Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Both Raaj and Rani run and try to wake Sakshi up. Rani wonders if Sakshi fell off the window, else how she reached here. She was hurt at head.
Vasundra performs the Roka of Preiti and Vikramjeet. Chitra asks Sunanda about Raaj and Rani. Anandi was worried that Vasundra wanted them to be a part of all the rituals. Rani comes out and tells Raaj that doctor has bandaged Sakshi, she apologizes him for not being able to take care of Sakshi. Raaj says Sakshi can never hurt herself, she is like this for years but never hurt herself before.
Downstairs, they all perform the rituals. Doshi comes to call them downstairs. Rani assures Raaj she won’t leave Sakshi alone, she asked the maid to stay with her. Raaj tells her to call him if needed. Rani asks him to correct his mood. She now comes

to the room where Sakshi was asleep. She recalls finding a button on the table near the vase and places it on the side table. She thinks Raaj was right, Sakshi would never hurt herself. She thinks about the button and wish she is conscious soon. She instructs the maid to stay with Sakshi. Downstairs in the hall, Rani joins the family. Vasundra says finally they both found sometime for their family function, if they were resolving some of their fights? Rani comes to hold Raaj’s arm, both look into each other smiling. Rani tells Vasundra when there is love there are arguments, she is happy they love each other more. She comes to Preiti and congratulates her for being officially someone else’s. Preiti says she would always be her best friend and shows her the jewelry she got as gift. Raaj watches Rani happy with great intent. Doshi asks Raaj what happened. Rani congratulates Vikramjeet and forwards her hand to shake it. Vikramjeet says its time to hug each other, they are family. He moves forward but Raaj comes to hug him. Rani laughs at Vikramjeet. Raaj says he is right, family must hug surely. Vikramjeet clutches his fists and hugs Raaj.
Vasundra says since there has been Roka, they will throw a huge party tomorrow. She would call the ministers and business men to see her choice. She tells Preiti she called the best beautician from Delhi and a designer dress as well. Preiti signals Rani. Rani asks Vasundra to let Preiti wear the dress she had chosen for the special dress. It’s a ritual the girl wears her parent’s dress before wedding. Vasundra taunts Rani knows a lot about the rituals. She speaks to Preiti that she must have understood it. Rani says Preiti wanted to wear her mother’s dress at least in one of her wedding function. Vasundra says she can’t trust a years old dress for such a grand function. She angrily scolds Rani for interfering between the matters, Rani has no right to speak in between. Rani tries to explain, Vasundra says she isn’t used to being interrupted in her decisions. Rani says it’s about Preiti’s emotions. Vasundra says someone’s emotions aren’t greater than her respect, she won’t explain this again. Preiti was upset. Vasundra turns to Anandi and Sunanda and complains about Rani’s behavior. She says may be she was mistaken in joining the relation with them. Rani says this isn’t justified to break the proposal just for a dress. Vasundra insists what she said is right, else they must forget about it. Anandi gets to Vasundra’s feet and requests her not to ruin her daughter’s life. She apologizes from Rani’s side. Sunanda holds Anandi up, she requests Vasundra to forgive Rani. Vikramjeet now comes to Vasundra and advocates for the proposal, he has promised Preiti and her family is apologizing. Vasundra says the one who must apologize isn’t, the one mistaken should bend her head. Rani says if it was her mistake she would have fell into her feet, but she only requested her for the dress. Vasundra says when she instructed her daughter in law, who is Rani to come in between. Rani says she is Preiti’s sister, she realizes what the dress means to Preiti. Vasundra turns to Anandi and says they don’t understand what it means to be their relatives. Raaj keeps a hand over Rani’s shoulder, he apologizes Vasundra and says if Rani was mistaken she must have asked for a sorry. Rani didn’t misbehave nor insulted, did she only want to favor for her sister. Vasundra leaves furiously. Her husband and Vikramjeet follow. Anandi comes to question Rani why she revenged her enemity with Preiti. She apologizes Rani. Raaj says Rani wasn’t wrong. Chitra tries to convince they have to bend. Rani asks why are they being in such hurry, they must give time to Preiti to understand Vikramjeet. Preiti tells Rani she likes Vikramjeet, Rani must be jealous with her because she has problems in her wedding. She complains Rani couldn’t apologize once. Rani doesn’t let Raaj second her, she says Preiti is in love right now. She promises to solve the problem.
Rani joins her hands to Vasundra and kneels in front of her apologizing. Raaj stood behind with his fists tightly closed. Rani says when there are strong winds, even heaviest of the branches bend but they don’t make it weak. She says Vasundra is like her mother and there is heaven under the feet of mother. Vasundra says its good Rani apologized in time. Rani hugs Vasundra and promises to get her daughter in law ready in time. She turns to look at Raaj whose hand was bleeding as he had clutched the vase tightly.

PRECAP: Rani asks Sakshi who was in her room. Sakshi says Vikram jeet had come, she shows Rani where he applied ointment and the mark on her neck. Rani shares this with Raaj.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rani needs to expose that witch’s son in order for her to get off that high horse of hers … she needs to tumble df down …

  2. So Prieti has become blind enough not to notice the highhandedness of her future mother-in-law.O.k she is not aware that Vikram is a dirty worm who has a roving eye .But his mother,Vasundhara’s attitude is good enough for any girl to show them the door.But she is so infatuated with Vikram that she goes to the extent of blaming Rani and forces her to say sorry to Vasundhara.I would love to see Preeti’s reaction when her prince-charming’s true colors are revealed.

    1. For goodness sake Lakshmi, I don’t see why new villains have to be added so late in the serial. It’s almost over and new cast members have been added, I just don’t get it. This shows that writers have zilch to write and with impending finale looming around the corner, just needed something to write for writing sake ,instead of mending the fences and bringing the characters together. In my opinion, this serial should have ended last month….. I’m bored these days, that’s why I’m not commenting. How are you Lakshmi, career wise and health wise? All is good on my side….. ??

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