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It was morning, Gayatri was praying singing Bhajan. She looks at the window upstairs and is worried that her Bauji is still awake. She opens the door, Seth ji was asleep on his chair. She asks if he didn’t sleep, he says he wake up listening to her singing. She says she knows he was awake and must be worried that what will people think about them about the soldiers coming to their house, she asks why he kept on working with all these registers. Seth ji says there is nothing like that, she says he can’t lie. Seth ji says he got to know about her bravery yesterday, she says her mother scolded her for that. He says she was right that a girl must not get into these things. She asks what he says. Seth ji says that he is really proud of her, had she been a son he would name all his business

for her.
Rana ji speaked to his father’s photo, he said that the people still remembers him respectfully, will he be ever able to take his place or handle it like him. Raaj Mata comes there, she says he must not lose confidence but also not forget that his father was very much strict about trusting others. Rana Ji asks if she suspects anyone, she says it can be his step uncle Kunwar Chatravatan, he has been really close to British officers. Rana ji says he is here now, he will take care of her. He offers her breakfast, holds her hand and in the way he says he wants to meet this new British resident officer. He stops at once at the specific door again, tells her mother to go to breakfast table and he will just follow. She looks at him painfully as he enters the room, then leaves. Rana ji looks at a painting and thinks everything is incomplete without you Sona. He recalls calling Sona in the room, then asked a maid who told him she isn’t home and she doesn’t know where she went. He had followed her vigorously and found out that her car had a devastating accident. A guard comes to inform Rana ji that Raaj Mata has arranged a dinner with Resident officer today.
Gayatri was rubbing turmeric on her Bhabi’s feet. She speaked about Rana ji’s wife’s death. Bhabi’s still taunts about her being unmarried till yet. Gayatri says she dreams only because everyone says she can’t get anything.
Seth ji talked to his wife that their Gayatri loves dreams. Maa was worried that Gayatri is still dreaming for what has been impossible until today.
Raaj Mata speaks to her maid that her son lost his lively hood and smile and has been haunted by the accident till today.
Gayatri’s mother says that her Gayatri’s fate changed the day her fiancé died. There has been no hope till today. Seth ji says he is sure their Gayatri’s luck will change soon.
Gayatri played with kids when they hear chaos from Royal Palace. The kids ask how a party at the Palace is, they believe she reads a lot of books and must know about it. Gayatri tells them that there must be a great hall, people dressed up in colorful clothes and jewelry and Rana ji must also be there.
In the party, Rana ji was being asked by a foreigner if he liked living broad? He says he was away from his own state, how could he be happy. He nods at a question that if the queen herself put on badge on his chest. Rana ji comes to Raaj Mata who introduces him with the Resident British Officer. The officer says this is really hot here. Rana ji says that this is their country, its temperature must really be hot for them; that is why he tell them to do their business and let them do the governance. Raaj Mata tells Rana ji to tell them about his London’s experience when at once the crackers are thrown in the air. Rana ji remembers some war scenes, he leaves the palace while Bhanu Mati keeps on stopping him. There kids ask Gayatri to see the fireworks, Gayatri gets into the car with Kaka and kids and drives herself. Bhanu Mati was trying to stop Rana ji drive rash and fast, Gayatri comes on their way and stops the car at once shutting her eyes. Bhanu Mati scolds Kaka why he wasn’t watching, does he know it is Rana ji’s car. Gayatri is excited and tries to look at Rana ji’s face which he didn’t turn.

PRECAP: Maa tells Seth ji that Gayatri took the car today. Kids tell them it was Rana ji’s car. Gayatri was hearing Rana ji talking to a subject in library. Both comes across, Gayatri loses balance and Rana ji holds her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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