Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kunwar ji tells Bari Rani maa that she just has a doubt about Gayatri. Bari Rani maa spots Gayatri, goes there and calls for her to come forward. Gayatri comes in the mask to her, removes her mask and Bari Rani maa fell back in shock. Gayatri comes nearer. Bari Rani maa says this isn’t possible, is she really alive. Gayatri sits beside her, Bari Rani maa runs away from her but Gayatri stops her. Gayatri says that she had told her that even after death she will bring her reality to Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says she had seen Gayatri dying herself. Gayatri says if Sulakshna can come, why not her. Bari Rani maa says she can’t make her afraid, Gayatri says she is here to teach her a lesson. She snatches the crown from over Bari Rani maa’s head. She says that this crown isn’t a jewelry

piece, it is the trust of Amirkot’s people. Bari Rani maa says she only cares about this throne, she has worked a lot for it. Firstly, she killed Sulakshna, then she tried to kill Rana ji and she had almost killed Gayatri. She drags a knife from its holder. But someone stops the attack. Gayatri laughs, Bari Rani maa is shocked. She says to Rana ji that he is getting it wrong, she will tell him the truth and that this girl is a stranger. Rana ji shouts enough! He calls his soldiers and orders for kidnapping of Bari Rani maa. Kunwar ji and others also come there, Kunwar ji asks Gayatri if she alive? Gayatri says yes, she is alive. Bari Rani maa tried a lot to kill her, but she was dodged. She says that her death was only a drama to defeat Bari Rani maa. Raaj Mata had given Gayatri a medicine that night, that medicine turned her beat really low. Raaj Mata said she will give her another medicine in an hour that will make her well. Gayatri says that Bari Rani maa wanted to kill her, she pushed her in the well and her dead body only came into the palace. When Rana ji and everyone went outside for coronation preparations, Raaj Mata wake Gayatri up. Rana ji says that Raaj mata came to him and showed him that night what Kunwar ji and Bari Rani maa spoke to each other. Gayatri comes from the other side, Rana ji asks what a joke is this. Raaj Mata says this isn’t a joke or a mask, this is real Gayatri. He had hugged Gayatri. Rana ji then asked Gayatri why she did this. He jerks her away. Gayatri apologizes and says to break strong walls sometimes big injuries have to be suffered. She told Rana ji that Bari Rani maa pushed her in the well. She asked Rana ji for one chance, if she turns to be wrong, he can even kill her. Rana ji agreed, wiping her tears and hugged her again. Raaj Mata hugs them too.
Bari Rani maa felt bad. Rana ji says Bari Rani maa always accused his mother and wife and he always trusted her. The hands that taught him to walk, how they reached his neck. He started believing Gayatri when Kunwar ji asked her to sit on the throne and she said yes in a minute. Kunwar ji says he has seen a maa become a villain. He asks what she has done. He was always jealous of Rana ji because he thought she loved Rana ji more than him, but her love was just a show off. He feels ashamed of calling her a maa. It must be her who planted a bomb in Rana ji’s car. He questions if she planned his death even before he wedding. Bari Rani maa slaps Kunwar ji. Kunwar ji gets to Rana ji’s feet, he asks him to forgive his mother. He says that his mother snatched his own crown. He cries disgustingly, and says the mother who always blessed them; her hands were colored with the blood of Sulakshna. Bari rani maa says yes, her hands are colored in Sulakshna’s blood, to hide the lines of her hand. She tells him to think what a life of poor child must be, who used to wash utensils and sleep on roads. Then, his grandfather married her, but her luck got nothing better. Her self-respect was lost here. She was the Choti Rani of her grandfather, infact a big servant of his grandmother. This palace always oppressed her, she bear insult but kept on reminding herself that she will take account of every oppression that she had to face. Rana ji says that her disrespect was done only by her husband and his first wife, not him or Sulakshna. What was his or Sulakshna’s mistake or Gayatri’s? Had she asked him once, he would have handed everything to her. Raaj Mata says she always had a complaint from her because she trapped Rana ji and didn’t let her near to his mother. Gayatri says that Bari Rani maa forgot her own words that respect is gained. Bari Rani maa asks Gayatri that its only her luck that sided her, she won’t accept defeat until a single drop of blood remains in her body. She tells Rana ji that if he wants to celebrate his victory he must kill her.

PRECAP: Bari rani maa says that this throne requires the sacrifice of one’s own. He has to give that sacrifice. Raaj Mata is worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thnx sonaji for update superb episode

  2. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Yippee !!
    Today’s 1st reader..
    Love this show…

  3. Awesome episode!!!!!

  4. I think in tumrws episode Badi Ranima will try to stab Ranaji but Gayathri will cum in between n get the stab ?

    1. Nice say. But I hope not.

  5. What an episodde ..Finally Badi rani’s truth is also out..
    Love u team, u don’t drag at all…
    Missed Rani bahu swarna…
    Waiting to see some beautiful Raja-Rani moments…

    Kudos to Raaj Mata, u r perfect

    1. Well said

  6. honorable royal members, no throne is worth your life, why risk your life for a throne and a rajput? as far as bari rani mouth knows she has succeeded in destroying you gayatri, and once again gayatri has a clean slate to start over so?-start over! NO the show must go on . cause true love means getting even with old fruit yes? why cant you just take your husband and f*ck off gayatri? happily ever after?

  7. Awesome !!!

  8. rana ji and gayatri will always be the hunted and everything else the hunter pouw pouw. so bari rani mouth was a hobo? haha I shouldve known she got mos a hobo mouth always knew she picked it up somewhere. And from her days street rats were delicacies? -no wonder actually a family of royal streetrats ah. haha pavement special street treats. how would you like your hobo? we have homo-hobo’s, dried out hobo’s, player-hobo’s any hobo you want they got it order your street rat while stocks last

  9. awesome best serial ever straight to the point no months and months of dragging and still no sign of any conclusion even the writers get confused they forgot how the story got there in the first place lol and the bad guys never get caught , ETRETR is so refreshing love it each character in the series is given equal importance with intelligent which unfolds beautifully ,

  10. Wat d hell how can ranaji still now hav d patience to listen to dat old Bari rani maa

  11. mary christodoulou

    very nice epi i like a lot this serial,all actors are amazing

  12. Today’s episode was good, but plz finish this Bari rani maa drama and show some Rana ji and gayatri moments

  13. Hey very nice superb impressed 2:-) hope this serial won’t drag the drama like the others

  14. Love this episode …..very entertaining ..

  15. Anjali Rajgopal

    YAY. They move so quickly, it makes me nervous. SO GOOD THOUGH. Todays episode was amazing, damn. Well done Gayatri and Raaj Mata. Its little insane and obviously not realistic but damn, well played. The way Kunwar ji saves himself, damn.

  16. It’s fictional people, still well written show.
    Again SHALS you are not happy!! Even when it is on the right track!!!
    Talking about difficulties in Ranaji and Gayatri’s life. It wouldn’t be a serial if the hero and heroine were not going thru difficulties!!!

    1. I think it’s high time we ignore shals. Nd nt read her comments. She has sm adjustment issues nd eccentric behaviour ….

      1. Well, I don’t understand why her comments get published but mine doesn’t.

  17. Very nice episode. It is a life lesson .. it shows how badly people misunderstand and end up punishing the wrong ones which are the good ones.. greed is a sure a bad thing.. the ROOT of all evil… I love how this show moves along. No dragging. Very nice… I think kunwar ji might turn positive. And what happened to kokilla ? Is she ill ? She was not looking too well in the last episode

  18. Superb episode. Well done rajmata and gayatri

  19. Beautiful episode, absolutely love this show. KKB writers should borrow a leaf from this.

  20. Superbbbbb show. Many twist and turns but gets solved quickly. Excellent. It’s not at all dragging like kkb. I wish it’s show time change to 9.

  21. I think the show is good but seriously please put an end to the BRM. She has overstayed her time on the show. I am sure someone else will step in to cause problems like any drama serial but this one has to go.

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