Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja shows a ring to Amrita and Bindu, Bindu wears the ring by herself and mentions that Jeewan has gone to bring Rani. Raja was at once worried, and hurries towards Rani’s house.
In the way, Rani was worried where Jeewan is headed towards, palace isn’t this way. Jeewan drove rashly and assures to get her the right place. Raja hurries towards the door, Bari Rani Maa stops him but he still rushes towards the door. Jeewan enters then, with Rani behind him. He forbids Raja to look towards Rani, it’s considered a bad omen if a groom looks towards the bride before wedding. Rani was draped in her bridal dupatta, and walks cover her face in the leaves. Raaj Mata wish her parents were alive, when rani hits something in the way and stops by Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo.

bride and groom come to the stage, Rani removes the leaves from her face; Jeewan and Bindu were upset. Raja asks how he looks, she is now going to be his. If mirror gets a reflection of moon, it turns to moon itself. Bindu was crying. The flower garland ritual begin. Raaj Mata stops the Pandit that tillak wasn’t placed over the groom’s forehead, nothing can be accomplished in a royal family without this tillak. She asks Kokilla to go and get safrin tillak from behind the idol in the temple of palace. Raja wonders how Raaj Mata know about it, Raaj Mata says this is her home, won’t she know this much. Amrita had brought the tillak by then, Raaj Mata gives it to Pandit. Everyone clap at the ritual and take seat. Amrita sends Bindu for tying the knot of Raja and Rani, she says today is an important day for them, they won’t be able to forget this day and tucks an agar light in the knot. She thinks that this relation would burn just the way she is burning. This flame is a gift for Rani. Raja takes the names of his parents, Kaal and Amrita. Rani takes her Dadu’s name, Premvadha Singh. Raaj Mata takes the name of her father, Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev. Bari Rani Maa and everyone else was shocked to hear this. The plate fell off Kokilla’s hands. Rani reminds Raaj Mata that Baba’s name is Lakhan, Raaj Mata tells her that Rana ji was her father. Lakhan was just a servant in the palace, when they had to run away from Amirkot Lakhan brought her up. If she doesn’t trust her, she can confirm Kokilla about it, she and her husband brought Lakhan in the palace. Raaj Mata feels dizzy at once, Rani hurries towards her get the knot untied. Raaj Mata still insists that Lakhan wasn’t her brother, Rana ji was also not her son; she had no child at all. Bari Rani Maa intervenes that Raaj Mata has still gone crazy and calls for doctor. Raaj Mata insists on Rani that she is true, Rani helps her take a seat. Raja thinks about Raaj Mata’s behavior regarding the palace. He turns towards Kokilla who was running away of the palace.
Rani brings Raaj Mata towards the couch and offer her a glass of water. In the room, Kokilla panics that Raaj Mata remembers everything, she will revenge them all now. Raja comes behind and asks why she is here. There, doctor gives another sedative to Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata looks around asking why they all are worried. Pandit hurries them as the time is about to end. Raaj Mata asks Meenu to take Rani on stage.
Raja asks Kokilla why is she hear, if she has a head ache since Raaj Mata called this home as hers, or she spoke about Rani’s father’s name. Is this the truth, and this is the reason she calls herself Raaj Mata; and Kokilla also does. Kokilla asks Raja to go to the stage, Raja demands her the necklace. People around gossip that bride’s grandmother has gone insane. Kokilla asks Raja which necklace, Raja insists she knows well. Kokilla says that’s hers, Raja replies he would decide and moves towards her in rage. He looks towards the necklace and finds Raaj Mata’s name behind the necklace. Kokilla turns to go inside, Raja clutches her arm and says this is Dadu’s necklace. This means she is right, Kokilla has killed Rani’s parents. Kokilla insists she didn’t kill anyone. Raja shouts she did, and if she didn’t who did. Kokilla finally spits that Bari Rani Maa and Kaal killed them. Raja was taken aback at this revelation.

PRECAP: Raja tells Bari Rani Maa and Kaal that their thirst wasn’t relieved by killing Rani’s parents so they killed Lakhan as well. The real heir was this palace was turned to a maid, but now they will have to pay for each of their act.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ha… Drama and excitement..I knew it!!!..…i knew it!!!…. Best show on zee TV….it’s revenge time. Can’t wait to see the rest of etretr.!!!!!!

  2. Finally the show moves a head with its real awaited story
    Nice precap

  3. Superb episodes, wow Raja, go ahead, l love the fear in the eyes Kokila, BRM,Kaal.

  4. finally, ek th raja and ek thi rani is on track where its supposed to be….I want to see strong princess in Rani…Hope raaj mata gets well completely…Loved the way Raja confronted Oldie and kaal…Episode was superb, but i wish all upcoming episodes to be exciting as this.. I want to see witch bindu’s face when she knows she is daughter of lakhan,who was killed by oldie..She insultedrani a lotttt..want to see how she reacts whne she realises rani is the rightful only heir of Amirkot..

  5. Raja matha&Jeews rocked it…?

  6. waitng fr upcoming…

    all zee TV dramaz get improved nwadays

  7. Eisha-Rani, Sartaj-Raja, Anita-Rajmata fantastic, beautiful, natural, perfect, let’s go.

  8. Oh MY GOSH!!!! My heart and pulse are throbbing. What a terrific drama!!!! Raja was absolutely supberb. I can’t contain myself with excitement. Wow wow wow wow Raja well done. Love you lots!!! This story is super cool, super excited and super awesome. Oh my gosh…I’m going to watch it right now. Eeeekkkkkkkkkkk The adrenaline is running wild at his episode. Awesome episode!!! ????????????????? will b back. Off to watch it.

  9. Oh my gosh ! Oh my gosh! How awesome is this drama and episode. Totally awesome. Yayyyyyyyyyyy Raja….way to go. Writers/producers I’m so excited and nervous ???

  10. superb episode, i eagerly awaiting d upcoming thrill.. raja was ausome. he is d real raja of drama.. nice…!


  12. OH WOW!!!! OH WOW!!!. THIS IS DYNAMITE!!! After looking at this episode we all stood up and applaud and cheer Raja – the whole group of us watching it together. ??? He did so well. Raja was so so awesome in this episode. We just love how he stood up to those guys, how he put everything together and got the truth of out Kokilla. What a brilliant performance by Raja (Sartaj Gill). Gosh….I can’t get enough of him. ? Raja really came forward today and we love it, love it, love! ???. This episode was high voltage stuff. I really love the wedding setting which was stunning and so were the wedding clothes. They were really gorgeous. Both bride and groom look so amazing in their costumes. Now I am very, very anxious to see what’s next and I’m reminded that it’s Friday and that means a long break between episodes. Oh man….I have to wait two whole days before the next high voltage episode.?? Oh rats!!! That’s a long wait, writers/producers. Now my entire weekend will be me pondering what’s next and of course I will be watching this episode over and over again this weekend because it was such a brilliant one. WELL DONE writers/producers/creative team…you guys did an absolutely brilliant job on this episode and with the unfolding of the story. It was full of intense drama and thrills and suspense. My heart is still throbbing having watched this awesome episode. And the episode’s cotent and Raja’s acting are still swirling in my mind. Keep it coming like that. My gosh…two whole days of waiting to see the next episode….that’s torture!!!?

    1. Ps — I love how Raja handled Kokilla and got her to crack and boy, did she crack. No wait, that’s a volcanic crack cause she just spill the whole bag of beans. Dynamite!!! And that bindu lass, gosh she’s treacherous. If I were present there when she held the ring I would have snatched it quickly from her saying “get your dirty hands off my ring, girl ” ??

  13. love the sequence………..osm etretr rocksss

  14. Finally raja knows who kill rani parents n now he will take revenge for her

  15. My phone has been going off the hook with persons who watch this show calling and inquiring about the episode which some will see later tonight, and those who saw it online telling the others “you gotta see tonight’s ek tha raja ek tha rani episode. It is hot. You don’t wanna miss it!” Like seriously, the excitement is crazy here. People are anxious and excited. The adrenaline is high here.

  16. Jada

    Best episode in a long while. A bit disappointed that Rani never found out anything for herself and is still so clueless but way to go Raja!!!

  17. Hadibah ahmad

    Ooo I love this episode. Make sure raja got married first with rani n avenge on those culprit n make them suffer. Wow very intresting now…. Cant wait to watch more!

  18. I don’t know how to react …I’m in extreme shock ……terribly waiting for Monday episode

  19. Superb raja

  20. I was totally shocked when I saw last night episode, OMG….. I didn’t see it coming so quickly! Hats off to you Raja, you solved the crime so easily, that’s an astute brain you got there, and the most priceless expression on the episode was when kokila was caught and Raja asked her for the necklace that rajmata said was hers!! Ohhhhhh….. That was some good acting. Im so anxious for Monday’s episode, and I also can’t wait to see bindu’s face when she learns that her father was a servant…..nevertheless, he was a good example of a husband, father to an orphan, loyal to the the queen and devoted servant…..so sorry that he and swarnlekha had to die so quickly. Binding needs to know her place, she mocked Rani and her status as a servant and was without class! How quickly the tides have turned. I DO HOPE ITS NOT A DREAM! Badiranima and Kaal, redemption time has come and you have to pay for your crimes and sins! Raja…….give us moments now to cheer you on, as you seek justice. Don’t waver, but I do know it’s a bitter pill to swallow, when the chips fall and all in the palace learns of their true status, roles will be reversed…..then their love will be tested! Let’s hope they persevere, most of of us on this forum want to see Rani and Raja together!

    1. I know, right? It was awesome. This episode and Raja’s reaction and stance are still swirling in my head. Raja was absolutely superb!! I love reading your comments Naz, and agree with all your sentiments expressed herein. ?

  21. So whose the down market girl now Bindu!

  22. OMG I love it why it had to be on a Friday

  23. Yours was great as well, Jess. To your earlier question, I’m doing well, was under the weather for few days,but I’m OK now. Do you view any other serials? Hey, I absolutely loved Rani’s dark blue outfit and Raja looked so damn handsome in his outfit as well. I also like the dresses and hairstyle of bindu……chic and 60’s! Good job……… I wonder now how bindu will approach Rani now that she’s gonna learn that Rani is a princess, she always called her down market! I hope Raja doesn’t get fooled in any way by that badiranima……

    1. Unfortunately I don’t look at other serials. I lead a very busy and active lifestyle (lol) and I’m still learning how to slow down. ? So unfortunately I don’t really get the time to look at serials. I’m a person where the story line has to catch my attention, the cast has to be good and appeals to me and the direction and production is good. Unless these are present I won’t look at it and the same applies to films out of Hollywood and Bollywood for me. How I got into looking at Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, several persons told me about it and advised me to look at it as it is different, it’s my kind of story (setting and timelines and all) and I would love it as a break from my hectic lifestyle. They also know I like different, unusual stories rather than dull ones. So I decided to follow the advice and I confess I love this serial and make time to look at it and read up/follow it. I recall seeing an episode of Raja as a little boy and wondered at the adult actor they will get to act as the grown up Raja. After seeing that episode where he was sent away to boarding school, I broke away from the serial due to my busyness. Then one day someone told me I might want to look st the serial again. She said the little Raja is all grown up. And I was like “oh wow, really? And who is acting as the grown up Raja?” She replied with w big grin, “why don’t you take a look at it and see for yourself.” So with great excitement and anticipation I resumed looking and when I saw the adult Raja played by Sartaj Gill I was like “ohhh Mercy!!! This guy is a hunk and really handsome.” Quite honestly, I find the adult Raja/Sartaj so attractive and his appearance was so different from the regular serial actors. I have to confess I was checking the guy out! ? Hahahaha….but on a more serious note, I love the way the writers created the Raja character. He has depth, he has a major role to play in the serial and is not confined to the sideline smiling all the time as you would see of the other male actors in other serials, he has good dialogues, I love the different shades of negativism and positives the character went through, all of which add intrigue and depth to the character and which added more to the fascination of the overall story. I simply love the strength of the Raja character that the writers put into it and I hope the writers make him into an even bigger character in this serial- sensible, strong, astute, etc. Hence I look at this serial for all these reasons. ??

    2. And I share your view that the writers make Raja stronger. I liked the shade of negative he played earlier but now I want to see more of the good, strong, astute Raja with an upward movement of the character. The actor playing the role is brilliant and can really act. I love his expressions. It’s good if the writers uses this actor more because of what he brings to the serial and for his acting skills.

  24. o wow raj rani finally married and rani now knows all the truth so happy my fab serial thank u writers for the lovely plot…………..love etretr

  25. Yolande De Silva

    Rani is so innocent one cannot imagine her without her handsome knight Raja … although love and hate are closely related, love is still above all, once the heart is true

  26. When will it be revealed that she is daughter of rani gayatri n ranaji and has shahi khoon not of nsukrani to raja I want to c his reaction

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