Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sulakshna opens her eyes and sits up on bed. Rana ji was in the room, he asks how she feels. She says she is fine, Rana ji gets her water. Sulakshna says Bari Rani maa told her that why she is, who he is. She apologizes that her memory isn’t vivid. Rana ji says this drama isn’t needed here, they both know that she isn’t his Sulakshna. She can cheat Bari rani maa but not him, had she been Sulakshna not his eyes but his heartbeat would have recognized her. He shouts who she is?
Gayatri sits with her idol that if her love is true, Rana ji will come by himself to break her fast.
He throws the water glass in Sulakshna’s hand with a jerk saying she can’t be his Sulakshna. He heads to leave, a maid comes to hold the glass and their head bangs. Sulakshna says to the maid

to bang her head again else they will get horns. Rana ji recalls such an event with Sulakshna in the past. He wonders if he is mistaken, is she really his Sulakshna.
Kokilla and Kunwar ji were in forest. She says that he brought her in the forest at such an important time. Kunwar ji says they have got time to solve the issue of Sulakshna when Rana ji is still lost in Gayatri’s matter. He heads to change, as they can’t go inside the slums like this.
Rana ji comes to hold Sulakshna’s hand and makes her sit on the bed. The veiled lady bolts the door from inside.
Two girls were fighting together. Kokilla and Kunwar ji stood in male costumes, but Kunwar ji never held his eyes away from the girls who were wrestling. A shirtless boy lay on the bed nearby, he sprays water on his face as Kunwar ji and Kokilla watch him. Kokilla asks who he is. Kunwar ji says that they have come to meet him here. Kokila asks what is in him. Kunwar ji says she will know everything soon. The boy wraps himself in a cloth and flirts with the girls, kisses them both and comes towards them. Kokilla goes to the girls and asks what he said to them that they stopped wrestling. One of the girls bring a bowl, she says when there is one bowl and two thirsty what must they do. Kokilla says they must divide. The girl calls the boy as Cheetah. Kokilla and Kunwar ji head towards Cheetah.
Rana ji brings bandage for Sulakshna’s hand. She says she doesn’t remember anything, still she believes that he is her husband. He remembers anything, still he doesn’t believe she is his wife. They are both stuck in this game of fates. She says that Bari Rani maa says they both loved each other, she doesn’t remember anything. He remembers it all, he must ask his heart who she is. She will accept any of his heart’s decision. Rana ji remembers about Gayatri. He must ask himself who his wife is. Rana ji thinks that Gayatri must not have opened her fast, he says right now he has to reach somewhere else.
Kunwar ji asks Cheetah if he will work for them. Cheetah says he will be busy with the girls. Kunwar ji throws a bag full of money to him. He says money before work is given only be two kind of people, those who are crazy themselves or those who wants a crazy work. Kunwar ji throws another bag, he tells him that Cheetah needs to hunt, he has to give an heir to a girl. Kunwar ji says he will get more money after work is complete.
Rana ji goes to open the door but it was locked from outside. He asks to open the door. He is curt and tries to go out from window. Gayatri was still waiting for Rana ji, she watches the time. The clock was about to struck 12. Rana ji arrives in the room with the tray of food. She looks at him, he smiles and comes inside the room and sits with Gayatri on the floor. She was upset. He offers her water, he insists to drink it then she can fight with him. He tells her to eat, if she won’t eat he also will not. She looks at him, he says he had said to her that from now on nothing is his or hers, its their, even hunger as well. It’s a fight of a long time, she won’t be able to fight it hungry. He apologizes for not turning to her once when he was taking her inside. He says that his heart doesn’t accept her to be Rani Sulakshna, though she seems to be. Rana ji holds Gayatri’s hand, he says he can’t answer any of her questions right now. He doesn’t know why fate brought him at a point where at one side there is his past, and on the other is his future. He doesn’t know how but he believes he will make it all right. If she believes his trust. Gayatri says she is with him. Both smiles, Rana ji offers her water and she drinks from it, with teary red eyes. Sulakshna watches them from the corridor and is shocked. Gayatri holds Rana ji’s hand and makes him take a sip of water. Sulakhsna breaks a vase in the corridor. Both go to her.

PRECAP: Gayatri stops Sulakshna, she says that she isn’t Rana ji’s but his friend’s wife. Laksh comes with food to store room, Swarna puts a robe in his neck to weaken him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bari rani maa and sulakshana stupid guys I hate you..both of them are disturbing ranaji and gayatri..bari rani maa you are disgusting..laksh should die after doing this much fate to swarna.thanks for the update sona jii

  2. OMG, what an episode ….
    Fabulous, Loving , Emotional, Heart touching episode…
    Truly felt moved on seeing Ranaji and Gaythri together…
    His dialogues for Gayathri was , no words…truly heart touching…
    Emotional trauma is well portrayed by Rana ji and still sad “SAAWARIYA” is echoing…
    Waiting for upcoming episodes..

    Waited this day for 9:30 and wait was fruitful…such a beautiful episode..
    Got impressed by ETRETR from day 1 …also got impressed by Naagin in colors from its premiere itself..

  3. I love the scene between the Ranji and Gayatri and yes I agree with the another fan, his heart does not recognise his first wife because Ranji does not realise his heart beat for Gayatri only now So loving this serial

  4. Today episode was fabulous. Thank u for early update

  5. So does this mean that the veiled lady wasn’t Sulakshana? It says that the veiled lady locked the door from the outside, leaving Sulakshana and Ranaji in the room together….

    so is the veiled lady Bari Rani Ma? I feel BRM is an evil character.

  6. hi all,

    I am new…it has an interesting precap…what does it mean when she says isn’t Ranaji’s but his friend’s wife”…hmmmmm…so she isn’t the real sulakshna?…

    but its nice to see the scene btw Ranaji and Gayatri

    1. It means that fot the sake of sulakshana (god knows why she makes this sacrifice) she (gayatri) will act like the wife of another man (ranaji’s friend) so sulakshana won’t be distressed

  7. Dis hearten…i can’t see ranaji leaving gayatri n caring for sulakhana

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Loving episode….
    eish dat granny n ugly sulak both look evil n scary.

    one ting i lvd was dat ranaji say ur ar not..so…waiting for her n grany to sink in borehole….lol..also dnt mess wit Rajmata she ll sort ul evils out.how low can koki n kunwar go for child??? Pls God let der not be a rape scene!!!! As currently the world isfighting tis heinous crime…i watch NDTV…

  9. Waw!!! This episode was worth the long wait. I spent the weekend watching all the previous episodes and ffg Ranaji on twitter. Can’t wait for Rajmata to sort Sulakshana out. So proud of Ranaji for telling Gayatri this is their fight and they in this together. Can’t wait

  10. It seems that new character is to torture suwarna so that she can get pregnant..

  11. They are planning to use him to get her pregnant

  12. Yeah it was written in spoilers that the new character is the man that kunwar will hire to get swarna pregnant so that they have their heir….but i guess later on he ll turned out to be a good man (im guessing he ll be better then Laksh) and i guess he ll fall in love with swarna….donno is just my guessing…

  13. Is it me or does Sulakshna look like a man…

  14. I hope swarna choke him n ranaji walks away from sulakhna

  15. Anjali Rajgopal

    This show could go many ways. But one thing is amazing, they dont stop the show. I was SO sure that Ranaji wouldnt be able to break her vrath but NO :DDD He was smart and didnt stay in the room when he saw that the door was locked.

    This show has intense chemistry and Ranaji’s actions make sense. HIS PEHLA PYAAR comes from the death just when he starts forgetting about Sulakshna and falling for Gayatri. I hope they dont make it insane and illogical.

    Swarna needs help! <3 They cannot put a rape scene, thats just wrong.

  16. Rana g and gayatri scene was good….they have too much faith in each other….i hope soon rajmata and rana g will sort out all about this sulakshana and the veiled lady. And Rana g and gayatri will unite…..

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