Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes to her room that had been decorated. Raja jumps in from a window, touches his ears but Rani turns away. He offers her to select a hand, it contained a pendant with their photos. She then selects the other hand, then moves towards the mirror. Raja follows, they share some cozy moments. He writes his name over her back. He holds her in his arms, promising he can stop time for her tonight as he carries her towards the bed blind folded. Rani finds flower arrangements around, then wonders what the need for this all was. He says from now onwards, she would be a real Rani, and sends her to change.
He himself threw flower petals over the bed, then makes Rani sit while he massages her feet. Rani says she can’t allow him do this, she is her husband. Raja says that is it, he is her husband why shy from him. He stops her asking her to let him do something for her today, she must decide if she wants to be a Rani or Chipkali. She smiles, he says it’s decided he is her servant and continue with manicure.
A man was digging the floor in the forest, Bindu calls on him and he runs towards Bindu. Bindu screams frightened, Bari Rani Maa watches this.
Raja smokes Rani’s hair, then help her wear the jewelry. Rani interrupts as she can wear it by herself. Raja warns if she doesn’t let him do this, he would kiss her lips. She shies away, smiling. He kneels in front of Rani and make her take a huge seat, holds her feet above a stool, then put a flower crown over her head. They smile. Raja presents her with a sword, Rani says in her throne only love will find a place. She then holds a red rose and presents it to her servant. Raja kiss the flower.

PRECAP: Raja holds Rani close as her order can only work with servants not with Raja. They were called outside, where Bindu and Bari Rani Maa stood with a bunch of people, Bindu’s clothes were torn as in molestation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohhhhh…..so excited. I’m going to sneak and watch this episode online now. I can’t wait for tonight. I’m going to enjoy this very much …..Heheheheheheheehhe…..

  2. Hi it’s me Jess. Sorry there was a typo in my email hence my name was assigned a new color profile image ( the yellow one above with my name). I corrected it so I can get back my green image identification. Lol…I’m the one going to sneak off to watch this episode online. Lol. Will comment more after I watch this enchanting episode. ?


  4. writers carring on the show very well keep it high…..

  5. Dear friends of this serial…can someone please help identify the songs that will be played in this episode? I like the songs but I don’t know them and if you can help me with the film they can be found then I can find them later on. I hear some beautiful songs in this serial. I’m so excited to finally see this episode….???
    Ps— thank you for correcting my mistake dear Tellyupdates. I’m seeing my original green profile image again. Thank you very much. ?

  6. again i say nice precape and horrible too…….

  7. Consummation interrupted again. I hope Raja don’t blame himself for Bindu’s condition and accept her back with open arms. I also hope the people don’t blame Rani.

  8. I don’t like that precap…….but excited to see tonight episode. I hope it’s more sizzling to the eyes than the written update ??

    1. It is very sizzling to the eyes ??

  9. OH …..my….gosh….sizzling!!! This is a fantastic espiode. I love it. I love it. I love it!!! I was so glued to the screen and was smiling and blushing right through. How absolutely romantic and sensual. I’ve got to get me a husband like that!! Hehehehehe….a husband that can romance like that! Whoa…(sigh) so dreamy!!! I love it. I love it! Writers, I love the beautiful romance that featured so exquisitely in this episode. I love all tha Raja did. The bathe. The steaming of the hair. The rose petals. The jewelry. The dressing up. The caressing. The touches. The kisses….(sign) ?? …so heavenly. I have to look at this again. I just love it. This is a sizzling episode. This is one of the most beautiful episodes I’ve ever seen. And perhaps from among many serials too. I love the royal way of doing things were incorporated into this episode. The bathe. The steaming of the hair. The petals. You don’t see these beautiful ways to romance any more. That’s what I love about it. Now that’s true romance, not what these some modern people do. They lack romance. So it is so so good to see this deep Sensual romance depicted on screen so beautifully. I love the bedroom set. It is exquisitely gorgeous with its furniture and curtains and candles and lights and all. Wow!!! I can’t get enough of this episode hence I’m going to look at it again. Writers, well done. I love it …every bit of it. Every move. Every touch.every detail.n. I’m in love with this episode. I’m in love with Raja…and his romancing and kisses…oh-la-la-la-la.❤️

    1. You are right on the button about modern day romancing, these days it’s….. Slam bam thank you ma’am sort of attitude when it comes to romance. I first saw this smoking of the hair on Jodha Akbar and I thought… Wow…. What a way to entice!! Jodha used to bathe first with milk and rinse with roses perfumed water, so I guess the producers really went out far to make the royal custom a reality….good job ?? what can I say?…… Nothing, because you said it all, my friend. Sighhhhh…. So beautiful….but I’m mad about Raja and Rani not getting the time to fulfill their spousal desires…..damm Bindu and that wretched old woman.

      1. lol…i love your comments. It made me smile. You are so correct in all you said. I totally agree.

  10. Now on that precap….I hope Bindu wasn’t molested. Oh dear. I don’t like her but still the thought of her being molested is sad. But then again, I hope this is not another setup to gain sympathy so as to get back into the palace so she and Bari Rani Maa can continue with their dirty schemes. I’m observing Bari Rani Maa’s facial expression and it still looks sly and conniving. Raja was furious and didn’t want to see their shadows muchless their faces. So to get back into the palace they would have to come up with a sorry, sob story to make the women of the palace and everyone else sympathise with them and give them shelter. But then again, it could be real. But somehow, I still don’t trust Bindu and Bari Rani Maa. I have to see what happens tomorrow.

    1. Come on Jess, it’s all a setup!!!! You know Bindu can go to any lengths to acquire Raja….and I mean that word”acquire” because that’s what he has become for her…an acquisition!

      1. Hmmmm….you right. It’s showing on these faces when they return to the palace. I don’t like how Bari Rani Maa was looking so cunning.

  11. That is all set up with old hag a wicked witch bindu

    1. I want to think so too

      1. Wait a second…there’s an election coming up and Bindu is contesting. So she has to be up to something. She will be exposed for what she did to Rani and to her relationship with her husband. What will the voters think? So how will she contest?? Yes….I think she and Bari Rani Ma up to something and to get back into the palace.

  12. Does anyone think that the old hag got bindu raped by some goons in real to trap rani
    I think bindu tasted her own medicine of trusting that old evil hag as her grandma and following her footstep

    1. you know….the thought did enter my mind of that. I will be honest

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