Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji asks Raaj Mata to call Rana ji, Rana ji arrives in the hall and says good times are for good events, not wedding like these. He says now, nothing will hinder this wedding. Raaj Mata wonders where is Gayatri and goes to look for her, there Gayatri called for help. Raaj Mata comes there, Gayatri asks her to open the door, and else Rana ji will get punished for what he hasn’t done. She can still find that bullet, she says God can’t be so unjust to her. Raaj Mata goes inside, brings the gun, asks Gayatri to get aside and shots the lock open. Both mother and daughter in law move towards Rajeshwari’s room.
There wedding rituals had started.
Raaj Mata closes the door behind, Gayatri looks around for the bullet in the room.
Rana ji thinks about his wedding with

Pandit ji asks them to get up for rounds, Rajeshwari watches that Rana ji was still lost and holds his hand with a jerk.
Gayatri finally finds the bullet. Both the ladies are happy and goes to fix the bullet in the gun. Gayatri says she had told her that God can’t be unjust to her. The bullet doesn’t fix in the gun, Raaj maa says that this means the bullet wasn’t fired from this gun.
Four rounds of marriage had been taken, Rajeshwari takes the lead for the next three rounds. Gayatri calls for them to stop, Gayatri says this wedding won’t take place now. She says to Rana ji that he doesn’t need to marry Rajeshwari. She says he is getting punished for something that he hasn’t done. She says he didn’t kill Avdesh.
Bari Rani Maa recalls that she took food for him, he said he is thankful as he had been dying of hunger. Bari Rani Maa says she didn’t have to kill if he was shameful and not dying of hunger. Bari Rani Maa thinks if she proves that bullet wasn’t fired from Rana ji’s gun, the game would turn. Rajeshwari comes to Gayatri, she pushes her foot to throw Gayatri on the floor. She holds Gayatri’s hair and say that today Gayatri would see the animal in Rajeshwari. Gayatri instead twist Rajeshwari’s hair, Rani Ji comes to separate them. He asks Gayatri what proof she had to give, he is listening. Gayatri says that Rajeshwari wasn’t raped by Sartaj, he was innocent. She says that Rajeshwari is lying, tells him about her dancing in the rooms. She asks Rana ji how that bullet went to Avdesh, if Rajeshwari once tried to find out how her brother came there. She says that she thought this all can be a coincidence. She says today she has a proof, the bullet that killed Avdesh wasn’t fired by his gun. They are all moved. Gayatri says he hasn’t killed Avdesh, he must not be punished. He doesn’t need to marry this ill character lady. Rana ji asks what the proof is. Gayatri goes to pick the gun up, she asks him to see the bullet. Gayatri says she found this bullet from the tree’s trunk. She shows him the bullet she found from Avdesh’s coronation dust. She says this bullet won’t fit the gun, but the bullet fits in. Gayatri was shocked. Bari Rani Maa recalls replacing the bullet when Rajeshwari and Gayatri had a fight. Gayatri keeps on insisting to Rana ji, Raaj Mata seconds Rana ji. Rana ji says he only wants to hear Gayatri, he asks how this bullet fit the gun then. Gayatri cried, speechless. Rana ji asks if her story has ended. She had said herself that minors tell the stories. He says today he has seen her truth. Rana ji asks Gayatri to tell some other tale, takes Rajeshwari to the stage. Gayatri says please don’t do this to her, she keeps on stopping him. Rana ji asks Pandit ji to begin the last round, Gayatri fells on the floor. Bari Rani Maa holds her. Raaj Mata also cries. Bari Rani Maa thinks about Gayatri deterring her that she would punish her, she was the one who had snatched Bari Rani Maa’s crown; she thinks this is Bari Rani Maa’s revenge. She couldn’t be more content, and this game has just started.
Pandit ji announces that the rounds have been completed. He asks to put on sindoor in Rajeshwari’s head partition. Rana ji puts on the sindoor, looking at Gayatri’s negating face. He finally puts it on.

PRECAP: Rajeshwari tells Gayatri that she is just a maid, she has no right to wear any jewelry of her husband’s name. Gayatri takes all her jewellery off saying today her only goal in life is to bring her face to Rana ji.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ok so if I was Gayatri I would leave the palace, what do I have there now, abuse and more abuse?? This serial is coming to an end soon if the story line does not change.

  2. the third class tv serial in the television..shut this serial as soon as possible if you cant show something better

  3. Rubbish Episode and HATE this Show now!

  4. I never thought that these writers would end this serial so stupid any way coming to think of it rana ji is not of royalty so he deserves rajeswari they both make a perfect couple and that is they two of a kind from nowhere so gayatri be glad pack your bags and leave the palace and after you do that send a messenger with a note telling rana ji who his father and mother are and see how he accepts it since he was so stupid and hell bent on marrying rajeswari and as for that bari rani maa I want her old ass to get it good when they find out she killed avdesh and replace the bullet any way there is no way of turning back for rana ji because you choose to marry that witch rajeswari hope you enjoy your life without gayatri cause I know it is going to be a living hell with rajeswari.


  6. Writer/Producer – if you need help just call/email me – I’m sure I can do such a good job on this it will take your rating to the top…anything will be better than now….LMAO
    Ranaji married Gaytree against his will,he refused to put sindhoor on her but no problem putting it on Rageshwari. Hasn’t slept with Gaytree whom he professes to love so much but won’t have any issue sleeping with his new wife? This serial is laughable – no wonder no one want to watch it. Evil is out there & we understand that but isn’t Gaytree & Raj Mata supposedly intelligent?
    Why is Gaytree still in the palace – she does not have to answer to a husband anymore since he’s no longer her husband. Gaytree comes from a wealthy family so is not starving – why stay there as a maid?

  7. Agree this serial should end as Gathered is leaving the show anyway.

  8. Sorry Gaythri.

  9. How do you forgive a husband who does what her’s has just done to her? It’s all back to the BRM episodes where he didn’t believe Gaytree (same again happening). I bet the third person will appear & prove that Ranaji is really the King – what then? He divorces Rajeshwari & marries Gaytree again – so so so disappointed with this serial. Thought Kumkum bhagya was stupid with a 18mths pregnancy but this takes the cake.
    OK finish my rant for today

  10. Read today that they are closing this show in March! Good riddance!
    I too thought Abhi from Kn was the most stupid hero but Ranaji gives him a run for money! Well done, indhravadhsm Singh deo! You are hardly befitting a servant, let alone a king!

    1. Really where you readed it???pls share me link yaar pls….


  12. Very disappointed with the show. He loves Gayatri so much but yet he does not trust her. He does not even believe his mother. What a shame….. That witch Bari rani ma and her pet won.
    I can’t believe the writers can be so dumb , come on Gayatri still has balls to fight for that idiot Ranaji. How much more suffering will she endure, there is a limit to things. She needs to leave his as* and go away .Rajeshwari is so ugly she doesn’t have the qualities of a rani. I guess Bari rani ma is exposed she will apologies and ask Gayatri to marry back Rana Ji
    That is when Gayatri should shit in his face.

  13. how can bari rani ma had another bullet while the wedding was going on.. how can she get a bullet in such a little time and replace it ..? this serial reaches the hight of stupidity tonight ..

  14. Just watched a video on Youtube which shows Ranaji did not spend his wedding night with Rajeshwari so maybe the writers are listening and will try changing things.
    Maybe he should spend it with Gaytree then she leaves him, gets pregnant etc etc etc Will certainly push the rating up. Also, what is the deal with Swarna & family?

  15. Wow every one wrote shit about writer hopefully he realized his low key mentality Indian culture and very shame for Z TV is allowanced to display worldwide ❎❎❎❎??????

  16. What a crap. I am not watching this serial anymore.

  17. I think director think people are stupid and he smart

  18. So stupid.
    1. When a bullet is shot …it is only the little lead ( tip of the bullet shell / casing ) that fires off and goes into the person / thing.. and the spent shell / casing falls off on the ground. These people show that the WHOLE bullet is fired off.. LOL.. and when they burnt Avdesh . The lead of the bullet is supposed to melt away and burnt out due to the excess fire. It can never remain. So when they burn Avdesh and shown that lead remained. Is really stupid… and I saw that bari rani ma exchanged the bullet which on the floor during rajeshwari and gayatri fight… now tell me .. why would bari rani ma be holding a bullet in her hand walking all over the place ???

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! how did the bullet sustain the heat and how did she know a bullet was there? I am so lost. How did BRM know to exchange the bullet? for someone who was on her last breath she seems fine to me AND YET NO ONE QUESTIONS WHY SHE IS STILL ALIVE!!!! I have never seen such unrealistic nonsense in my entire life. LOL

  19. Writers . If you want this show to survive . Then make Rana Ji become a very STRONG and BOLD REAL KING… Let him kill Rajeshwari. That bi.tch have no fuking business to be there in that palace !!!!!

  20. its again like ekta kapoor serial one man marrying so many times for all bad reasons, in the beginning thought ekta is not in this erial so it would be different but this is more crap than ekta’s serial dont know what teh writer wants from the serial. only negative is winning no positive note with this people will not like as a positive attitude to be shown.

  21. Disappointing!

  22. Disgusting show I watch this show for Gayatri only I really really love her??????????????????????????????????????????????? she is sooo pretty . I watch it for Gayatri but I think they have changed female lead????????worst story line first this show was like bullet train but now it is like passenger. Ranaji crap bari rani maa is biggest devil and raajmata is worst she should tell truth to ranaji he is matured and precap is disgusting ranaji is just an idiot

  23. i agree with everyone – such a beautiful story has turned into a disgusting turn of events . My heart bleeds for GAYATRI that all her efforts always go in vain. She needs to tell RANAJI the truth now that he is not of royal descent and then they can dethrone him and see what RAJESHWARI does – would she still want to be with him . EKTA KAPOOR is an absolute dumb nitwit and idiot to the core . ZEE please stop promoting her serials. Sad that another one that I liked and enjoyed is coming to a horrible end. Happy though that GAYATRI will no longer be humiliated for the sake of an UNGRATEFUL man.

  24. manisha malaysia

    this ranaji is not a gentleman….infront his lovely wife he can ask second b……ch to wear the s*xy baju…..he is f……..also…..cis i started to watch thought rageswary get lost d but regreating……..cis cis cis ranaji “s chareacter spoiling….i dun how this hero can accept this role….

  25. I hate ranaji to marry that character pls change the script

  26. Manisha malaysia

    Very cruel indian men mentality…can be change…punish wife by getting another lady n higlighting their their first night…yuk…thought al ladies cheap…why al indian drama in this track…somenorth indian dramas…hey india ladies what u people doing there…the wrriter …its show his charactor.. n mantality….stop this
    .u siddarth karnic in malaysia u going to loss yr.popularity as well in your own country.. the story neighter in drama or real life is totally disgussing ladies….n u producer pls.wake up n do something before lost yr money..




  27. As talented actor/actress, both Siddhant & Dhrasti should leave this show if it doesn’t change track. Writer – a story line for you. Ranaji & Gaytree consummate their relationship 🙂 Her family for once show some backbone & take her away from the palace. She opens a school for girls only & since it is the 1940s & British rule, becomes friendly with the Governor General’s wife who promotes education of women etc etc etc see where I’m going with this? Meanwhile, Gaytree discovers she’s pregnant for Ranaji.
    Please show some creativity so that you get your ratings up – I would be sad to see this show finishing soon when crap shows like Satrangi sasural, kkb, & all the other crap shows are still going strong.
    What do you fans think about this storyline?

  28. I am a westerner. I have been watching this show from the beginning & I ‘was’ enjoying the love story of Gayatri & ‘the king’. What a joke the writers have made this King into. NO KING WOULD HAVE A WITCH LIKE ‘R’ calling the shots & telling him what to do……give me a break, even the most uninformed viewer knows that ‘no-one tells a king what to do.
    I often wonder…..do the writers deliberately write tripe & rubbish? It will be interesting to watch the zee awards. They need one for the worst writers& the writers who ruined the show fastest. Kkb definitely needs to take a hike, like Qubool. There are excellent actors & actresses; they should refuse to change the character they are playing from one of integrity to one believed to be a liar & untrustworthy. SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS SHOW. NOT SURE I WILL TORTURE MYSELF WATCHING UNTIL MARCH. HOPEFULLY THAT OLD WITCH & HER PROTÉGÉ WILL GET REVEALED. TUT, TUT, TUT.?????

  29. am so sad…plz gayatr leav th plac i cnt se her lyk maid

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