Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj Mata kiss Raja on forehead. She was happy that now her Raja is with her, she will never do it again. Raja takes her along and help her on her bed. Rani leaves the room, but Raaj Mata holds Raja’s hand. She asks Raja what else Rana ji told him. Raja makes up that Rana ji told him how stubborn she is and doesn’t take care of her, she has to take these fruits else Rana ji would be angry at him. He sits nearby and makes Raaj Mata eat fruits. Rani watch this from outside, the doctor joins Rani and says a stranger is doing what they all couldn’t do. Rani says he isn’t a stranger, he is a childhood friend. The doctor calls her lucky, she must take care of him. Rani cries nodding happily. At night also, Rani feeds Hema while watching Raja feeding Raaj Mata with his own hands.

was asleep on the bench, while Raja also sleeps on a bench outside. The next morning, Rani wakes up on the bench to find herself covered in a quilt. She notices Raja was busy. She comes to reception and demands Raja what he is doing here? Raja forbids her create a drama here. Rani says there will be a drama when he would tell everyone what he helped her about. Raja drags her into a room. Raja accepts he is a bad person but she is the reason. Rani asks if he know what happened to her family. Raja tells Rani he had to leave his home and live in a boarding just because of her, she took that Raja Baja along, and only Prince Rajveer was there. He lost his trust over friendship. Rani says he is right, his misbehavior is her mistake. But she won’t discuss her problems with him. He is right, her friend was Raja Baja and not Rajveer.
Raja says today she will understand his pain, when he is going to lock her in this room. Then they would realize what fate had given her. He bolts the door from outside, Rani keeps on knocking the door as her Dadu is really ill. She calls for someone, when Raja opens the door. Rani almost fell down, Raja holds her close. Raja asks if she couldn’t stay without her owns for five minutes, did she ever think how that 8 years old raja lived without his family. Neither he could go back home, nor could anyone come to meet him. He cries that his life turned to a punishment just because of her. He got a friend like her, and a father who always made him fearful. He cries that he is always surrounded by people, but no one in this world is as alone as he is. Rani also cries. A nurse comes to ask them complete discharge formalities, Raja wipes his tears and go with him.
At night, Raja and Rani take care of Raaj Mata. Raja promises to come meet her in the morning. Raaj Mata demands where he is going, a son always stay with a mother. He will stay with her. Rani objects. But Raaj Mata decisively says her Raja would stay with her, its Rani’s responsibility to take care of him. Raja coughs and demands a repetition from Raaj Mata. Rani leaves murmuring her shoe won’t ever serve him. Raja asks for any help in his service.
Rani thinks that Dadu never watched Mughal e Azam, then how she thought about being Raaj Mata. She was sure Raja can’t spend a single night on the floor. She keeps a stool to take mattress and slips. Raja holds Rani in his arms. Hema calls him for samosa and tea, he drops Rani down and leave. Rani was curt that he called Hema as Mausi, she will inform Raaj what she lost.
Raaj appreciates samosa and appreciates the sause. Hema qualifies Rani made it, he feels hot with spice all at once and asks for a glass of water. Rani stares at him, while he teases Rani. He then asks to go to washroom, Hema directs her.
Raja opens the tap, there was no water. Rani informs Raja there is water for only two hours in normal people’s house. He was shocked. She pours him water to wash his hands. He turns to leave. Rani says she wants to say something, she wants to thanks him for saving her Dadu. Raja says she called him as Tum in childhood, why Aap now? Rani says she is used to it from the first day of college, and he is older than her. Raja boasts he isn’t as old. Raja tells Rani to accept she needs him. Rani says she is sorry about what he lost in his childhood, but she also lost a lot. Raja asks Rani not to let go of a small chance about apologizing him. Rani asks if it’s done? Raja tells Rani he won’t spare her so easily.

PRECAP: Rani tells Raja she doesn’t need his apology. Raja holds her close, both cry. Raja says their childhood will always remain connected to each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think this time raja’s emotions r true.If he was faking he would not cry like this.

  2. I don’t know either raja’s emotions are real or fake but I know he will fall in love for sure. …..

  3. Definitely not faking, raja really wants her back. Rani represents only the happiest moments in his life… he might have been angry but his love for her is grater than his hate n anger.

  4. Marissa Linda

    Oh my
    I love this show
    It’s making my heart melt
    I hope that they don’t give that witch any starring role. I hope they cud show that karma is real and good will triumph!!

  5. If Raja confessed his feelings about rani being at fault for him being w/o his family then I think all hard feelings are in the open and raja and rani know how they feel about e/o.

  6. Wow..nice episode bt i missed it…pls retelecast this serial in evng 6 clck…plss…pllsssss….bcoz mrng go for clge ….so pls retelecast evng….plss

  7. Ohh god made my love story like this also …. loved it .. rajveer in love wid uhh man… ?

  8. Goms

    Thanx sona for fast update..

    Dono whats going to happen in upcoming epi..whether Raja is taking revenge on Rani or Raja truly forgives and loves Rani.. Onlyyy writer’s know it..

  9. I think he is changing n falling for her now but i hope she won’t give in so easy

  10. Raja…hell…mardala aaaj mujhe.
    kitna cute while crying… yaar…lve u a loottt

  11. love the show it seems more interesting day by day


    I hope raja baja is not faking, becoz till now vamp rani has filled his ears against rani, so i hope he do not play with rani’s emotions and love her; only after that title will justify it ek tha Raja ek thi Rani

  13. Wot a lubly episode..

    I cant acpt dat raja just shw fake luv..

  14. Tasnia mahmod

    Hi frnds.good news etretr’s trp has increased.now it is 1.8 from 1.6.let,s hope the best for upcoming week. This raja is realy anigma.i cant understand his intention.what does he want?revenge or friendship.by the way todays epi was full of fun and emotion.

  15. My heart melted since they were kids, saw their closeness and I KNEW that they were destined for a huge love between them.. Just didn’t know who would have gotten the part to portray, Now that we got our RajNi, nobody could be better than these two actors,they just nailed it. I think Raja is sincere in his love for Rani, otherwise he wouldn’t have shared so much of his pain to her. For all those who had been watching Etretr before, would remember how they ate together, fell asleep on the hard floor in rajmata’s Hut after playing games with villagers, how Raja helped her wash dishes at the palace…etc. The last great love portrayal in soapland, in my view, was in ek muthi aasmaan…with raghav and Kalpi who incidentally grew up together as kids. Let’s hope the writers keep RajNi’s love alive even through rough patches in their life, to conquer the evil that pushed them apart. Great going…???

  16. It was entertaining to watch. But I want rani to find out the truth about her mother and father. Its time she learned her true history. Why would the writers make it appear raja mother mad it makes no sense. How will rani get to know her true history.

    1. I have a feeling raja will find out the truth first while spending time with rajmata. Only someone from inside the palace would know thinks that rajmata says. Maybe he will start to get curious and ultimately finding abt ranaji and Gayetry… and he hates his father so it would not be heard to believe that his father killed them to get the kingdom but I think that will come later, cuz now raja aND rani needs to be united ????

      1. Esther Lalta

        I agree with Aqua. Is high time good overtake evil by exposing the real events of Rani’s heritage. And the killers (Kaal and queen Dowager) get their due sentence. Justice must prevail.

  17. cool epi. but what is rani upset with raja about plz tell me guys whoever reads this

  18. I think the writer wants raja rani to fall in love fast so they can introduce all the evil drama by the villains..like how it was with ranaji and gaietry. … they made them fall in love then started all he Bari rani MA drama wit the introduction if villains one after another…. I really hope the history will not repeat itself and this time raja and rani will defeat BRM

  19. I like the turn the series has taken i just hope rani finds out about her parents soon and put tht old hag where she belongs n rani please dont fall for jeevan tricks

  20. this series is sooo on the point!!!!

  21. I think raja is not cheating rani when he confessed his feelings.

  22. soooperb sooperb soooperb…!!!!
    wat a episode..!!!!!
    eisha ur acting waz fabluss
    sO cute ….. raja & rani…..

  23. During this episode I think was a song can anyone plz tell me the name

    1. Aankhon ki gustakhiyan maaf ho from Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam

  24. it is hard to recognize raja as he is faking or telling truth. I wish they get together fastly.

  25. I hope raja fall for rani n rani get to know the truth about her parents n will act like she has fallen for raja n will take revenge….. Hehe

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