Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani tells Raja if she now becomes a friend with him everyone would call her mean. Raja complains if she cares about people and not them? Rani says she is Gayatri Singh, their friendship was a memory. Raja holds her hand back, and inquires why she is wearing his watch then. Time must have passed, but it is stuck on her wrist. Rani hands the watch back to him, saying there is a huge distance between them that none of them can cross.
Meenu suggests Rani to give Sir a chance, since he knew about her he has been wandering around her. Rani asks what about before that? Her Raja Baja wasn’t like Rajveer, he was different. He respected when she was a maid. Meenu qualifies he has been apologizing. Rani says till now he must have been fed up of this show off. She hears Raja call from outside,

goes to window to see Raja standing in rain, holding a Sorry board. He announces he has been waiting for her forgivness and hers too. She leaves the window. Raja stays out in rain on the bench.
Raji sits with her diary and writes that she spent all these years thinking how she would fight him, taunt him. This difference of economic class snatched their right of friendship, and it has snatched their right of fighting as well. There is heavy thunder of clouds, she goes towards the window concerned. Raja straightens up with his board. Rani shuts the window instead. He laughs and keep on waiting there. Rani cries in the room. There is a knock at Rani’s room door, Meenu was asleep. Rani opens the door and was shocked to see outside.
The next morning, Raja wakes up on the bench of college. His friends come to ask if he was successful. Raja says she has to, after all she is his friend. Jeewan comes to correct him that she was his friend, there is no line of her friendship in his hand now. Raja heads to show him what’s in his hand. He suggest Raja not to interfere among friends. Jeewan says poor don’t have refrigerator, they can’t keep yesterday’s food how they can keep 10 year old relations. Raja heads to go and make her up. Jeewan says if she had to be his friend, she would have left college this way. He left Rani to station and hands him Rani’s room keys.
Raaj Mata was in hospital, Rani calls her to wake up. A nurse brings Hema, Hema tells Rani that her Dadu was running on the roof shouting she wants to meet Rana ji and is a Raaj Mata. She fell from the roof. She apologizes Rani for not being able to take care of her. The nurse tells Rani that when she left home it was a big incident for Raaj Mata, and a mental patient couldn’t bear such a change. Rani was determined not to go anywhere until Raaj Mata gets well.
Jeewan assures Rani this is possible, he will speak to VP and is sure he won’t refuse her. Rani thanks him happily. Raja takes the phone, but she had hung up before that. Jeewan laughs and apologizes Raja, he calls Rani a sensible lady and is aware whom to be friend with. Raja holds him by collar and inquires him about whereabouts of Rani. Jeewan wasn’t ready to, and calls his deterrence confusing. If Rani had to tell him, he would have gone to drop her to station. This is obvious it’s a secret, he can’t tell him about it. Raja was frustrated and tries operator’s number inquiring about the last call. His eyes spark as he hears the address.
There Raaj Mata struggled with the nurses as no one can stop Raaj Mata Premvvadha Singh Dev. Rani tries to hold her and shouts that she won’t go anywhere. She helps the nurses to lay Raaj Mata down on bed again. She then comes to temple praying that her Dadu always said to convert your problems to prayer, they become God’s problems then. She always thought she isn’t alone in fighting the life, but she was wrong. She is alone, that the only reason she is losing. A small child lost her mother, she learned to live with her Baba and Dadu but they were testified. Her Baba died, and now her Dadu is unwell. She demands her Goddess for an answer, till when she will have to fight alone. Raja arrives in hospital from behind. Rani withdraws her faith over Gods if she isn’t answered today. She lay her head there, when a flower fell over her. A nearby man says she has been answered.
Rani turns to hear nurses shout at Raaj Mata again, she hurries towards the room. Raaj Mata was standing at the edge of window and forbids everyone to come close to her. Raja enters the room. He tries to stop Raaj Mata assuring he won’t come close, but she shouldn’t jump. Rani comes from behind, calling Dadu. Raja hushes her up, Rani doesn’t stop. Raja shuts her mouth up. Raaj Mata says no one can stop her going to her Rana ji now, this is Raaj Mata’s order that she doesn’t utter a word.
Raaj Mata says she has to go to meet her son Rana ji and her daughter in law, else that witch will kill them. Raja asks which witch? Raaj Mata says the same, and points behind Raja. She can see Bari Rani Maa smiling towards her wickedly, where her finger pointed towards Hema. Raja assures Raaj Mata that Hemma can’t do any wrong, she isn’t able to walk properly. Raja joins his hands to Raaj Mata and asks if she want to meet her son and daughter in law? She nods. Raja tells her that they sent him here, to inform her they will meet her but when the time and chance are right. Raaj Mata confirms if he will take her there, what if he is lying? Raja says before lying to Raaj Mata this slave may better die. He asks for Raaj Mata’s hand. Raaj Mata says she trusted him, and gives her hand into Raja’s. They help Raaj Mata down, Rani hugs her demanding why she does so. Raja also hugs her.

PRECAP: Rani comes to reception and asks Raja what he is doing, she can’t owe this to him. Raja asks why she is creating a drama? Rani says her drama will be made when he will tell everyone about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think rani is doing the rite thing

    1. Yea, true. For all we know raja is just pretending cuz he had so much hatred for rani, it cant just develop into love just like that

  2. I still don’t trust Raja, although the directors and writers are making it hard to not trust him… I am soooo conflicted!!!!!

  3. raja want to take revenge but he have a good heart too………Thank god he was there on time but raajmaata could have died

  4. again love stories and plotting..blah…blah…

  5. Dear writers, why are you allowing raajmata to get like this? I want Rani to know everything about her life before, and about her parents and all what they endured. Why can’t you make brm senile and keep rajmata better to be there to tell Rani legacy? This serial seems so lifelike, I’m feeling it for Rani and grandma. Don’t want raajmata to die. Didn’t want laakan to die but did. All your viewers love what you have done with this serial, don’t make us cry like we did when gayatri, ranaji, laakan n Swarnalekha died, they were all good characters. Thank you for the beautiful serial.

  6. Thank you sona for the update.

  7. LG.KUNG

    Yeah i also think the same but some times i think raja should be forgiven…….

  8. Is Raj pretending or he really is sorry? Also, Raj is so possessive of Rani as if she is his wife not ‘best friend’. Raj is confusing me ?

    1. Nope he is just pretending. He wanna take revenge on her! He’s pretending that h is possessive.

      1. I thought the show will become dull in season 2, but I kind of like it so far I wish they would add more of 60s fashion and with 60s bollywood songs hehe that will be so entertaining☺☺☺☺☺

        The writers should.do more research in the 60s Era.

  9. Just love this show

  10. he pretending but soon he will fall in love with rani…

  11. porr Raj mata..but she should’ve told everything to rani naa
    nd Raja was tooo cute while saving RM

  12. hey guys
    got a news
    Raaj mata will reveal to Raaja that rani is d princess of Amirkot in upcoming episode?

    1. Nice ☺☺☺☺
      That bindu should know her real identity too. I feel bad for her since her parents were so loyal and she became such a brat. I hope that writers changes her character later maybe w the help of rajmata.

  13. I think raja is sincere. Sometimes you hate someone wen that person leaves you but when you meet her, all that hatred disappears. You realize that you actually love her. And raja knows that BRM has been fooling him. He has brains to understand that if BRM was good, she could have told Kaal not to send him to the hostel. But no one did. Not even BRM WHOM KAAL ACTUALLY LISTENS TO. Only his mom pleaded to Kaal but Kaal never listens to her.

  14. so good story

  15. i thought raja would recognise raja mata as he wAs young plus he should know history of the palace and pictures
    this is stupid
    raja knows he is not a real prince he saw the death of rani n rana ji

  16. I think Rajah knows quite a lot of the History.

    He must remember the time they entered Amerkot, the big shootout.
    Rani Gaitri’s attack to claim Ranaji’s body.
    People talk. His mother’s pain. Rajeshwari’s evil as well as the old witch.
    Much so when Swarna and Lakhan were killed.
    He must have seen pix of Rajmata, Ranaji and Rani G.
    I read somewhere that Rani G’s Daughter and Raja will kill Kaal.

  17. As always with this serial (and many others) they always have convenient memory loss where certain things are concerned. Chris, my questions exactly (unless all the photos have been destroyed). Also, he must know that they moved from the jungle to the Palace so surely should now question all of these things. Maybe he would but don’t hold out much hope as the writer/creator has a very twisted mind. BRM will be superwoman again etc etc
    Don’t hear anything about Kunwar/Kokilla etc and surely Bindu should be asking questions about her parents as well?
    And of course, the question of Ranaji’s parentage is still not sorted. And where is Rani Gaytri’s parents? Did they just disappear? They know their grand-daughter is alive. So many loose ends and questions!

  18. The New season is good and the new characters are also good….. Raja nd rani is such a cute pair…. Jeevs is so cute that eventhough he is at negative role it is very difficult to dislike him….. Pls bring love between the brothers and teach nani a lesson….. Also pls avoid highly complicated twists nd misunderstandings. Keep going it’s ggoing to get very good rating level I believe 🙂

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