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Rana ji offers a book to Gayatri as she was annoyed. She grabs it and goes to bed. Rana ji sings a song to make her up. She shows annoyance while Rana ji struggles to dance. She dances for her. She holds his stick in her hand and as he sits obediently, she smiles. He goes to her with a rose, kneels down in front of her and offers her the rose. She was about to take it, he clutches it in his teeth and asks her hand for dance.
The next morning, Yashoda comes to Raaj Mata’s room. She says that this isn’t a good sign that Lakhan was in Swarna’s room this late and due to him there were fights between them. Yashoda calls Raaj mata but she turns out to be Kokilla. Yashoda apologizes and heads to leave, Kokilla cries in front of her. She says that she didn’t know that her daughter

in law is disloyal to her. She kneels down and joins her hands saying she requests Yashoda not to tell this to anyone, not even Raaj mata. Yashoda says this isn’t about her family, but Royal palace’s respect as well. She has never hidden anything from Raaj Mata, she must go and tell everything to Raaj mata. Kokilla holds her arm, she says that Yashoda opened her eyes and she will tell Raaj mata everything by herself. She will get that man pushed out of the palace right now. Kokilla goes and shuts the door. Yashoda asks what she is doing. Kokilla says she is gifting her the price of her loyalty, she will free Yashoda of every relation. She attacks on Yashoda with a knife. Yashoda fell on the floor. Kokilla says today was the first sacrifice of throne, this game has just begun. It will end only when her husband will become the Raja. She laughs hysterically. Yashoda is dead.
They were outdoor. Wilkinsons says to Kunwar ji that till today all his plans have failed. Kunwar ji says this is about the respect of his mother. Kunwar ji says that Indians can give their life as well as take it for their mothers. Mr. Wilkinson’s ask why he must help him. Till Raaj Mata is here, they can’t do anything.
Laksh tells the maid to let Swarna rest. The maid goes to bring water for Swarna. Cheetah comes there and says he is here. Swarna asks if it wasn’t enough for him what happened, what else he wants now. Cheetah asks if she isn’t worried about him, why would she as he is nothing to her. He says that since childhood he has seen a hundred hands who have shed his blood, but hers is the first wrist that gave her blood for him. He says each drop of this blood is a debt on him, he won’t let anything bad happen to her until he is here in the palace.
Rana ji had been tied to the tree. A man with a knife came there and strikes him with it. Rana ji shouts Gayatri’s name. Gayatri wakes up from the nightmare, she looks at the other side of the bed that was empty. She wonders where Rana ji has gone. She notices a rose and a letter for her, it says he always watches sun rise since childhood but today he woke up he watched his own moon. She smiles while sleeping as well, and she got to know that Princesses aren’t fake, sometimes some lucky people get them. He has to leave for an important chore and will return till evening, he is sure his princess will be ready with his gift. A maid comes to tell Gayatri about a phone call, it was her mother who says she had lost the hope to listen to her voice even. Gayatri apologizes maa, but maa says she has done a lot not for her husband but for the whole Amirkot. She says that they are all proud of the new Gayatri. Gayatri hangs the phone out, saying she will come to meet them all. Gayatri turns and hits a maid with Pooja’s thaal. The maid apologizes, Gayatri thinks that falling of Pooja’s thaal isn’t a good omen, she prays for the safety of Rana ji.
Rana ji’s car stops at once, his driver tells him that a lady is laying faint on the floor. Rana ji tells his man to check if she is fine, he goes to check on the woman but is shot. Rana ji takes his gun and runs outside, he checks on the driver and looks around to find a man running. He tries to shoot him but he runs away.
Gayatri finds her dress and gets ready in it.
Rana ji takes the aim, then looks around. A bunch of gunmen comes to him, their guns directed at him. He withdraws his gun.
Rana ji and Gayatri’s photo fell of the dressing table. Gayatri picks it up and hurts her hand with the broken glass. She is worried about the bad omen in the morning.

PRECAP: Gayatri drops the phone wondering if Rana ji didn’t reach the Daak Bangla, where he went then. Kunwar ji and Kokilla cheer that Rana ji’s death is their first victory. Gayatri, in a fighters avatar calls servant and leave for Daak Bangla.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Superb precap that now gayatri will be saving ranaji

  2. Sad for yashodha….where is rajmata…
    Precap: OMG , can’t wait for tomorrow…


    Its given that Gayathri will come to rescue Gayathri and Ranaji will se brave side of Rani Gayathri Devi..Then she always will be remaining dressed as soldier with rana ji promising to protect him…Waiting to see

  3. why kill yashoda i really like her character….gosh could ve taken a break from the plotting and killing…..still luv etretr anyways

  4. I was thinking, everybody moaned when gayatri didnt have guards around her now same thing with rana ji why can’t he also follow royal protocol? is it just me or is that one messed up rajput asking for trouble. idiot.

    Comment edited.

    1. actually i agree wit ur comment makes no sense a king/queen is without gurads

  5. Game of Thrones?

  6. todays episode was just awesome , Ranaji was brilliant loved the song and dance. I am so fan girling over him it is not funny 🙂 I cant wait for tomorrow and more cute and awesome scenes with the King and Queen

  7. Feel bad for yashoda n it hhis uncle who set this up for revenge for his old bag mother

  8. Can we really get out of those killing things can’t we have just an episode of love between raja and rani can’t we see for once cheetah and swarna’love can’t we have a lovely episode from the beginning to the end .plz it’s getting interesting but we really need some peace in our raja and rani.thanks to writters

  9. Episode was good but I don,t like when one problem comes right after one problem ends. There should be few episodes of happiness and good moments after problems. Then it will look more natural

  10. Anjali Rajgopal

    Some peace and no violence or gory scenes would be nice. I feel like every victory, whether it be for the evil character or the good character should have a scene between Rana ji and Rani. How does Yashoda just die?! She was one of my fave side characters, she was genuinely caring and smart, and didn’t question things. ugh. Kokila is such an idiot. How they live with themselves after MURDERING someone, damn. As for Rana ji, does he not learn his lesson, ever??? He’s always at gun point, remember the other time they kidnapped those two. Hai re. They need to keep the guards, harm the guards and THEN kidnap him, it makes more sense. The scene honestly didnt make me feel bad for him, I was like, wellllllll, you didn’t have ANY guards on you and one pistol, who to blame, them or the King? smh. ITS OKAY. This show is still great. I still love everything about it. They seriously gotta fix Laksh up tho, his character is just shitty. They need to STOP killing good ppl and make it more flow.

  11. I hate how they killed Yashoda 🙁 She was such a warm friendly character. Why didn’t they kill Bari Rani Ma or the stupid faggot son of a b.itch who enjoys abusing women. SMH. You kill the innocents and leave the villains to live so damn long and make them magically re – appear. I wont be surprised if Bari Rani Ma comes back

    1. Me tooooo…
      So sad for Yashoda…
      May be Rajmata will save her and in future Yashoda will appear alive?

  12. I will miss Yashoda’s character a lot.. . she was such a very loving , friendly , honest , brave and loyal woman to the royal family. I will surely miss her . She was very close to Raj Mata and always helped her . Raj Mata and Yashoda made a great team together in solving issues… she very faithful towards the royal family. Like a true friend indeed..

    1. (((

  13. How did the letter of BRM even reach kunwar Ji? When did she even write d letter? She was brought to Rangoon immediately? I thought every letter goes to raaj mata or rana Ji first???

  14. Hi Guys dont read to much into stuff just enjoy the show , even major movies sometimes dont make sense the nice thing about this series the writers dont foget and Characters dont suddenly disappear there is always an explaination like Gayatri ‘s mother phoned to show the viewers no one is Forgotten her parents are very much part of the series , I even had forgotten that Ranaji slapped Gayatri until he apologised to her , so guys it is not all bad enjoy the program it is far better than the rest.

    1. Anjali Rajgopal

      She has a very good point. Afterall, these shows are meant to have insane stories and make no sense. The anger and happiness we get means the show is successful because they are reaching to their audience on an emotional levels. Though l do wish some scenes were better done and some more scenes between Ranaji and Gayatri, as viewers, all we can do is wait.

      SOME EPISODES ARE KILLER. This week there were so many, BRM getting caught and all. That was a dope episode. Regardless, lets keep faith in this show and continue.

  15. What was appeared after Laksh and Cheetah saw Swarna cut her wrist?
    Why they didn’t show it?

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