Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji was in corridor, Gayatri comes there and asks to talk to him. He asks her to come inside the room. Gayatri was angry, she complains how anyone can touch her things in the palace, she never bear it in her parent’s house even. Rana ji kneels down. Gayatri asks what he is doing. He says he is the culprit, she can give her any punishment. He says that he had made a promise with her, from today everything that is his is hers too. He shows her the decorated dressing table, and says this room will also be shared. Gayatri holds the stick from his hand and prevents it from standing, she says he has to get punished for not telling her before about it, so he must stay out of the room until she decorates it according to herself. Rana ji takes the order and goes out, Gayatri shuts the door

but both smile at each other. Rana ji leaves. The veiled lady was standing there nearby.
Laksh opens the trunck, Swarna gets up. He says that he has got her meal, and shouts at her to eat. She denies. He says he had forgotten, how she can eat today as she is fasting for his long life today. He says she is so great, after so much she has remembered this day. He must first get her fast broken and goes to get water. He pours water in the glass when Swarna knocks his head with a stick. She cries and runs out of the room.
Gayatri decorates the room, Rana ji knocks at the door and asks if he can come inside now. Gayatri calls him in and asks how their room looks. Rana ji says she has changed everything, where he will find his things. Gayatri says he has shared the room with her, she will get him whatever he wants, not from the room only but for anything in life. She forbids him from sitting on the left side of the bed, she says that since childhood she can’t sleep until she watches moon from window. Rana ji says she just promised him anything in life, he wants to sit on the left side. Gayatri struggles with Rana ji, Rana ji drags her on the bed and says alright, she can watch the moon from window and he will only watch her. Gayatri leaves saying he can see the moon only when she has prayed the moon of Karwachot.
Swarna was in the corridor afraid that if Kunwar ji or Kokilla watch her here, she won’t be able to run. She cries for help. Raaj Mata was standing on the other side of corridor instructing her servants to set the henna and bangles, she doesn’t want anything less in Gayatri’s Karwachot. Swarna runs towards her, but Laksh drags her inside shutting her mouth. Raaj Mata wonders Swarna’s voice was this, but the servants say she is in her parent’s house. Raaj Mata says she must just be suspecting about it. Laksh ties and locks Swarna again in the trunk.
Gayatri got the henna done, Kokilla chose the bangles. Gayatri asks for red, glass bangles. Kokilla says that Gayatri must have forgotten that she isn’t a daughter of a businessman but a Rani now. Cheap bangles doesn’t suit a Rani. Gayatri says a wife doesn’t decorate herself with diamonds or expensive jewelry but the love her their husband. Raaj Mata and Rana ji also heard this. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that she liked that Rana ji cared about Gayatri’s first Karwachot here. She wants him to give some gift to her as well, before moon sighting because that is a must for Karwachot.
Gayatri sat in her room being irritated by her hair. Rana ji comes to sit beside her, she points at him and he tucks her hair behind her ear. He says there is another ritual in Karwachot, about giving a gift. What she wants now. Gayatri says if she can fast for him, can’t he select a gift for her. She heads towards the wardrobe, he opens it and takes all the sarees out for her to choose. He says that before the moon sighting if she wants anything, he can get her in time. He gets Gayatri that she wants him to know about what is in her heart, then get this to her as well. She says yes. He calls her stubborn. She asks him to think about something, and poses not to car while smiling.
Gayatri set her thaal. Kokilla asks when will the moon sight. Rana ji gets her a laddoo and tells her to eat without telling anyone. Gayatri says she has fast for his long life, it will be a sin to eat something between and leaves. She run through the corridor but Rana ji comes from the front and stops her way. He touches her cheek, she wonders something is there. He brings about rose for her. Gayatri takes them but throw them away angrily. He let go of some fireflies from his hand, she smiles with them but is angry with Rana ji again.
Rana ji comes to her, he says that flowers wilt. He wanted to give her a feeling, it will remain with her always. He knocks Gayatri on the wall, holds her getting intimate with each other. The veiled lady watched this.

PRECAP: Rana ji puts Sindoor on Gayatri’s head saying she was only Rani till today, but from now on no one will come between her rights and position. Bari Raani Maa calls Rana ji, Surakshna stands behind. Rana ji and Gayatri are shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. cant wait for tomorrow, so loving the romance between the stars

  2. Day by day its getting interesting, its was mentioned in spoilers that She wud be look alike of surakshana, and she will act as if fainting and ranaji will rush to her leaving gayathri boggled and shocked.
    Whatever, its better surakshana entered, so that Ranaji can come out of confusion and his love for surakshana, because once he knows of surakshana’s cheap acts sure he will never ever remember even her name and gayathri will be accepted by him whole heartedly..
    Till then Rani Gayathri Devi have to wait for Ranaji..

    1. Which spoilers mentioned this? Do you think Kunwar was having an affair with this veiled woman?

      1. No jk ji, if veiled Woman was surakshana then kunwar ji wud never have affair as she is his bahu.
        It’s trap of badi Rani and kunwar i think. Sud wait and watch

    2. Hi, can you please tell me where I can check out the spoilers? Thank you 🙂

    3. U can read in tellyreviews spoilers 🙂

  3. Does anyone know how many years ago Ranaji’s first wife supposedly died? Was it 8 years ago…? He left for the war after she passed ….

    1. About 6 years

  4. Hey guys m new. I used to read updates. But I used to watch swaragini. M a switch over now. I watched today s episode nd loved t. Please welcome me. Yeah I knw re entry of his frst wife vil help him understand his love was wth a wrong woman. Though they might drag t but still t s a good sign

    1. Welcome, u will never regret watching ranaji and Rani gayathri Devi. I too watched swaragini, but shifted to ETRETR long back

      1. Yaaay… I knw…. I hope so too… Very cute the natak between the lead. He s full on serious types. Nd she s chanchal… But yet smart..

  5. S tatveiled woman rana s frst wife???

  6. So bari rani maa is behind all this..

    1. Yeah I think so too…. She might be the veiled woman

  7. Oooo la la…..that moments was awesommmmeeeeeee…

  8. Love triangle started much naya nahi kar sakate.kkb is best.

    1. haha! KKB is also heated up now! 🙂 Happy to have 2 interesting serials..I am afraid this ETR2 will also go in the usual track like other serials..Its been interesting so far..because of the chemistry between them!

  9. Badi Rani wants her real son as heir of the kingdom. Kunwarji to be king. But Ranaji is 1st in line.

    Does anyone know if Dhradhti Dhami’s left eye is hurt. She seems to have a problem with it. Last few episodes her left eye had a small blood clot.
    I noticed it since the dargah episode

    1. Doesn’t she have it from before. It’s a mole I think

    2. She had (has) an eye infection but she continued shooting.

  10. Well it was too good. Idea of love triangle is good…. But I am afraid that they will drag it very badly… And ultimately it will hurt gayatri more.,…. Sulakshana should be the puppet of kuwarji and badi Rani maa…..

  11. Who s badi rani.. Raaj mata???

    1. Badi raani is the old woman who brought surakshana. Badi raani is grandmother of ranaji and mother of kunwar.

      Raaj mata is mother of ranaji

      1. Thank u… Yaaay… Hoping to start loving t

      2. Then y s she having problem wth ranaji being the king. Either way t ll be her grandson know… S she step mom to ranaji s father???

    2. Yes Badi rani is step mother of ranaji’s father..but not sure if she is against ranaji becoming king…
      because she loves ranaji a lot and she just hate her son kunwar and Raj mata,,,

      Actually she is against gayathri,bcoz she is full of culture and traditions and she dislikes gayathri as she is not from royal family.

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hi guys for spoilers updates i go to my facebook page click on search n type etretr n dat wil open page wit other links of ertetr…hope tis helps
    n welcome to new guys….
    frm the beginning i hated barinani n nw sulakshan!!!!!!

  13. Love this show a lot.gayatri and ranaji makes a cute couple

  14. So true they look really sweet together. I only hope he don’t fall in surakshna n bari nanis trap. It only gona hurt gayathri even more

  15. I hope he stick with gayatri n not his first wife where was she all this time n wat she up to

  16. They are dragging Swarna’s trouble too much . Please let her get saved and them give laskh a good beating till he is f**ked up for good. Kunwar , kokilla and laskh are some disgusting sickos

  17. nw serial is more n more interesting…. really best and awesome serial

  18. Read it as a spoiler that Rana ji first wife didn’t love him, her accident was plan by d Grand mother, her son and kokila, just to have her heir as d king, and was just going as planned wen Rana ji was lost in her first wife memory and not ready to move forward, but things change when she meet Gayathri, d Grand ma was thinking he will not accept her but he did dts y she has to come back to block him from having a child.

    But Rana ji shld be angry with her, if she’s alive since all did while why hiding, may be in d course of that he might find a clue.

    1. I have a feeling it could be a memory loss track. When she fell off the hill. She maybe got memory loss. And the grandmother might say that she found her somewhere and brought her back… the memory loss could be a next plan of the grandmother maybe..

  19. Seriously?? Bringing in a look alike of Ranaji’s first love?? The person who after her demise the ranaji built a concrete wall around his heart for and now you are going to portray her in a bad light?? Please stop this repetitive storyline!!! I refuse to believe that repeating storylines are all you are capable of !!! I understand that Sulakshana is part of the storyline but bringing in a lookalike with bad qualities would never change the sweet memories he had with her in the past she is his first love!!!! Think about it for a moment you and your first love have the sweetest moments together; first love dies; u finally start having feelings for someone, then boom a lookalike comes into the picture acting negatively like u never saw before while u r under the assumption that this person is ur first love back from the dead only to realize that person is just a lookalike wouldnt u feel like a complete ass for believing ur first love was that person??

  20. M sorry m asking so.many doubts. Jus wanted to know. Y s badi nani doing bad. Both rana ji ng laksh are her grandsons know. So who ever gets the crown y s she bothered?? S she step grand mom to rana ji ?

    1. Hi ridz ji , i replied in ur above comment for this 🙂

  21. i like all the people who acts in this serial….they act very nicely and this serial is interesting to watch………i love the chemistry btw ranaji and gayathri…..their dressing sense is wondrful ….

  22. princess mishna

    www dey r super cute best jodis ever

  23. omg I got hurtd badly when raanaji’s frst wife enterd…..feelng so sad for gayathri….gayathri is perfect pair ever for raana ji wht abt u guyz?….really its hurtd me much…am so addicted to this serial….can’t see gayathri in hurt…guys I read in spoiler raana ji will leave gayathri tonight episode without opening gayathri fasting…aftr saw surakshana he frgt to take gayathri and takng surakshna to palace and gayathri got heartbroken and decided to wait untill raana ji cm back to finish her karwachouth fasting…..with teary eyes guyz….rana ji ll break gayathri fast? wait n watch…..

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