..it is a beautiful historical romance

  12. I love the series but too much suspense ranaji, is to rude and who is the lady in veil I hope we don’t have this memory loss plotting dragging thing like

  13. I just love the show.but earlier it was not in lime light but now I hope as the story is going on… the show should be a big hit.its a very nice serial.you should stop watching yeh rishta kya kehlata hai watch this show.

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